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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Legislation For The Little Guy

The U.S. has a long history of harboring “big business” that capitalizes on the exploitation of its employees. Sometimes, this advantage comes in the form of saving money by cutting corners on safety and sometimes low pay for long, grueling hours. These days, U.S. “big business” often refers to financial institutions and the principal means of exploitation, if there is any, is obviously, financial. This could be in the form of illegally imposed interest rates, excessive or hidden fees, stock manipulation, insider trading and the list goes on. One simplistic way of understanding the difficulty of regulating business practices like these is to recognize that one is either on the side of the winning team or not. Either you work for one of the offending institutions or you are just an average Joe who puts his or her hard earned money in the bank or stock market with a reasonable expectation that a fairly high level of responsibility will be applied to the care or growth of said money. So, in many cases, unsuspecting Joe would be relying on accountability from the other side of the isle which, one might assume, could present a serious problem for Joe’s counterpart who has to decide between blowing the whistle when necessary or losing his or her employment.

In 2010, Congress took a huge step towards alleviating this problem of moral juxtaposition on the part of employees within these violating companies by enacting the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which includes reform that not only shields whistleblowers from the scorn of their employers, but also provides substantial financial incentives to the tune of $100K to $300K in cases where SEC sanctions exceed $1 million, or more specifically, 10-30%. It is important to note that while the goal of this program is to uncover violations, previously, individuals who suspected the presence of violations may not have come forward simply because they feared reprisal for false allegations. This new law protects these potential whistleblowers as well by making it possible for employees to report violations anonymously via legal representation by a lawyer. In fact, there now exists a law firm, Labaton Sucharow , that works only cases on behalf of whistlesblowers and perhaps not surprisingly, the head of this law firm, Jordan A. Thomas, also worked for the SEC and contributed to the creation and implementation of the new program.

Brian Torchin Can Help People Earn Medical Positions

For a long time, Brian Torchin has been helping people achieve their desired goals and gain positions in medical fields. He tries to make sure that people who are in need of work have a chance at getting a job. He even runs a Twitter for people to use and search for help from others, which is great for gaining information and inspiration for people to come up with new ideas and new approaches towards their goals.

People who are on the job search or are looking for help with their searching can even ask for help from Brian through his blog. He welcomes all visitors and gives the best advice he can with the uses of statistics to help them find what they are looking for. All people deserve a chance at a good job, and Brian Torchin is trying to make this a reality by helping people find the closest possible match to their needs. This is especially helpful for those that are searching for the first time, since they will be able to obtain good and reliable information when they are first starting out.

Many first timers are worried about not being able to land the right position or that they wont be able to get into their fields. With the help of Brian and his blog, people are able to prepare properly and find out exactly what they need to do in order to have the best chance of getting into their chosen field. He also helps people build resumes based on the positions they are trying to obtain as well as go over what the majority of managers want to see and what the best ways for someone to present themselves will be. Brian Torchin has a long history and great record of helping people obtain jobs in their fields, especially the medical field.

NACVA Honors Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala in its 40 Under Forty Recognition Program

Consistent with its tradition of honoring individuals in its 40 Under Forty program, the NACVA honored Anthony Marsala in last year’s recognition program. The Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, Marsala, was privileged to be among the 125 nominees selected by NACVA due to their groundbreaking accomplishments. Some of the fields where the candidates were drawn from include mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, litigation consulting expert witness testimony, financial forensics and other associated professions.

The executive staff from Consultants’ Training Institute and NACVA were responsible for selecting the ideal candidates who undoubtedly deserved the recognition. This assisted in narrowing down the list of nominees to that of honorees. The 40 Under Forty recognition program was developed to recognize the upcoming generation of industry experts due to their contributions to their communities, profession and those yet to be attained.

Apart from his executive role as the co-founder and COO of Madison, Anthony Marsala continues to play a crucial role at Madison when it comes to expanding and managing the company’s global presence in numerous parts of the world including Asia, Europe and Africa. His fields of specialization include Mergers and Acquisition, corporate finance as well as business valuations. Apart from being a holder of a degree in Finance and Information Systems from the Loyola University of Chicago, he has a Master’s Diploma in Strategy, which he obtained from Said Business School located at the University of Oxford.

Madison Street Capital LLC

Madison Street Capital is a globally renowned investment banking institution that is significantly dedicated to excellence, integrity service as well as leadership in the provision of its services. Financial opinion, corporate financial advisory services, merger and acquisition expertise and valuation services to both privately and publicly owned businesses are some of the primary services offered by Madison. By owning up customer goals, it strives to ensure that clients succeeded on a global spectrum.

In full awareness of the potential that emerging markets have when it comes to succeeding in the global markets, Madison has continuously targeted its assets or resources to these markets. The firm has earned a significant amount of trust of its clients who are based in various parts of the world. It has attained this level through its commitment to maintain top-notch as well as professional standards in all its operations. This level of standards is exercised in all its offices starting from its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and other parts of the world such as Asia, Africa and North America.

Check out Madison on Facebook and Twitter – @MadStCap

Privacy Concerns Online

Darius Fisher is the CEO of the online reputation management company Status Labs. Status Labs has become sort of the flagship company in terms of online reputation management thanks to their expertise, activism, and social awareness that has put them in the news for all of the right reasons of late. Darius Fisher, as the head of the company, has taken to becoming the public face of what they are trying to do. One big aspect of reputation management is in how you deal with a crisis of your brand as a result of getting doxxed. Fisher decided to put together some simple tips to help you deal with a doxxing attack.

In order to deal with getting doxxed you kinda, sorta need to know what it means. Getting doxxed is when your personal information gets leaked to the public and used against you to cause problems in your personal life. When you get doxxed it is important that you act quick and calmly. Fisher advocates first making sure to lock down all of your accounts by changing their passwords and re-checking your privacy settings. Don’t reuse the same password on multiple websites and always make your password hard to guess.

Next up, Fisher advocates that you take proactive steps in getting your information off of the internet. Take some time to websearch your name in order to see what data is getting bandied about. Contact these websites and request that your personal data be removed. Many websites will comply but some might cause issues. In the case of websites who don’t comply, you may have to get a lawyer involved. Having an attorney involved will typically get these websites to interact in a positive way. Finally, you will want to get into the habit of changing your passwords and personal information on a semi regular basis. This is the easiest way to prevent password hacks and doxxing attacks.

You can follow all of these steps and still end up getting doxxed. The next best thing you can do is to have a company like Status Labs on your side to help get passed the potential information crisis that you run into.

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Offering the Best Tools for the Job

The modern day world owes much of its current, fast paced success to the implementation of retail environments. Grocery store chains and department stores have created a more efficient and consumer-based system of purchasing power, meaning that customers no longer need to visit multiple locations in one day and that they can complete all of their shopping needs usually at just one location. Such a quick moving environment requires individuals who are just as fast problem solvers, ready to meet potentially complicated challenges at a moment’s notice. Kenneth Goodgame is one such individual, taking on the role of a shark within the ocean that is the retail industry.

Goodgame is a marketing, sales and merchandising executive most notable for his work at the Tru Value Hardware corporation. True Value is a company known for offering excellent and personable customer service to their patrons, giving them a home town feel whenever they enter a store and providing friendly and useful advice for do-it-yourself home projects. Goodgame not only was responsible for over two billion dollars in global purchasing and three billion dollars in inventory management, but he is also a mentor for other professionals who share his field.

Kenneth has a long history of managing others in a retail and technological setting. His past employers include Home Depot, Rubbermaid Newell and Techtonic Industries, the latter of which he was the president of the company. Goodgame prides himself on offering a level of excellence to customer service, providing the highest grade products to those who seek them out.

True Value, with its small town feel and friendly demeanor, offers a perfect match through Goodgame, who is just as eager to provide incredible customer service as anyone. With a company that provides that level of honest and purposeful support and a man in a high position that can make it happen, Tru Value and Kenneth Goodgame combine to form the ultimate in retail hardware efficiency.

Bob Reina Inspires His Talk Fusion Team

Talk Fusion opened its doors in 2007. The company is committed to helping people reach their goals and build better futures for themselves. Talk Fusion is focused on giving back to the community and focusing on their mission. Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion and believes that great success requires and even greater sense of responsibility. The culture of Talk Fusion is all about striving to do what is best for people and helping as many people as possible.

Bob Reina has influenced the company in a very positive way by teaching people the importance of helping others and changing the world. They have donated over a million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa and have helped fund an orphanage in Indonesia. His focus on giving back has motivated him to take a giant step toward launching the Talk Fusion program. The program has been designed to make it easier for people to give to charity and offers video email, live meetings, video chat and so much more.

The Talk Fusion company offers many different services to its clients. They offer a phenomenal video and email platform. The platform is considered state of the art in comparison to its competitors. The company allows people to build business at home by providing everything needed to do so. Talk Fusion believes that it is important to follow your dreams and never give up. They want to help their customers during their dreams into reality. The company continues to grow at an amazing rate because of Bob Reina and his amazing team.


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Dr. Avi Weisfogel – His ventures, interests and talents

Avi Weisfogel is a popular and respected dentist in the New Jersey area who owns his own dental practice. He recently started a GoFundMe campaign in efforts to raise money for an organization called Operation Smile. Operation Smile was founded by Bill and Kathy Magee in 1984 and they focus on traveling the world providing facial surgeries for young children and adolescents who don’t have insurance or can’t afford it. They focus on giving the child hope and treating them as if they are their very own. That is one reason why Avi Weisfogel decided that he wanted to be part of the organization. Not only is it a great cause, but it stands for something more. Operation Smile has performed over one million surgeries throughout the years and continues their services with the help of donations and volunteers. Their very first mission was stationed in the Philippines and Operation Smile works closely with medical offices, government agencies to perform the facial surgeries such as cleft palates, cleft lips and other facial deformities.

Dr. Weisfogel has also started his own company called Dental Sleep Master’s. The company is focused on providing education to dentist’s offices all over the world. The program is used to provide education for the offices and their staff so they can help identify their patients with sleep disorders and educate them into moving in the right directed to get it corrected. Many people are traveling through the world with un-diagnosed sleep disorders and it can become very hazardous and dangerous to their health. Weisfogel has dedicated much of his medical studies to helping those correct their sleep apnea disorders via use of an oral device along with the program he has created. If doctors and staff can recognize what to look for when seeing a patient, they can help them get the necessary treatment they need to have a restful night’s sleep.

Dr. Weisfogel is involved in many areas of interests; one of them being his love for music. He has found himself loving the hip hop world of music and has been making some jams ever since. You can follow him and check out his latest tunes on

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Eric Pulier Gives Back to Children

Eric Pulier is many things including an author, a father, a businessman, and entrepreneur and above all, a philanthropist. At even a young age, Eric Pulier knew exactly what he wanted to do and understood that he wanted to dedicate his life towards helping people around the world through the invention of usable and affordable technology. While growing up on the East Coast, Pulier had always had a passion for technology and even built his own computer while he was in the fourth grade. By the time Mr. Pulier had reached high school, Mr. Pulier had even built his own database computer company. This ingenuity at an early age eventually earned him a spot at Harvard University where he eventually graduated at the top of his class and earned a degree in English and American literature. After receiving his diploma, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles in order to start his long career as a businessman.

In 1991, Pulier founded People Doing Things which was a company that addresses relevant issues such as health care as well as education through the use of technology. This company that he built was the first of over 15 successful companies that were either founded or co-founded by Eric. Despite his many successes, Eric Pulier admits that he also had many failures. As a result, Eric Pulier firmly believes that it is not the money that makes people successful, but the failure. Those that succeed after failure are successful in Eric Pulier’s book.

As a father of four, Eric Pulier has always been intent on giving back to the children. As a result, Eric Pulier is a constant donator to an organization known as The Painted Turtle which organizes summer camps for children with chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier even created a social media site for children with chronic illnesses where children can chat, blog, or even post content. This social media site was successful among 70 hospitals around the United States and gave children the chance to talk to other children with similar situations who know exactly what they are going through.

Should you put your home on Airbnb?

Airbnb is an incredibly popular app. Every day, thousands of people use Airbnb to find a comfortable place to stay while they are traveling. Most of the locations on Airbnb are in private residences and many claim to find Airbnb’s to be more comfortable than hotel rooms. Some people living in major cities place part of their home on AirBnB, believing that the extra income will help provide for their family. This appears to be a great way to make money, but is it really worth the risk?

Recently, an expert from Wealth Solutions looked into the Airbnb trend and he determined that Airbnb is simply not worth the risk for most people. When you take in tenants from Airbnb, you are assuming a great deal of risk. This risk isn’t apparent at first, but it is still there. Your new residents could be criminals, or they could damage your property. They may even get hurt while they are on your property. These are all major risks, and they could threaten your wealth.

We face risk every day, and most people choose to reduce that risk by purchasing insurance. Unfortunately, Airbnb rentals are not covered by most homeowners’ insurance policies. If something happens when your guests are at your home, then you are personally responsible for the problem. Airbnb does offer some insurance protection, but it is not nearly enough to protect you, and usually it will not kick in until you have exhausted your resources.

Airbnb is not a great way to expand your wealth, but those that truly want to become wealthy should consult with an investment manager. The right investment manager will go over your entire finances and help you develop a plan to grow your wealth. Richard Blair is one of the top investment managers in the world, and he is more than happy to help.

Richard Blair owns and operates Wealth Solutions, an Austin-based investment management company. Richard’s team offers a wide variety of services to those that want to grow their wealth. These services include financial planning, advisor services, and asset protection. They focus primarily on high net worth individuals, and they have been incredibly successful. Their clients are extremely happy with the results, and Richard Blair wants to keep growing.

Using Airbnb to make some extra money is tempting, but it can have a horrible impact on your wealth. Avoid the risk that Airbnb presents.

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Diversant: Changing the Business Model

Today, more than ever, the business landscape is changing. It is up to us whether we choose to change with it or stay the same. With Diversant, they are changing each and every day and for the better. They know they have to adapt with the times, and they are not afraid to do so. That is what they pride themselves on, as a matter of fact. It is what separates them from the pack and makes them one of the most diverse and unique companies on the market today. In fact, they have a leadership and advisory board to make sure that everything is running smoothly and effectively for them.

One of their key members is John Goullet, a man of many skills and talent. He is a man of the world if you will. At his heart, he is an entrepreneur and that is something he takes great pride in, as it means he knows the value of hard work and how to build something from the ground up and watch it grow. That is what he has always prided himself on, day in and day out. He is not the type of person to rest on his laurels or be satisfied with his work. He always believes there is room for improvement and chances to expand and take it to new levels.

In fact, at one point, he was in charge of his own company, Info Technologies, which was an IT staffing company, and they were put in charge of a big role, which was finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. It was a job they took incredibly seriously. In fact, they were honored when companies would ask for their help. It meant that they trusted John Goullet and his team and they knew they would do everything and anything to get the results they needed. That is how John works to this day, only this time at Diversant. He is a man that works around the clock and doesn’t rest until he gets the results that are needed. It has worked for him so far and will far into the future.