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Brad Reifler Is Helping To Get Average Americans Financially Stable

The movie Money Monster has uncovered some unsavory details and truth about investing pitfalls and secrets of Wall Street. The basis of the movie centers on the television show Money Monster Lee Gates is a Wall Street Professional that tells the audience about the best stocks to choose at the time. During a taping of one of the shows, Carl Bedwell, a crazed investor, forces his way onto the set of the show and took the Lee Gates hostage.

The producer of the show and the employees are in the back of the set trying to negotiate and prevent it from being set off. Although this is a fictional scenario it does outline a long-term problem that is happening in the Wall Street investment sector. Wall Street focuses mainly on investors that are wealthy and gives them opportunities that others are not able to take advantage of. F

Brad Reifler founder Forefront Capital to combat many of the obstacles that the average middle American faces on the investment front.His goal is to guide them toward investment success and help to navigate the rough waters of the industry. He helps to keep them from having to pay any excess fees and alert them to potential issues that they may not have otherwise realized until it was too late.

Brad Reifler has been CEO Forefront Capital since 2009, according to LinkedIn. He was also CEO and chairman as well a founding partner in a financial services firm called Valley capital. CrunchBase postulates Reifler was also heavily involved Atrisco and was considered to be a top Trader. Revco bought his first company wrestler Trading Company in 2000. Brad Reifler is the director at Genesis Securities and Sino Mercury Company as well as foresight research Solutions and European American Investment Bank.  Brad has a presence on social media, including his Twitter account, as well as his official SlideShare profile.

For an Excellent Event Space, Visit Tarallucci e Vino

About Tarallucci E Vino

Situated in the Union Square, the restaurant provides two gorgeous private event spaces that are perfectly designed for any occasion. The menu is prepared by Chef Riccardo, and its inspiration originates from a blend of Italian cuisine and modern cooking techniques that every client will love.

At Tarallucci E Vino, they craft faultlessly accomplished occasions, providing the similar service, and thoughtful generosity that is integral to the Tarallucci E Vino experience. The cuisine is based on the seasonal foodstuffs from the neighboring Union Square Market. The extraordinary wine assortments reflect the commitment of the program in the restaurant to small-batch and family-operated vineyards in Italy.

About Lafayette Grand Café Bakery

Lafayette Grand Café Bakery is pleased to bring the spirit of French gastronomy to New York City. Located at the far end of Lafayette Street in the environs of Soho in Manhattan, the décor and elegantly stylish terrace of Lafayette Grand Café Bakery creates a European vibe.

The delicious menu in Lafayette Grand Café Bakery is under the supervision of Chef Andrew Carmelinni, and he is being assisted by Boulanger James Belisle and Patissiere Jen Yee. The eatery has an excellent and creative menu that honors a broad range of regions of France. In addition to the delicious meals fare, Josh Nadel is the one taking care of a list of wines, drinks, cocktails, and microbrews. The list of wine comprises an extensive and varied assortment of French bottles that match the cuisine of the house.

Lafayette Grand Café Bakery is open from morning to night and it also a host of a café and bakery with deliciously homemade croissants, various kinds of pastries and bread for people who love light meals. During the summer, the outside terrace is open every day for lunch, brunch and dinner.

About Rôtisserie Georgette

The dining place merges a casual coziness and sophistication with touches having a rough-hewn and refined feeling. However, the main center of attraction is partially opened ovens and their tasty meat, poultry and fish rotating over open frames. The cuisines in Rôtisserie Georgette comprises copious fresh vegetables, decadent potato meals, heart-warming desserts, enticing bites and cocktails. During lunch hours, generous main course salads and alluring pot pies are added to your meals. The heart-satisfying French-American comfort fare is organized by Chefs Francisco Blanco and Stephanie Abrams, supplemented by the warm welcome of host Georgette Farkas.

Recently, the restaurant employed a new chef who is now in charge of the spit-roasted chickens and fish in Rôtisserie Georgette. The fries prepared in the restaurant are freckled with tarragon and its baby potatoes hefty with meat drippings.

The new trend in the restaurant has brought countless wonders, and it has as well left many customers with a curse of unavoidable creativity. Not only the chefs prepare hot meals that make clients happy, but they also needed to serve customers with flavors that have never been tested with a human tongue.

The transformation of the culture in the restaurant is just like a shift that overtook prevalent music after the Beatles.

Fun and Flavorful Evolution of Smooth

Reaching for a lip balm product should be fun and exciting. Long gone are the days of the boring old plastic cherry flavored tube of chap balm. There are healthier and better balm options available on Ulta like products by Evolution of Smooth. Both the inside and outside of EOS products are cheerful. These little spheres of goodness put a happy smile on the face because they soothe the lips and brighten up the day.
These little globes of lip balm are a glossy mix of botanical oils and healthy ingredients. Shea butter is nourishing for dry lips, vitamin E protects from free radical damage, and jojoba oil locks in moisture and hydrates. The softening ingredients are natural and so are the flavors.

When putting something on the mouth and close to the nose, there is no question, it should taste and smell good. Anyone experiencing a product with the smell and taste should not be relegated to boring old fake cherry, especially when using the product multiple times a day. There are many fun flavor options available for every taste ranging from sweet mint, to vanilla bean, to summer fruit. No matter if your taste in perfume is minty, warm, floral, or sweet, there is a flavor and scent to delight every palette.

These balms are as good on the outside as they are on the inside. Encasing the lip balm are brightly colored spheres of plastic, corresponding to the flavor they represent on the inside. Lip balm is typically used several times a day so using it should be as fun to see as it is to taste and smell. The brightly colored spheres twist open with a gentle turn of the hands, and look as good being used as they do inside the purse. EOS lip balms are available on local Target stores and online on

Check out the EOS Facebook photo gallery.


Taking a Deeper Look into the Life of Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel, born in the year 1972, holds many titles; dentist, philanthropist, family, and entrepreneur. Avi Weisfogel has six children, whom he raises East Brunswick, New Jersey, where he works. Weisfogel is one of the leading dentists in the area, having graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry. He currently works at the Old Bridge Dental care, where he has been serving patients with all kinds of dental issues for the past 20 years. He is also a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM).


Business Ventures


Weisfogel is the co-founder of Dental Sleep Masters. This program was inspired by the need for Woisfogel to find sleep solutions for patients by addressing their dental issues. The program aims at helping medical practitioners address sleep disorders in a more effective manner. Dental Sleep Masters was a big investment that cost about a million dollars to start. The program uses around 300 oral appliances that are taught to dentists and other physicians. With this program, Weisfogel and his partner Barry, hope to reach and help more people suffering from sleep issues.




Avi Weisfogel is considered to be one of the kindest hearts, participating in a number of charities. He is known for his generous contributions to Operation Smiles every year. Operation Smiles was founded in the 80s, with the aim of helping individuals with cleft lips, facial deformities and cleft palate. The foundation plans missions to different countries every year. They attend to individuals with these conditions, regardless of age, restoring their smiles.





  1. Avi is very passionate about videos. He finds it as an effective way to pass life-changing information. He has made a number of videos and uploaded them on various internet platforms. One of his best videos is the “Avi Weisfogel GoFundMe Campaign”, which he made to elicit funding for the Operation Smiles. With this video, he hoped to reach out to other people to help restore a smile in children suffering from facial deformities.

Flavio Maluf And Eucatex: Committed To Quality, Environmental Sustainability, And Charity

The Brazilian company Eucatex is an industry leader in providing flooring options, acoustic ceiling and wall panels, doors, paints and varnishes. Founded in 1951, Eucatex was Brazil’s first company to use eucalyptus to produce environmentally safe wooden products that improve acoustic comfort. Starting as a small company using the Americana Sawmill in São Paulo, Brazil to create products for the local market, Eucatex now has over 2,000 employee and exports wooden products to over 40 different countries around the world.

Corporate responsibility and protecting Brazil’s natural resources are vitally important at Eucatex. They use only environmentally sustainable practices in their manufacturing and focus on reforestation. This helps maintain the natural resources used in the manufacturing of their products. This includes only using materials the company grows to safeguard the natural landscape in the communities in which they do business. Eucatex also makes sure its investors are kept aware of their every move. They do all this while creating some of the finest hard board, soft board and metal industrial products on the market today.

The driving force behind the growth of Eucatex is its current CEO Flavio Maluf. Maluf studied mechanical engineering and graduated from Brazil’s Fundaçao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He then did business administration at NYU. Hired by Eucatex in 1987, he became CEO in 1996. Since then he’s led the company to dramatic growth in the manufacture and marketing of wood, forestry, metallic and mineral products. He also helped Eucatex products earn FSC® and certification ISO 9001 and is responsible for Eucatex’s reforestation and natural resources protection efforts.

Under Maluf’s leadership the company expanded its product line, modernized its management strategy and become a more multifaceted company. He’s been able to transform the company because of his creativity and love and respect for the employees, the country and the environment. The husband and father of 4 is also a well-respected philanthropist who volunteers at charity events and gives generously of his time money and resources to assist the needy and the local community. Flavio Maluf is also a committed to the green initiative throughout Brazil and worldwide.  Flavio is also a blogger, commenting frequently on the future of education and technology.

Withdraw of the Olympic Valley Incorporation offers a Silver Lining for Lake Tahoe-Area Resorts

Following the past few years which have been gruesome for Lake Tahoe’s North Shore communities, it only goes to show that they are stronger and more vigilant as a society. Winter resorts and small businesses which depend on them had a run for their money as an epic drought hit Lake Tahoe’s North Shore community. On top of this natural phenomenon, the communities had a political challenge on their plate following the incorporation battle over the scenic Olympic Valley, which is home to some of North America’s most ideal winter sports terrain including Squaw Valley Resort. Nevertheless, President and Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Resort, Andy Wirth, believes that there can be a promise and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The miracle of Mother Nature came along with its silver lining as Squaw Valley and other Tahoe-area resorts got to open weeks earlier than it was expected for the past decade. This was made possible by the early storms that were accompanied by extremely cold temperatures. Furthermore, the backers of the incorporation endeavor had to withdraw from their cause to incorporate Olympic Valley. This was quite the relief for Andy Wirth who considered the incorporation effort a threat to Tahoe’s business and civic climate.

Withdraw from Incorporate Olympic Valley was one that offered relief to the area’s businesses, especially the resorts that reside within Lake Tahoe. The incorporation of Olympic Valley faced quite the opposition especially from Squaw Valley Ski Holdings which spent a lot of money in opposing the incorporation effort, as mentioned in the Reno Gazette Journal. .According to Wirth, if the incorporation had gone through higher taxes would have been incurred on residents and businesses thereby decreasing the level of services depended on by the people living within Lake Tahoe. Such services include snow plowing and road maintenance just to mention a few.

Wirth, having backed up his higher education in Edinburgh and Colorado State Universities, was more than capable when appointed as the head of Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Together with his educational background and passion for sports, Wirth has employed his commitment and resilience in making the resort one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Inclusive of his top affiliations which have put to good use of Mr. Wirth’s impeccable leadership capabilities, is the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Wirth was appointed chair of the nine-member board by the Reno-Sparks Conventional and Visitor’s Authority.

Aside from Wirth’s corporate success, he is also well recognized for his noble efforts in environmental and community service initiatives, especially in the Lake Tahoe area. His most notable initiative is an Ironman team, which he co-founded, called the Wounded Warrior Support. The initiative, which he formed after his near-death experience, serves as a means for raising funds for the Navy Seal Foundation and to ho honor the brave men and women of the Navy Seal.

Legislation For The Little Guy

The U.S. has a long history of harboring “big business” that capitalizes on the exploitation of its employees. Sometimes, this advantage comes in the form of saving money by cutting corners on safety and sometimes low pay for long, grueling hours. These days, U.S. “big business” often refers to financial institutions and the principal means of exploitation, if there is any, is obviously, financial. This could be in the form of illegally imposed interest rates, excessive or hidden fees, stock manipulation, insider trading and the list goes on. One simplistic way of understanding the difficulty of regulating business practices like these is to recognize that one is either on the side of the winning team or not. Either you work for one of the offending institutions or you are just an average Joe who puts his or her hard earned money in the bank or stock market with a reasonable expectation that a fairly high level of responsibility will be applied to the care or growth of said money. So, in many cases, unsuspecting Joe would be relying on accountability from the other side of the isle which, one might assume, could present a serious problem for Joe’s counterpart who has to decide between blowing the whistle when necessary or losing his or her employment.

In 2010, Congress took a huge step towards alleviating this problem of moral juxtaposition on the part of employees within these violating companies by enacting the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which includes reform that not only shields whistleblowers from the scorn of their employers, but also provides substantial financial incentives to the tune of $100K to $300K in cases where SEC sanctions exceed $1 million, or more specifically, 10-30%. It is important to note that while the goal of this program is to uncover violations, previously, individuals who suspected the presence of violations may not have come forward simply because they feared reprisal for false allegations. This new law protects these potential whistleblowers as well by making it possible for employees to report violations anonymously via legal representation by a lawyer. In fact, there now exists a law firm, Labaton Sucharow , that works only cases on behalf of whistlesblowers and perhaps not surprisingly, the head of this law firm, Jordan A. Thomas, also worked for the SEC and contributed to the creation and implementation of the new program.

Brian Torchin Can Help People Earn Medical Positions

For a long time, Brian Torchin has been helping people achieve their desired goals and gain positions in medical fields. He tries to make sure that people who are in need of work have a chance at getting a job. He even runs a Twitter for people to use and search for help from others, which is great for gaining information and inspiration for people to come up with new ideas and new approaches towards their goals.

People who are on the job search or are looking for help with their searching can even ask for help from Brian through his blog. He welcomes all visitors and gives the best advice he can with the uses of statistics to help them find what they are looking for. All people deserve a chance at a good job, and Brian Torchin is trying to make this a reality by helping people find the closest possible match to their needs. This is especially helpful for those that are searching for the first time, since they will be able to obtain good and reliable information when they are first starting out.

Many first timers are worried about not being able to land the right position or that they wont be able to get into their fields. With the help of Brian and his blog, people are able to prepare properly and find out exactly what they need to do in order to have the best chance of getting into their chosen field. He also helps people build resumes based on the positions they are trying to obtain as well as go over what the majority of managers want to see and what the best ways for someone to present themselves will be. Brian Torchin has a long history and great record of helping people obtain jobs in their fields, especially the medical field.

NACVA Honors Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala in its 40 Under Forty Recognition Program

Consistent with its tradition of honoring individuals in its 40 Under Forty program, the NACVA honored Anthony Marsala in last year’s recognition program. The Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, Marsala, was privileged to be among the 125 nominees selected by NACVA due to their groundbreaking accomplishments. Some of the fields where the candidates were drawn from include mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, litigation consulting expert witness testimony, financial forensics and other associated professions.

The executive staff from Consultants’ Training Institute and NACVA were responsible for selecting the ideal candidates who undoubtedly deserved the recognition. This assisted in narrowing down the list of nominees to that of honorees. The 40 Under Forty recognition program was developed to recognize the upcoming generation of industry experts due to their contributions to their communities, profession and those yet to be attained.

Apart from his executive role as the co-founder and COO of Madison, Anthony Marsala continues to play a crucial role at Madison when it comes to expanding and managing the company’s global presence in numerous parts of the world including Asia, Europe and Africa. His fields of specialization include Mergers and Acquisition, corporate finance as well as business valuations. Apart from being a holder of a degree in Finance and Information Systems from the Loyola University of Chicago, he has a Master’s Diploma in Strategy, which he obtained from Said Business School located at the University of Oxford.

Madison Street Capital LLC

Madison Street Capital is a globally renowned investment banking institution that is significantly dedicated to excellence, integrity service as well as leadership in the provision of its services. Financial opinion, corporate financial advisory services, merger and acquisition expertise and valuation services to both privately and publicly owned businesses are some of the primary services offered by Madison. By owning up customer goals, it strives to ensure that clients succeeded on a global spectrum.

In full awareness of the potential that emerging markets have when it comes to succeeding in the global markets, Madison has continuously targeted its assets or resources to these markets. The firm has earned a significant amount of trust of its clients who are based in various parts of the world. It has attained this level through its commitment to maintain top-notch as well as professional standards in all its operations. This level of standards is exercised in all its offices starting from its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and other parts of the world such as Asia, Africa and North America.

Check out Madison on Facebook and Twitter – @MadStCap

Privacy Concerns Online

Darius Fisher is the CEO of the online reputation management company Status Labs. Status Labs has become sort of the flagship company in terms of online reputation management thanks to their expertise, activism, and social awareness that has put them in the news for all of the right reasons of late. Darius Fisher, as the head of the company, has taken to becoming the public face of what they are trying to do. One big aspect of reputation management is in how you deal with a crisis of your brand as a result of getting doxxed. Fisher decided to put together some simple tips to help you deal with a doxxing attack.

In order to deal with getting doxxed you kinda, sorta need to know what it means. Getting doxxed is when your personal information gets leaked to the public and used against you to cause problems in your personal life. When you get doxxed it is important that you act quick and calmly. Fisher advocates first making sure to lock down all of your accounts by changing their passwords and re-checking your privacy settings. Don’t reuse the same password on multiple websites and always make your password hard to guess.

Next up, Fisher advocates that you take proactive steps in getting your information off of the internet. Take some time to websearch your name in order to see what data is getting bandied about. Contact these websites and request that your personal data be removed. Many websites will comply but some might cause issues. In the case of websites who don’t comply, you may have to get a lawyer involved. Having an attorney involved will typically get these websites to interact in a positive way. Finally, you will want to get into the habit of changing your passwords and personal information on a semi regular basis. This is the easiest way to prevent password hacks and doxxing attacks.

You can follow all of these steps and still end up getting doxxed. The next best thing you can do is to have a company like Status Labs on your side to help get passed the potential information crisis that you run into.

More information for Darius Fisher: