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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Handy makes home services simple

Handy is a service which allows the consumer to hire a pre-screened independent contractor for work. The way it works is very simple. The customer tells Handy what service they want performed, their zip code, and when they want the work to be done. The customer then receives a quote. If they agree with the price and want to continue, the credit card that they put on file is charged, and the contractor shows up to perform the service.

Customers know they will be receiving quality service because Handy is very selective about who they will sign. They only sign with 3% of the applicants that seek to do business with them. Handy also provides a money-back guarantee and takes care of replacement costs for damaged items. Independent contractors know they will receive regular work and dependable pay, because the money is handled directly through Handy. The average independent contractor working through Handy can expect to earn between $15 and $22 per hour. In addition, contractors’ incomes are reported on a 1099 form, so contractors can have taxable income in order to obtain credit. This is a win-win situation reveals Welldressedgeek blog, for both customers and contractors. Handy has received over $1 million a week in bookings and has been going strong for four years.

Services offered through Handy include home cleaning, furniture shopping, delivery and assembly, and other home services.





Getting To Know FreedomPop Means Loving Their Services

Everyone is responsible for getting their own wireless services, but they can have some help, especially if they choose FreedomPop as their carrier. One thing that many worry about with a wireless carrier is how much it’s going to cost for cell phone service. Some wireless carriers claim that they have some great prices, but $50 per month for unlimited service is not necessarily great, especially when FreedomPop is giving similar service for only $19.99 per month. Along with low prices, FreedomPop is also giving great service to those who have both a CDMA phone powered by Sprint or a GSM phone powered by T-Mobile or AT&T.

Even those who are currently with any carrier outside of FreedomPop can save money if they switch over to FreedomPop, and they can bring their phone with them. Those that have a Samsung Galaxy, an iPhone, a Motorola, an LG phone, or any other kind of smartphone can use it with FreedomPop. The only restrictions are that CDMA phones are only allowed to be from Sprint, not other networks like Boost mobile. Those who have a Sprint phone can go through a process to transfer it over to FreedomPop.

Allowing a GSM phone to be used on FreedomPop’s network is a lot easier because having it network unlocked is what will make it usable on the FreedomPop network. A lot of phones will require an unlock code that can be purchased in different locations online to get the phone unlocked. Once the phone is unlocked, any sim card will work in the phone to allow it to be used on another carrier. Those that have any questions about unlocking their cell phone should check with their current carrier, or get more information online, so they’ll be able to have an unlocked phone to use.

Getting a GSM phone connected to FreedomPop will just require getting a sim card, and the sim cards only cost less than five dollars each. The sim card will come in three different sizes that only needs to be fitted to the phone that it’s going to be used in. Also, those who use the sim card will be able to take the phone they use overseas, so they can make all kinds of phone calls with no roaming charges as long as it’s within the 25 countries that FreedomPop’s services support.

Check out this FreedomPop review

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The Life of Jim Hunt Up Till Now



Being the Chief Executive Officer and the financial advisor of VTA publications, Jim Hunt has clearly made his name in the stock market industry. Jim is well experienced in making intelligent and safe trades in the market. He is well known for his YouTube channel where he shares information to the public about his recent investments. His act of reading and predicting future trades to regular investors is what makes his videos popular.


From the recent interview, Jim stated that the idea of VTA publications came after he was exposed to how big banks operate. He then decided to venture himself so that he would prosper and control his own destiny. His typical day starts with a quick workout to stimulate his body. Since he is a morning person, he is at his best in the morning hence focuses on upcoming marketing ideas. He prefers a light lunch to avoid being sleepy in the afternoon then ends the day by taking dinner with his family.


The current biotech innovations is a trend that excites Jim the most. He predicts that in two decades, the breakthroughs that will be witnessed in that industry will be mind-blowing. Discipline and a strict set of goals are the main principles adhered to him. These are the habits that have made him a productive entrepreneur.


Working at the bank acts as the worst job he has ever had since customers were being treated badly. He learned from what he observed and vowed to ensure customers are treated to the level they deserve. If Jim was to start over his life again, he would do everything the same since he has accomplished a lot of success so far. His mistakes are what shaped him.


As an entrepreneur, Jim recommends his fellows to listen to people’s complaints and learn human psychology. An entrepreneur sells items to individuals and they will be on demand if it solves their problems. The strategy that has helped him the most is the use of direct mail. This helps him know his target audience exactly while avoiding losses due to traditional advertising.  PRNewswire has written more about what Jim’s system will accomplish, and he offers up some free YouTube clips about his method.

Making The World A Better Place One Verdict At A Time With An SEC Whistleblower Lawyer

All contemporary business practices depend on a certain set of basic principles. Such principles mean that all parties who are involved in the transaction can count on certain things. They know that the other party is acting ethically and offering them a free exchange of ideas where all information is clearly visible. Unfortunately, such is not always the case in life or in business. Some company officials have chosen in the past to act in ways that can directly threaten the passage of free information and the flow of free markets. Such behavior has come under scrutiny in recent years as government officials have worked hard to combat it. This kind of behavior has also been the target of lawyers fully prepared to fight it and help make sure those who speak out against corruption are compensated to the fullest extend of the law.

An Amazing Verdict

In what is being hailed as a victory for justice and openness in the markets, officials at the law firm of Labaton Sucharow, a firm with the first SEC whistleblower lawyer in the country, have been able to get their clients an award of more than seventeen million. The verdict is intended to send a clear signal that poor behavior in the financial world will not be tolerated. Those at Labaton Sucharow are delighted to learn of the verdict have worked so hard to bring about. They remain confident that such a verdict will help deter future wrongdoers and make sure that all those who wish to be part of any government contract will act in the most ethical matter possible at all times.

A Long History Of Help

Labaton Sucharow officials have helped establish the only SEC whistleblower attorney program in the nation. The program is now in the sixth year of operation, allowing people to come to the firm and help them point out where something has been done wrong. Under the new federal laws, those who are able to reveal such problems are eligible for huge fiscal rewards. Working with this firm means that participants are able to collect on such rewards to the fullest extend of the law possible. The new verdict makes it the second largest such verdict. This verdict clearly indicates just how much help any client can expect once they hire the firm to work on their behalf within the confines of the brand new law.


The Former Owners Of The Atlanta Hawks Are Suing AIG Insurance Company

American General Life, better known as AIG, made headlines in 2008 when the Great Recession got underway, and now the company is back in the headlines because investment mogul Bruce Levenson and his company, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC are suing the giant insurance company for breach of contract. The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Group sold ( the Atlanta team in 2015 to Tony Ressler. But the Levenson group had to settle claims made by the former general manager of the team, Danny Ferry. The lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County, and it states that AIG breached their contract with the Levenson group because certain business practices were covered under the group’s policy, and they were ignored or rejected by AIG.

Bruce Levenson is a charismatic character, and he is dedicated to the Jewish cause. Levenson has donated millions to several Jewish groups over the years, and he has been very vocal about the Middle East conflict. Because of his high-profile image, Levenson is able to discuss conflict issues with the Prime Minister of Israel. When the Levenson Group owned the Atlanta Hawks, Levenson could always be spotted at games, and the press usually got his opinion about the game as well as other issues that Levenson liked to talk about.

According to, Levenson is the founder of the United Communication Group. The United Communication Group is a business information company that focuses on news, data analysis for energy, technology, healthcare, mortgage banking, telecommunications and other industries. Bruce is also a founding board member of the IT company, Tech Target. Levenson was ahead of the curve in the IT industry, and he made a fortune because he had the insight to get involved in that industry during the early years. Levenson grew up in Maryland, and he began a career in journalism at the Washington Star. Read more on


In Both Business and Philanthropy Malini Saba is a True Global Leader

Malini Saba started out with humble origins. She was born in South Asia and was raised in a simple home in Australia before moving to the United States when she was 19 years old to pursue her education. When she arrived in the US she only had 200 dollars to live on, and had to rent a small apartment on the edge of the Stanford University campus. Indeed she has come a long way since then, now being one of the most successful investors and most respected philanthropists in the world, ant only among South Asians and women, but in general.


It was her success in the boardroom and her charitable generosity that led to a recent profile in an article on Huffington Post. The article spoke of her work not only with her conglomerate Saban, which she heads as chairman, but also her work with other successful firms and her myriad philanthropic activities in recent years. Her successes have come in rapid succession, starting with her activities in the 1990s, which included being an investor in some of the world’s most powerful tech companies such as PayPal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore networks.


She soon moved beyond being a Silicon Valley venture capitalist into more diverse fields which culminated in her starting of Saban. Saban is a global leader in a wide variety of fields including oil, gas and real estate. Saban has holdings in many countries such as the US, China, Australia, and India. As one of the most diverse and economically resilient conglomerates in the world, she has placed the firm in a prime position to be successful no matter what comes down the line.


In personal matters, Saba is passionate about helping her fellow man. In 2001 she started STREE: Global Investment in Women. The non-profit works to provide healthcare, legal aid and a forum for the exchange of ideas to women who are low-income and high risk. The goal is to provide women all over the world with the means to grow and succeed in whatever endeavors they dream of. STREE has been acclaimed by both Former President of the United States Bill Clinton and Queen Noor of Jordan among many others.


Her foundation is just the start of her charitable giving however. When the super Tsunami ravaged Sri Lanka, her birthplace in 2004, she was on the scene within hours to tour the devastation and to offer aid. She pledged 10 million to help the tiny nation recover from what was the worst natural disaster in its history. She then the next year gave a million dollars to El Comino Hospital in California for the creation of a research program for the advancement of South Asian healthcare.


Both in her professional life and in her charitable giving Saba has shown that success breeds success if it is backed up with love for the good in the world.


FreedomPop Offers More Services Than Most Wireless Companies

FreedomPop has easily gained the trust of many wireless customers because of the fact that they offer so many services that customers need. Many wireless customers these days are looking for a company that can provide them with different services, other than being able to make phone calls and purchase cell phones. A FreedomPop review is usually based around cell phone service, but they also sell great smartphones at extremely reasonable prices. With or without a current sale, it’s possible to get some very low priced phones from FreedomPop that are new or refurbished to factory standards and look like new.

Tablets are also available through FreedomPop, and both tablets and cell phones can be used with the service that FreedomPop provides. Those who need cell phone service can choose a free plan, a paid plan, or an unlimited plan. Since the unlimited plan is the most popular from FreedomPop, it’s important to know that the lowest-priced plan starts at $20 per month with 1 GB of 4G LTE data. Only if additional 4G LTE data will be added to an unlimited plan will it cost additional monies. Those that have an unlimited plan will also get unlimited talk time and text messages.

An unlocked smartphone or tablet can be used on the FreedomPop network as long as it is a GSM phone that takes a sim card, and certain Sprint phones can be used on FreedomPop’s network as well. Those who are in need of an international calling plan can obtain it from FreedomPop for the smartphone that they use. Anyone who plans on traveling overseas should look into purchasing the FreedomPop international calling sim card, which allows them to make and receive phone calls in 25 different countries around the world.

Wi-Fi service is also something that FreedomPop specializes in, and this great service only costs five dollars per month for unlimited service with access to millions of hot spots. Home Internet service can also be purchased through FreedomPop and comes with 1 GB of free data along with any plan that a customer chooses. Portable hotspots are also popular with FreedomPop users, and the portable hotspots are low in cost and include 500 MB of free data each month. The portable hotspots can get 4G LTE data, making it possible to get the highest speeds for the user when they are in need of high-speed Internet service on the go.