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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Igor Cornelsen Looks To Long Term Investment Success


The majority of financial specialists retire after many years of loyal service to play golf in a sunny environment, not so for Brazilian investment specialist Igor Cornelsen who is still looking for the best investment opportunities after retiring from a career in banking. Cornelsen may have now moved for at least half of each year to the sunshine state of Florida and enjoy the plentiful opportunities for golf, but he has also looked to remain active in the investment industry through his work with Bainbridge Investments.


For Igor Cornelsen the long history he accumulated in the Brazilian banking industry is a plus, including his career that brought success during the financial crisis that shook the world in the early 21st century. Igor Cornelsen believes the Brazilian financial industry can prove a success for investors from around the world who may not be given advice on exploring the opportunities available in the country by their U.S. and European based brokers; Cornelsen believes ignoring the fifth largest economy in the world is a mistake that is reducing the profits many investors could be making over the course of their financial career.


One of the many areas Igor Cornelsen points to, in a bid to explain, the success he maintained throughout his career in the Brazilian financial industry is his eye for a long term opportunity. Instead of focusing on the many short term options that may offer a high reward for just a few short months, Igor is always looking for investments that can provide success for a prolonged period of time for his global client list. The success Cornelsen achieved in the Brazilian banking industry prior to his partial retirement allowed him to work with some of the best known financial institutions in the world and learn much about how an international approach to investing can lead to success spread over many years.  Make sure to check out Igor’s official website for more on the man and his historic achievements.

IAP Worldwide Services Is A Friend To All Nations

IAP is a friend to all nations around the world. Though this IT company has strong ties to the United States, its clients are not solely from the United States. For example, IAP was recently hired to put together a center for air traffic in Afghanistan. This center did not take long to put together, and IAP was responsible for start to finish; this company was even responsible in choosing the perfect place for the center to reside.

Once established, IAP Worldwide Services connected all of the hardware needed to make the center function. It then connected all of the software, too. A few summers ago, the center for air traffic in Afghanistan was ready to be opened. The grand opening was very special, and many thanks were given to IAP. Afghanistan had no such center for air traffic up to this point. Many government officials on Cortera broke out in tears because they observed this IT service positively changing their country.

Military officials stated that they would benefit the most out of this center for air traffic. IAP Worldwide displayed how they can keep track of and keep in contact with soldiers that use helicopters and the like. Furthermore, military officials also praised the fact that they will be able to locate any type of air strike that will soon hit the land.

Building the center for air traffic in Afghanistan is one of the small accomplishments achieved by IAP. They also build facilities and maintain them, too. They can go to a land and build a station before an army arrives. There are professionals that work for IAP that have experience with army bases and the like. These individuals design stations that will be built by this IT company. Even after it is built, representatives from this company will show up several times a year and provide maintenance to the building.

Though IAP does have a lot of clients, they do have room for more. All a government agency are private agency has to do is call or send an email to this company on They will respond ASAP and you will have a quote ASAP, too. For those in more of a rush, you can get on IAP’s website and choose to chat with a representative. There are always representatives available. There are even representatives of various languages available through the chat service. IAP has some type of service that every government and every private company can use.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

Town Residential: The New Standard Of Excellence

Fast-growing 3-year-old residential brokerage company Town Residential is in the process of opening its 10th outpost. The firm recently signed a 15-year deal to open an office in New York’s meatpacking district. That office will be used to cover deals in the housing markets from Hudson Yards all the way down to TriBeCa. This provides the brokerage with easy access to the swath of important residential neighborhoods that run along the Hudson River. The new office is mere steps from the story-high park. Town CEO Andrew Heiberger said brokers can take clients to appointments on the High Line.



The company’s newest office is a 7,100-square-foot space that encompasses the building at 446 W. 14th Street’s entire second floor. The lease for the new space is for 15 years. The new office space has 16-foot ceilings along with access to the three-story building’s private roof-top deck. It continues the flair Andrew Heiberger has shown ever since he began building the Town brand. The brokerage has been positioned for high-end sales and the new space is designed to differentiate itself and appeal to the best brokers as well. It’s the only brokerage offering outdoor space for brokers to work with clients.


According to Heiberger, boutique brokerage Thomas & Ingram will join Town and move into the newly acquired meatpacking-district branch. Thomas & Ingram handles sales deals of properties located in the West Village. Town is also moving its small office in the West Village on Horatio Street into the new space. The new office is at one of the High Line’s main entrances. That entire area has become one of the hottest residential neighborhoods in the city. As more condo building have been built near the park, the area continues to grow. The new Town office is right in the middle of it.


Town recently opened several other high profile locations. Its headquarters is now near Union Square at 33 Irving Place. The company also opened an office in Greenwich Village at 530 LaGuardia Place. The owner of the building in the meatpacking district where Town’s newest office is located is Thor Equities, Town’s parent investor and among New York City’s largest retail space owners.


Founded in 2010, TOWN Residential has quickly become New York’s foremost real estate services firm for luxury residential sales. It’s known for unparalleled representatives, best-in-class customer service and seamless execution. The firm specializes in marketing, leasing and sales of residential, commercial and retail properties and property developments. Town has received accolades including being among the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City and Best Firm to Work For. With its professionalism, unrivaled support and expertise, the company is the industry’s new standard of excellence.

Handy – A popular home cleaning service

Maintain a clean, healthy environment and one that is free of safety hazards, takes a lot of cleaning effort from a professional. However, not just any cleaning professional can deliver. Some will simply take your money while not matching up the value. But, unlike most of these companies, Handy gives you the satisfaction guarantee. They are the cleaning experts servicing New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Toronto, just to mention a few of the areas serviced throughout the US. If you have been considering working with Handy, here is a review to help you make an informed decision.


It is always advised to keep off cleaning companies who have not insured their employees. Cleaning, being a very risky business, means that an accident could happen at any time. If this happens and the cleaner is not insured, then you better be sure that you will be charged and ordered to compensate them. To avoid this, it is always important to ascertain that the contracted cleaner is insured. Handy ensures that you have peace of mind as they work, by ensuring that every cleaner is insured.

No Obligations

One thing that can really turnoff customers is working with a company that obliges them to give them work. Handy, being different, allows you to make appointments as you like. They also allow you the flexibility of rescheduling or cancelling your cleaning appointment, at any time.


One of the best things about working with Handy, is the convenience allowed. With you can book your appointment from the convenience of your home, in an easy process of about 60 seconds. What’s more, if you contract Handy, you need not be looking for your own cleaning equipment, for Handy Cleaners come with their equipment, ready to start the job.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed with Handy. Besides, they do have a rule of refunding money if clients are dissatisfied with their services. This means that apart from being confident that they will deliver quality, they also will do everything possible to ensure that you are happy.


If you are letting strangers in your premises, they must come with a high level of trustworthiness. To ensure that you are comfortable letting Handy Cleaners in, the company ensures that a thorough background check is conduct for each employee.

Bottom Line

Handy is a great cleaning company to work with. With assured customer satisfaction, you will be sure to get value for your money.