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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Investment Professional Jim Hunt Taking VTA Publications Further

Jim Hunt is an investment professional who sells courses that teach investors how to effectively make trades in the stock market. With this programs, Hunt is able to help a number of investors get the most out of their trading and investment activities. Hunt’s expertise in trading stocks allows investors to get valuable information form a seasoned professional in the financial industry. The two main programs that Jim Hunt offers are SV 60 and Pyjama Profits. These two programs allow investors to carefully evaluate stocks and then make trades according to the information they are able to interpret.

The first program offered by Jim Hunt is SV 60 which allows investors to analyze and evaluate a stock and then make a trade. By using this program investors can look at charts and easily determine if a stock trade will be profitable. With this program investors can determine how profitable the trade will be and then decide if they want to either make the trade or let it go. Using this program is one of the most highly effective ways to profit in financial securities trading.

Another program offered by Jim Hunt and VTA Publications is Pyjama Profits which also allows investors to evaluate stocks and then buy them. With this particular program Jim Hunt offers investors the opportunity to make trades at night and then get their profits the very next day. Using this program provides investors with lots of convenience as they won’t have to worry about making trades during normal hours. As a result they can profit at any time and therefore have the opportunity to live a more independent lifestyle as a result.

Recently a video was shown on YouTube which shows investors how to properly evaluate a stock using charts. This particular video is a complimentary source for one of the courses that the company VTA Publications offers. Looking at this video will help investors easily evaluate stocks with the charts and the allowing themselves to make a purchase using any currency that they wish.

The company known as VTA Publications is a finance course distributor. This company offers a number of courses that teach people how to trade stocks using charts as well as options trading. With the courses offered by this company people can also learn about retirement planning as well as information from one of the company’s most recent seminars. VTA Publications offers seminars which help give investors more in depth information about course content and also provide articles that help explain concepts that relate to everyday life as well. Therefore VTA Publications provides people with lots of valuable information to help them establish financial security.

How Does The US Money Reserve Make Gold Coin Ownership Easy?

EPNS Radio had a look at the people at US Money Reserve including president Philip Diehl. The company has been helping people invest in gold coins for a long time, and they have some of the best designs in the world. They are always coming out with new designs, and they are the first company that most people will turn to when they need a solution for their personal investment needs.
Everyone who loves gold coins can choose to collect the coins or use them for sale. Everyone who wants to have coins to buy and sell should be buying from the US Money Reserve, and they can get going easily when they start buying their coins from the US Money Reserve.

Philip Diehl has a lot of experience making sure that people are going to get the results that they want, and he wants to be sure that every person who is in need of help is going to get it. He can recommend some nice coins, and he can help people learn how to invest. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | CrunchBase
There are a lot of people who do not want to get too complicated when they are making their investments, and they need to be sure that they just watch gold prices. Gold prices will tell them everything they need to know, and then they can decide when to buy and sell their coins.

Someone who tries these gold coins will go a long way with their investments, and these same people can actually keep the coins for as long as they want. It gets a lot easier to sell for retirement or a profit when the investor knows that the price is still going up, and they will have some confidence that they will be able to make money from just one investment.

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Talk Fusion-A Global Leader In Video Marketing

It’s called Talk Fusion- WebRTC (browser based real time communication). The very latest way to reach your customers with communication technology. As a company, you will record quality videos to use as video email and newsletters in the Chrome or Firefox browsers.

With Talk Fusion, your team can record instantly with seamless synchronization and with expectations that their message can be played back faster than ever. The developer Jeff Younger explains that this is advanced cutting edge technologies and will build amazing communications for members. They are provided the tools needed in keeping the world connected in real time.

As one of the very first companies, Talk Fusion offers their members a way to incorporate WebRTC technology into their product selections. Everyone wants clear communications and we have a way to help them succeed. Established in 2007 by Founder & CEO Bob Reina and with the WebRTC recorder, members use this new avenue to innovate and improve around the world communications. It’s truly a proven example of how technology can improve your bottom line.

The WebRTC recorder has already been available for members using Chrome or Firefox. Talk Fusion can be used by selecting this feature and selecting Video Email or Video Newsletters from the Talk Fusion Product Dashboard and clicking the “webcam” recording option which will activate the service.

It’s now up to you to choose this new communication tool. It is readily available members who want to take their online presence up another notch with the first of its kind Video Marketing Solution.

Talk Fusion offers a person to person way to improve marketing and engaging consumers into a memorable experience. When the consumer values the information, they will take time to listen.

There are Independent Associates that are in more than 140 countries to offer 30 day free trials of this complete video marketing tool. You can try this product before making the purchase and there is no credit card needed. With the strong commitment of giving back to family, friends and communities, Talk Fusion also helps animal charities around the world.

James O’Keefe Stings Himself as He Attempt to Infiltrate Open Society Foundation

The infamous conservative media activist, James O’Keefe accidently detailed his plan to smear and sabotage progressive organization, Open Society foundation. This was after he failed to disconnect his phone following his conversation with Dana Geraghty, an employee of the liberal humanitarian and investor George Soros’ OSF.

After leaving Dana Geraghty with a voicemail message identifying himself as ‘Victor’, a Hungarian who represented a foundation which he never mentioned, O’Keefe held a conversation with unidentified person enacting on an elaborate plot to infiltrate OSF, unaware that his phone was still connected to Geraghty’s voicemail.

Raw Story reports that during the call, O’Keefe outlines a plan to send an undercover agent pretending to be a potential donor to the organization in a project he dubs as ‘Discover the Networks.’ The plan also involved using an English orthopedic surgeon with a British accent to secretly videotape Open Society Foundations, its executive and employees of any dirty operations that they were involved in.
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This infiltration attempt by O’Keefe continue his tradition of trying and failing using deceptive tricks, tactics and undercover operations to dishonestly attack progressive and liberal organizations. O’Keefe had previously tried to infiltrate Clinton campaign for legally selling a t-shirt, which he alleged as ‘money laundering.’

About Open Society Foundation

An organization established in the year 1979 when George Soros decided that he had gathered enough wealth. His past success as a hedge fund manager and a perfect investor allowed him to pursue his ambition of creating an open societies that would raise their voices unto authoritarian forms of government that were prevalent during the time.

According to Wikipedia his idea of an open society was based on the acknowledgement that the world is ‘inherently imperfect’ and that the government should be accountable, human rights should be upheld and that no one has the monopoly of the truth.

George Soros’ implementation of the notion of ‘Open Society‘ began when he funded scholarships for South Africa students at the University of Cape Town, during the Apartheid period. The organization’s greatest and most rigorous effort in history was when it provided school fees for thousands of Roma students who fled as refugees when Roma people of Europe were brought into mainstream.

According to George Soros, his success in financial market gave him a greater degree of independence than anyone else and for that matter, obliges him to take a stand on contentious issues.

About George Soros

George Soros is a politically powerful individual on earth prior to being the Chairman of Soros Fund management. He uses his influence to reconfigure the political scenario of United States and other countries in the world. Much of his influence is derived from his personal $13 billion wealth that is further supplemented by $25 billion in investor’s assets. Another significant source of power for Soros is his fervent messianic enthusiasm to transform the world and its institution into something better. And with Open Society Foundation, Soros believes that he will achieve this.