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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Betsy DeVos Wants Us To Have Choices

With most of the country fearing what Betsy DeVos’ ideas will do to the education system, many are not doing much research on the subject or trying to look at it from another point of view. While some people believe our education system is democratically controlled, it is not. It is run by unions whose goals many not be in sync with the best interests of our children.

There are many that fear private religious schools will end up running the country with Betsy DeVos at the helm, but religious schools should be available as a choice. Parents should be able to choose the schools their children will attend, as long as they meet basic state standards. Choice in schools could be in the best interest of children and their parents.

DeVos has been an advocate for school vouchers for many years. School vouchers though can allow people a greater choice. It opens the door for more personalized schooling systems, catering to certain religions or groups of people. In our country, taxes fund public schools. School vouchers are actual checks drawn on that money from those taxes given to an individual child, undemocratically.

The woman behind the Secretary of Education position, Betsy DeVos has supported the education field for decades. She is a member of the Republican Party and is recognized for her advocacy of choices in school, charter schools, and school voucher programs. Her political ties begin at college, where she was involved in campus politics at Calvin College.

As a member of one of the wealthiest families in Michigan, The DeVos family has been some of the largest donors to political campaigns, the Republican Party, and philanthropic endeavors. Betsy first served the Michigan Republican Party in 1982, working her way up to become the Party’s Committeewoman in 1992, until 1997. She then served the Michigan Republican Party by being its Chairwoman from 1996 to 2000. She personally raised more than $150,000 for President Bush’s re-election campaign in 2004 and even hosted a fundraiser that headlined Bush in her own house in 2008.

DeVos doesn’t just host fundraisers however. She is the chairwoman of the company Windquest Group. This privately held operating group invests in the fields of manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Betsy and her husband Dick founded the company in 1989. Betsy is also a chief investor of the company Neurocore. Neurocore is a brain performance centers group that offers different therapy for disorders like autism, anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorder.

Betsy DeVos is also co-founder of the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, an organization that is motivated by faith and funds programs that cultivate leadership through the arts, community, and education. The foundation made more than $11 million in contributions in 2015, leading the DeVos Family to the 24th spot on Forbes America’s Top Givers list.

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Why Choosing Securus Technologies For Communications Is a Viable Option For Many

There are a myriad of reasons why an individual may want to consider acquiring the services that are provided by Securus Technologies. If you are unsure about what Securus Technologies provides for you to take advantage of, perhaps you haven’t necessarily needed it. However, those that have needed the benefits that the program provides are well aware of just how valuable the tool is.


Securus Technologies is a program that has made it possible for people to stay in touch with those who are incarcerated without actually being obligated to physically attend the jail to have such forms of communicative sessions conducted. Oftentimes, many people have found it difficult to have appointments scheduled in the times that were most beneficial to them. This is why many people prefer flexible scheduling for just about anything. However, jails are a place of business that are so busy on most days that it can be difficult for people to have visitation sessions scheduled during times that are considered to be most convenient for them. Due to such dilemmas in scheduling, it’s imperative to know that there’s a solution that’s available for them to take advantage of. That solution is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies enables people to conduct communications sessions through the operations of video chatting in which people are able to connect with one another through means of connecting in a program over a reliable, fast, and secure Internet connection. It is also a program that has been a catalyst in solving crimes as police departments are capable of using anything that’s said in the video conversation segments as evidence and causes to begin investigative efforts if need be. If you want to learn more about the program, feel free to visit the website as any pertinent details that may be needed are available on the site.


Marc Sparks Aims to Help Others Become Successful

Marc Sparks wasn’t always the wealthy and prosperous businessman he is today. It took years of hard work and perseverance to become an experienced venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

He never forgot his struggles and that has kept him humble on his journey from the bottom to the top, a journey that proved to be a roller-coaster of failure and success. His trials and tribulations helped form the core values that drive him to assist others in their own journeys.

In his book, “They Can’t Eat You”, Marc details how he accomplished his goals and pushed through adversity. He provides valuable insight into how anyone with enough courage and tenacity can follow in his footsteps. Marc outlines a system he calls “Fifty Sparks”, that serves as a guide to jump starting a profitable business.

Described as a “serial entrepreneur”, Marc Sparks has his hand in an extensive list of business ventures. Some of his endeavors include Unistar Financial Service Corp., for which he is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, and as President of Timber Creek Capital. Marc has also worked in investment banking, premium finance, and insurance.

His desire to help others extends far beyond the business world. Marc dedicates much of his time and energy to aiding in providing opportunities to the less fortunate and guiding them on a path to self-improvement.

The Samaritan Inn, a Texas homeless shelter, is one of the several programs Marc works closely with. The shelter seeks to not only provide a temporary bed but assistance in building a brighter future for its residents as well. They focus on helping people improve their lives by offering counseling, financial education, job placement, and health services.

Marc has also worked with Habitat For Humanity to help build houses for people in need. He has helped to build more than a dozen homes. It’s safe to say Marc never forgot where he came from. Despite his success, he remains humble. It is this constant attachment to his roots that keeps him focused on his goals.

He carries this philosophy over to his business practices, providing start-up capital for other young entrepreneurs looking to get their foot in the door and their ideas off the ground. Marc Sparks understands how crucial it is to have at hand someone with the know-how and capital to take a business venture to the next level.

Medical Journal- Oncotarget

The Oncotarget came into existence in the year 2010. The primary purpose of the journal is to focus on oncology. Oncology is one part of the medical which deals with the arrest, the examination, and the treatment of cancer. The medical journal has been experiencing great expansion, and in the recent years, it has begun to publish information beyond oncology. The journal has experienced staffs led by its chief editors Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny and his partner Andrei V. Gudvok who work at Roswell Park Institute.

Oncotarget has been posting their information online which is made free. The papers which are available on are made free to enable the viewing to be quick. The success and the growth of the journal have allowed the editors to cover other medical areas including microbiology, pharmacology, neuroscience, and cardiology.

Since it was founded the publication has been growing, and it has been rated number one since 2011 to present in the provision of medical information. The management and the editors of Oncotarget base their achievement on their proper writing and organization of their articles. The journal has editors who have a vast experience on the topics they write about. The expansion of the medical journal is also experienced with them expanding the availability of their articles and topics on other media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube as well as Google. Making the medical issues available on the popular media platform is the spirit of reaching and assisting a bigger number of people internationally. Visit ResearchGate.Net for more articles.

Oncotarget works by first reviewing the manuscripts, and highlighting all the steps involved before forwarding the papers to the editors. After editing, the editors pass the papers to the chief editors; the chief editors have the responsibility of going through the papers and getting back to the author. The system has an added advantage to the author in that they can log into the system and check the progress of their topics as well s their status.

Oncotarget has a primary responsibility of publishing critical and receptive papers which vary from research-oriented articles. The research that is done and released on Oncotarget are mainly scientific and deal with specific ailments associated with aging, cancer, hypertension as well as other types of diseases. The journal is responsible for providing medical information to different age groups on how to stop or prevent the diseases.

Wengie Shares Top Hair Hacks

The fact is that most girls spend a tremendous amount of time on their hair because they want it to look fabulous in any kind of weather or situation. Often, they are strapped for time or do not have the proper tools at hand. Well, Wengie is one clever girl that has a few tricks up her sleeve to share with her millions of YouTube fans. Included in this YouTube video are Wengie’s favorite hair hacks that every girl should know. Wengie is one of the most popular beauty channels on YouTube.


Ten Hair Hacks You Should Know

In this very revealing video, Ten Hair Hacks You Should Know, Wengie gets back to the basics. Of course, most of us already know that healthy hair begins with the type of food that you put inside your body. Well, proper nutrition is also important too. Wengie shares tips on the types of vitamins that provide super healthy hair. Other basic hacks include things like remembering to clean your hairbrush along with an easy way to clean your hairbrush very effectively. Most of the hacks like how to make a basic ponytail and condition your hair are very easy to follow. Watch the video for some very good tips and share them with your friends.



Wengie would like everyone to join her family and watch her very inspiring videos on health, beauty, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, lifestyle, DIY, fitness, fashion, and skin-care. Wengie is Chinese/Australian and would like everyone across the world to benefit from the information found in her wonderfully produced videos. Wengie is one of the most popular beauty channels on YouTube. The Wengie channels has well over 5 million subscribers and billions of views since launching several years ago. Check out the site for her latest videos.

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Developer- Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Ali Sajwani is an entrepreneur who is based in Dubai. Mr. Sajwani was born in 1956 and was raised in Dubai. After his High School graduation, Hussain went to the United States of America to further his education. He learned at the University of Washington where he earned his Undergraduate Degree in Economics. Hussain began his career after graduating from the University; he served as a contract manager at GASCO a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

Being an entrepreneur, Hussain created his organization and named it Draieh Management Services Co. (DAMAC) LLC that he later called it DAMAC Group. He is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the Group. Hussain is a go-getter and very determined to succeed in life. He did not settle for DAMAC only, instead in 1992 he went ahead to establish yet another company, and he named it DICO Invest. The firm DICO Invest has been expanding sine it was founded, and currently, it is holding security investment portfolios in some companies in the world. Hussain Sajwani also invested and founded numerous organizations including Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG, a firm listed on the Muscat Securities market and had a capital of more than $125 million. In efforts to expand the company and gain more strength in the financial sector, Hussain invested with an insurance co0mapny based in Bahrain.

Hussain Sajwani has also made other investment in the real estate industry. His DAMAC Company is involved in real estate development. With his vast experience in the entrepreneur world, Hussain has helped Dubai become one of the glittering nations in the World. Mr. Sajwani took advantage of then opening made by the Dubai government to allow foreigners to won properties. Hussain managed to sell his historic building in less than six months before he began the construction process. Recently Hussain Sajwani partnered with the President of the United States Donald Trump to develop an 18-hole golf course at the heart of one of the largest real estate development which has been dubbed the Beverly Hills of Dubai. His company DAMAC is part of the development project.

Mr. Hussain is also a leader who has been a good example to the society. He has served in various organizations as a board member including Majan University College, Muscat, JUNO Online in New York, and the United States Emirates Takaful Company in Abu Dhabi.

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Living Healthy with Help From


In today’s society, we are tempted by “junk food” making it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. has a slew of healthy recipes and natural detox products that can help you on your way to optimal health. We’re going to take a few examples of these delectable dishes and help you understand and implement them into your healthy lifestyle.


Detox Superfoods Salad


Foods that contain a plethora of nutrients have been given this name and include mostly plant based foods such as nuts, blueberries and acai but also include some fish and dairy products as well. Superfoods help with the detoxing process by delivering these nutrients to the body to push out harmful toxins. The recipe that can be found on has a tasty mix of walnuts, broccoli, pomegranates, avocados, tangerines and fennel.


Tomato Chili with Taco Nut Meat


When we think of protein we usually think about chicken and meat products. Along with proteins and amino acids, meat products also come with extra fats and calories that could eventually pile up. The alternative nut meat lacks this amino acid but it contains mostly healthy unsaturated fats and also contain essential vitamins and minerals. This Tomato Chili with Taco Nut Meat is a perfect way to incorporate these different proteins into your diet.  RickSmileyMorningShow pointed to this as a reason that is one of the best health companies.


Banana Breakfast Choco Crunch Smoothie


Living a busy lifestyle? Smoothies are perfect for staying healthy on the go and are easy to blend either the night before or in the morning. The Banana Breakfast smoothie is perfect because it combines the sweetness of the bananas while still giving you vitamin C, B6, potassium and fiber. This awesome recipe also includes dates, almond butter and milk, cacao powder and chia seeds. This is one that’s been covered on the official Tumblr page many times.


Making changes to enforce a healthier lifestyle can be challenging at times but armed with knowledge, recipes and regular exercise it doesn’t have to be a chore. On average, it takes between 4-6 weeks to create a habit and to notice the changes so don’t give up so easily! Visit to get even more recipes and to browse their detox products so that you can get the most out of your nutrition.  Otherwise, check out pictures of personal success stories on’s official Insta page: