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Monthly Archives: December 2016

George Soros Political Power

George Soros, known for his financial donations in the political world, is still making headlines even with the election over. Soros was born in 1930 in Nazi dominated Hungary before escaping to London where he studied then finally heading to America where he made his massive fortune. George Soros created what is now known as the Open Society Foundation, a way to spread his open society message. One of its very first initiatives was to send copy machines to universities, civil society groups, and libraries in his homeland, then Soviet dominated Hungary, so banned publications could be reprinted and spread around. Once the Berlin Wall came down, Soros aided in advising on the transition to democracy and free markets, using his foundation to work with local dissidents and politicians as the country transformed.

Today, George Soros is a famous player in American politics where he has millions into the Democratic Party and their familiar causes like Black Lives Matter. Even though Trump is heading into the White House, Soros is prepared to stand strong and oppose him. He, through his foundation, have friends in his network that span across more than 100 countries making him a viable opponent. Even if his power is exaggerated, he represents a distinct type of Liberalism that is led by those on the left and despised by those on the right. He is certainly someone Trump should take seriously.

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Soros is embattled in a fierce opposition in Hungary where the ruling party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban has despised Soros interference and influence. George Soros vehemently opposes Orban’s hard line on migration and Orban has blasted Soros and his influence referring to him as a strong example of people who stand for things that only weaken nation states. Soros didn’t waiver in his stance and earmarked roughly $500 million for what he called investments that will address migrant, refugees, and host community needs.

Soros doesn’t just focus on big leaders of countries, he’s got his eyes and ears everywhere and he has spent millions in the last two years helping fund campaigns to defeat local prosecutors around the US and bring in new blood that will back his beliefs in criminal justice reform measures. Soros spent the most in three separate races, over $1 million in Houston’s Harris County, Gilpin and Jefferson counties in Colorado where he donated over $1 million to unseat and incumbent, and in the Maricopa County Race in Arizona where his PAC has spent well over $1 million against a Republican District Attorney.

The battles don’t stop there. George Soros is also heavily involved in defeating Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizon. The running total so far is roughly $2 million in campaign donations through a Soros funded PAC, Maricopa Strong. This battle is one of Soros biggest donations aside from the presidential campaign. He considers Arpaio a liberal boogeyman, one who doesn’t share Soros’ views on immigration reform or criminal justice reform.

Through all of this, one thing remains clear. Soros doesn’t give up, he doesn’t quit, and he will remain a political power player for years to come. He has the money to make things happen, and the drive to follow through.

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How Dr.Jennifer Walden Rose To The Top Of Cosmetic Surgery

Humble Roots In Austin

Jennifer Walden was born and raised in the city of Austin, Texas. There, she was able to obtain her post high school education at the University of Texas. After graduating she continued her education at the University of Texas’ medical school. After finishing her education she set her eyes on New York City. Specializing as an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist she would perform the high quality cosmetic surgery she is known for today.



A Rising Star In New York City

Working in Manhattan allowed Dr. Jennifer Walden to thrive. Her expertise as an ENT made her a perfect match for cosmetic surgeries. Specializing in everything from rhinoplasty to lip injections, Dr.Walden made a name for herself. Eventually she became so successful Walden was promoted to a management position. In management Walden proved she was force to reckon with. Manhattan had simply never seen someone as diligent or skilled as she was. However, this success was simply not enough for Dr.Walden. She wanted a family of her own and the ability to give those children a certain lifestyle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to do this in New York City.



The Prodigal Daughter Returns Home

Dr.Walden truly enjoyed her work in Manhattan, but the environment was not suitable for raising children. Furthermore, Walden was not able to find a male suitor who fit her standards. These factors influenced her decision to move back to her hometown of Austin. Once she was there Dr.Walden looked for the services of a fertility clinic to help her bear children by herself. After picking the right sperm donor Walden was pregnant with her twin boys.


Normally the lifestyle of a cosmetic surgeon is so busy childrearing many physicians are not able to spend time with their children. Dr.Walden’s private practice allows her to set her own schedule and spend time with her boys whenever she wants. Although you would expect this busy schedule to keep her from advancing her career it hasn’t. To this day Jennifer Walden is still active at the forefront of cosmetic surgery where she continues to produce innovations in her field.

The Mastermind Behind Magnises

Magnises, the social gathering club for young millennials looking for an upscale, VIP business network has been getting a lot of attention lately for it’s innovative business structure. Magnises was created by the up and coming tech entrepreneur, Billy McFarland, a twenty four year old computer engineering whiz who graduated from Bucknell University and the Pingry School.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland has publicly stated in the past that the primary reason for creating the company was to help young businessmen and businesswomen build “the perfect network.”

Magnises is far from Billy McFarland’s first business outing, as he had been involved with all kinds of start ups over the years, however, his first majorly successful business was Spling. Spling was (and still is) a wholly online company focused entirely on helping companies bolster their social media presence and boost ad revenue influx by increasing things like visual representation and SEO content.

Magnises’ success, Mr. McFarland contends, is due primarily to two main factors, the unique platform which the service provides and its trendy nature. The former reason is due to the fact that Magnises provides, not just a business platform, but also a networking landscape.

With Magnises, not only will users be able to get substantive discounts on a wide variety of businesses, such as restaurants and clubs, but it also provides things like VIP opportunities to meet with celebrities and business owners like Ja Rule and Rick Ross.

The latter reason is due to the fact that Magnises opportunities are only able to be accessed via a small, eye catching black metal business card, which functions basically the same as a credit card. And, after all, everyone carries a credit card nowadays.

EOS revolutionizes the lip balm industry

Evolution of Smooth lip balm exploded onto the lip balm scene, and this little sphere outdid the old school chap stick. Chapstick has long been the staple of the lip balm aisle, now faced fear competition. The colorful orbs with honeydew and watermelon flavors took over the scene. EOS lip balm ended up in the hands of celebs like Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera and on the covers of Allure and high end beauty magazines.

Sanjiv Mehra, CEO and co-founder of EOS, tapped into a growing market and kept up with the trends. The market was demanding organic and natural products, and EOS delivered. Jonathan Teller, Craig Dubitsky, and Sanjiv Mehra looked for a market that was ready for change. The lip balm market was stagnate with very few innovative products. Burt’s Bees and other products had been developed but they were still reminiscent of Chapstick. EOS ( delivered a totally new product. Their goal was to create a product to engage all the five senses and they succeeded.

Their research team discovered that lip balm was being developed as a unisex product but in reality, it was mostly used by women. They decided to make a product geared towards women and to appeal to their senses. It worked. EOS grew and grew rapidly. The products are now being sold by online merchants Lucky Vitamin and Ulta.

How EOS Outdid Chapstick


Waiakea Causes Volcanic Water to Become Popular in the United States

The Waiakea water company has recently been the topic of discussion among health food blogs and magazines because of the company’s role in the popularization of volcanic water. Company leaders have announced that the spread of the water’s popularity in the U.S. has been caused, in large part, by the company’s provision of educational literature about the product’s benefits.

Because Waiakea has adamantly focused on the education of citizens regarding their water consumption habits, love of volcanic water has exploded in the United States. The popularity of the company’s volcanic water is evident because of the rise in sales of volcanic water, the improved traffic to the company’s blog, and the growing amount of media attention the company has received.

Rise in Volcanic Water Sales

The most apparent marker of the growing popularity of volcanic water in the United States is the rise in sales at Waiakea. Waiakea Spring, the volcanic water company’s distribution facility, reported that the orders placed in the last 12 months of the company’s operation have more than tripled the previous year’s sales. While it is unclear why the popularity of the company has grown so swiftly, it is obvious that Waiakea delivers a product that Americans love.

Improved Traffic to Company’s Blog

Waiakea Water company has also experienced a surge in traffic to the Waiakea blog. The company’s online presence has gradually become more and more reputable over the course of several years. The site is currently the first search result listed by Google for the phrase, “volcanic water.”

Waiakea’s executives believe that the company’s drastically increased website presence is directly correlated to the surge in Waiakea’s product sales. Traffic to the company’s website is expected to grow exponentially in the years to come.

Growing Amount of Media Attention

Waiakea’s executives have also noticed an ever-increasing amount of attention from news outlets and health magazines. This attention has been attributed to the increasing success of the company and the notoriety of volcanic water brand.

Waiakea water executives have placed much time and energy into the development of campaigns that would cause attention to be brought to the goals of the company and are extremely pleased to be receiving the media attention that is currently available to the company.

Executives have stated that the increase in sales, website traffic, and media attention will be used to further the causes and goals of the Waiakea production company.

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