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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Jason Hope – Google News Recap

This is a man who understands the direction the world is headed in, the direction of technology. He is an investor and innovator helping the world meet its fullest potential through the field of technology. This man’s name is Jason Hope, and just like the meaning of his last name he has come to inspire to make the world a better place.

Jason Hope is a brilliant author. He focuses on spreading awareness of the role of rejuvenation biotechnologies. His mission is to help fight age-related diseases. Jason once pledge $500,000 to the SENS Foundation towards the cause. SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) Research Foundation is one of the leading foundations in rejuvenation biotechnology. Using their own research centers and the research the fund at different Universities, SENS uses regenerative medicine to repair damaged caused by diseases of aging. Diseases like Alzheimers that are caused by the accumulation of damage in our tissues over time.

Jason Hope is an actor born on March 5th, 1970 in Liverpool, England. He is most famous for After They Were Famous which came out in 1999, and for Brookside which came out in 1982. His humbly exciting hunger to become and actor really emerged around age 8, going to middle school at Parkway Performing Arts Middle School located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He attended High school in the area at Dillard’s Performing Arts, where he learned the skills needed to master his acting. Jason is a Native to Arizona and that is where he attended college, at Arizona State University. His interests were business initiatives and politics related through businesses from his home state to throughout the world. This is a man who has always had a driven passion towards technology and giving back to his community, and so he did both when he discovered his love for rejuvenation biotechnologies. Another place that this man on a mission has donated to were the American Cancer Society.

Jason Hope, dedicated his time into doing something he loved, which was acting. Then he dedicated not only his time bur his donations his creativeness into Hoping to one day changing the world.

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The Face of Computer Science; Imran Hague

Imran Hague is a well-read doctorate holder in computer science from Stanford University. He has done numerous publications surrounding his field of competence. “Accelerating Chemical Similarity Search Using GPUs and Metric Embeddings” is one such publication, which was also his thesis during his doctorate program. Dr. Imran Hague graduated from the University of California with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science. He was an officer at Eta Kappa Nu and the Berkeley Mu Chapter for several semesters.

Imran Hague has also carried out several projects in his academic field. His main project of interest was specifically computational drug design. He still has interest in computational biology, data visualization, and distributed systems. These projects include Architecture and Implementation of LDPC Codecs, Computational analysis of genome regulation, Protein folding mechanics, Methods for virtual high-throughput screening, Investigating soft error rates in GPU memory, and In the silicocheminformatic prediction of toxicity.

Some of The publications he has participated in include Error Bounds on the SCISSORS Approximation Method, A New Paradigm for Parallel Adaptive Molecular Dynamics, Modeling Conformational Dynamics at the Picosecond to Millisecond Scale, Accelerating Parallel Evaluations of ROCS. Journal of Computational Chemistry and Current Status of the AMOEBA Polarizable Force Field.Journal of Physical Chemistry. Imran Hague has remarkably contributed to the development of and discoveries of his academic field. He has also conducted selected talks on subjects related to his field.


Back in high school, he was an active member of speech and debate club, something he encourages students to practice. He says the skills he acquired in debate remained of immense relevance to his life all the way to adulthood. In addition to the brains, Imran Hague is a good sing. Whenever he is not attending to professional call, he spends time singing. Besides, he enjoys riding the bicycle. Imran Haque is a composite of brains and talent. Doctor Imran Hague is an expert. His long years of education have translated immensely to education and more


Edisoft Improves Global Supply Chain Activities

Earlier, transportation departments viewed measuring on-time performance as the most preferred primary indicator for performance. Each of the transportation segments utilized its unique measuring technique. For instance, air and ocean carriers were measured using on-time performance whereas service types measured motor carriers. At the moment, key primary indicators (KPI) have evolved thus incorporating various aspects such as financial, physical and regulatory details required for the supply chain. Massive data is being presented to shippers for the enhancement of supply chain performance. The availability of detailed information is spearheaded by the use of sophisticated GPS data sets and tracking systems. Additionally, the internet of things is the key contributor of the worldwide trading partners through the providence of smartphone solutions.

According to Stephanie Miles, the latest KPIs are directed towards focusing on metrics and trading partners rather than laying focus on isolated activities (Bloomberg). Datasets are being evaluated regarding different business models such as international shipments, logistic functions, and the compliance. Mrs. Miles provides the characteristics of an enhanced key primary indicator. Stephanie stipulates that a best-in-class KPI entails exact data information concerning trade zone feedback. Additionally, the KPI should indicate the required time that data is presented for custom filings and creation of documents.


Edisoft is a computer software company that creates a platform for supply chain services and configurable smart activities ( Edisoft is widely recognized for its techniques in aiding distributors, and manufacturers make improvements in their performance regarding supply chain operations. Edisoft Inc offers vendor compliance that is automated as well as optimized. The organization can provide these unique services with the help of leverage data that is treated as an asset.


Besides being operational in Toronto, the company’s headquarters, Edison operates in other nations including Canada and the United States of America. Edisoft has expanded its satellite offices in different locations including Florida and Miami. The organization’s line of activities is vast in carrier and warehouse management and is incorporated in a single system. Edisoft is enabled global shipment activities with the aid of its upgraded ERP Integrated solutions. The supply chain has been made robust with Edisoft Inc.

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Glen Wakeman, the Corporate Mathematician

Glen Wakeman is as calculated as they come. Wakeman is the kind of man that plans in all aspects of his life. For this reason, Glen Wakeman has built a robust reputation, gaining fame above and beyond for his unique managerial techniques. At forty-nine years of age, Glen has spent close to half of his life helping businesses and institutions succeed.

Also, Glen Wakeman has used his innovative mind to create what is now known as the LaunchPad Holdings. Through the company, Glen Wakeman makes use of a fully digitized software system to help start-ups come with unique strategies that guarantee their success. Besides, Glen happens to be the creator of Nova Four, a company that during its time provided strategic advice and access to capital for growing corporations.

Before Glen ever had the thought of creating LaunchPad Holdings, he used to work for GE Money Latin America. While working as the CEO at GE Money, Wakeman built an operation that at the time run in nine different countries. At the time, the company grew into an institution worth $12 billion in assets, employing seventeen thousand employees.

In his lifetime, Glen Wakeman has also been able to live in six different countries, establishing business operations in more than thirty nations globally ( As the alumnus of the University of Chicago and the University of Scranton, Glen has an MBA and BS in Economics. To date, Wakeman is renowned for his five-step performance strategy that has endured the test of time.

For many years, Glen Wakeman has developed his gift of matching newer and better ideas with money (Ideamensch). Today, Glen appreciates the role that technology plays in running successful businesses. Lately, Wakeman has been overly fascinated by how modern machines are learning how to deal with business problems. He believes that by automating enterprises, speed, quality, and decision-making can get improved.

With Wakeman being a highly curious individual, he has been able to venture forth into territories that many people fear to explore. Thus, there is a lot that we can learn from Glen Wakeman, the greatest corporate executive of all time.

Fabletics is Rocking Sales on Amazon

Kate Hudson became the recognizable face behind Fabletics exclusive athleisure brand in 2013. Partnering with the already successful fashion giant TechStyle Fashion Group, the Fabletics name is known worldwide. This company uses a brilliant marketing strategy that utilizes membership, consumer input and amazing customer service. As an actress, Ms. Hudson understands that women long to shop in exclusive venues that sell high-end fashions and offer a genuinely personalized shopping experience. These types of famous fashion boutiques and trendy shops can be found in Hollywood and New York City. Fabletics seeks to replecate this model into their fine physical stores and also on their online sales site.


Customers are encouraged to take Fabletic’s innovative Lifestyle Quiz to discover which of this brands fabulous selections are ideal for them. When customers become a Fabletics member, they are shown individualized product choices to better their shopping experience. When women shop at Fabletics, either in a physical store or online, their fashion preferences are keep on file. When a customer tries a Fabletics outfit on, it will automatically be put into the person’s shopping cart for convenience later on. This kind of service is what wealthy and famous people have come to expect. Now, Fabletics is making this individualized and outstanding customer service available to any woman.


The mammoth Amazon phenomenon is responsible for at least 20% of fashion sales today. Fabletics now offers their unique product here to the applause of their loyal customers. The quality of the Fabletics selections rivals pricier brands. Only Fabletics offers trendy active-wear priced for everyday women. No woman wants to be seen in unflattering sweats or ill-fitting sportswear. Women want aesthetically pleasing, active-wear choices that fit comfortably and look sharp. Fabletics delivers with stunning pieces endorsed by Kate Hudson personally.


A big reason for Fabletics’ success is their novel reverse showroom technique. What is shown in stores is generated by customer desires, current shopping trends and compiled membership shopping preferences. The result is that customers find exactly what they want. This method allows Fabletics to make changes to their stock as needed. Fabletics’ designs are chic enough to be seen just about anywhere. Customers trust Kate Hudson’s impressive fashion style, and this self-described “almost famous” actress is now Fabletics’ household name. She is directly involved in the business, and personally chooses which styles make the final cut. Fabletics rules the athleisure-wear niche in today’s fashion industry.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder and current CEO of the fun and expressive makeup company Lime Crime. She is known as the “Queen of Unicorns” and can be spotted in a crowd with her bright turquoise, purple, fuchsia, orange, or lime hair and matching (or mismatched) lipstick and sparkly eyeshadow. There’s no one like Doe Deere and there will never be anyone like her. Her love for fun makeup and her desire to be the best version of herself is what has driven her makeup company and brought her the success she’s seen.


Doe Deere has always had a knack for business. At age thirteen, she created a business selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. Her marketing strategy was as simple as wearing them herself and convincing her classmates they were cool. Knowing how awesome she was, her classmates quickly snatched up as many temporary tattoos as they could. This marketing strategy served her well in the future as she began to wear and popularize the makeup she made herself, the same makeup she would later sell after Lime Crime had become a success.


Doe Deere always has a great story to tell when people ask her how she became a success. She was born and raised in Russia. At the age of 17, she moved to New York to become a musician and attend FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) where she got a fantastic education. Though the band did not see the success that Lime Crime would see, it’s what ultimately steered Doe Deere to the makeup world.


Doe Deere always loved bright colors but she couldn’t find any in the popular makeup stores. The natural look was in at the time and nude lipsticks, clear glosses, and understated eyeshadows were what lined the shelves. Being the unicorn she is, Doe Deere wasn’t willing to just conform and buy what the stores were selling.


Instead, Doe Deere just made her own makeup. It wasn’t as hard as she expected and she soon realized that other women her age were also gravitating towards the bright colors rather than the natural looks that lined the shelves. And thus Lime Crime was born!


Doe Deere’s best piece of advice to young women aspiring to business is to follow your dreams. She always had a passion for bright makeup so she followed it and it’s brought her immense success. Doe Deere believes that you’ll find the best success by pursuing what you love. She believes that that everyone has something fantastic to contribute to this world that we share. If you have a passion, pursue it! Learn more:


Lime Crime has found immense popularity selling makeup specifically for “unicorn” women. They are Leaping Bunny certified which means that their production is vegan friendly and completely cruelty free. Lime Crime has also donated to charities for animals and Doe Deere does her part to make sure her company respects all animals. Lime Crime is constantly expanding and you can find their products on their site


Fashion Mogul Chris Burch built a five-star resort on a remote Indonesian Island

Christopher Burch is the CEO and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital. Christopher Burch is also an accredited investor based in the United States. For over three decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur and investor, Christopher Burch has worked his way to success through the technology and fashion industry. His first startup company was based in fashion as the main theme in the industry, because he developed it with better business and solutions in mind, he has achieved a massive amount of incredible success in the real estate industry. Christopher Burch is also considered as one of the most prominent business entities whose solutions are amassed in wealth and provision.  Learn more about his creative vision and output, check on

Christopher Burch has also been an active investor and entrepreneur in a wide range of industries. For over four decades of Christopher Burch’s experience as an investor, he has developed and sold numerous companies in all sectors and industries. His involvement in the world of business and entity makes him stand out of the rest. Christopher Burch has also contributed to the rise of numerous capacitated business solutions that make him work for the better business in this industry. Christopher Burch is also a philanthropist who has issued out a great amount of his money to the poor. Christopher Burch is also a board member of the Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital Company.  Hit on and learn what his latest innovative offering to the market.

In 1976, Christopher Burch created the Eagle’s Eye Apparel Fashion Company while he was still a student in University. During that time, he had limited education and knowledge developing working solutions in the real estate industry. Therefore, he amassed a great amount of wealth in the fashion industry because he had the necessary passion for developing fashion that would be adopted on a massive scale in the industry. Christopher Burch graduated with the highest honors from the Ithaca College after repaying back his money from the investment he made in the fashion industry.   Related article on

A note-worthy interview of him here.

Christopher Burch believes that fashion and technology are two industries that have a big correlation. However, the two industries have never missed having misfortunes that amount to poor governance and intuited business solutions. For fashion to be adopted on a massive scale, it has to contain certain technology elements. In fact, fashion is also dependent on the technology developed by new machines for manufacturing, on the other hand, technology also depends on fashion to make it adopted in the industry massively. This is the relationship between the two industries that set them apart. For an update on his recent timeline activities, head over to

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Bob Reina Posts Two Inspirational Articles on HuffPost amidst its Continuous Rebranding

Bob Reina is the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a digital marketing company based in Florida. He has recently shared two inspirational articles with the company’s associates and customers as well as HuffPost’s nearly 200 million readers. His newest article, How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters, was released this morning amidst HuffPost’s continuous rebranding.

While Huffing Post has rebranded to HuffPost and shifted its focus, it remains committed to sharing inspirational stories of people who have been left out of the conversation. In fact, HuffPost’s initiatives resonate with the mission of Bob Reina as the CEO of Talk Fusion and contributor. Bob Reina firmly believes in the importance of embracing the art of innovation. He values continuous innovation more than brand’s growth. Drawn to the world of leadership and philanthropic, Bob Reina’s goal is to help people succeed irrespective of their areas of residence and backstory. He has been contributing to HuffPost since August 2016. Bob Reina’s contributor platform focuses on issues related to technological trends, lifestyle, marketing techniques, digital marketing, and self-development.

Bob Reina feels pleased to see his contributor platform make a positive impact on the lives of Talk Fusion’s associates and customers as well as HuffPost’s nearly 200 million readers. Moving forward, Bob Reina intends to share more insightful content not only with Talk Fusion’s clients but with nearly 200 million readers of HuffPost. You can find more information about Talk Fusion at or on the company’s press page.

A Brief History of Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion, home of the world’s first fully-packaged digital marketing platform was established in 2007. Talk Fusion aims to help its associates remain competitive, increase profitability, and encourage repeat purchases. Talk Fusion specializes in dynamic digital marketing solutions to make marketing more persuasive and engaging.

Talk Fusion markets its digital marketing solutions through its Independent Associates who are evenly distributed across over 140 countries. The firm has recently launched 30 days Free Trial to allow its associates and customers to test before they subscribe. Besides, Talk Fusion commits to giving back to society by supporting various humanitarian organizations across the globe. Learn more:


A Market America Shop For Your Everyday Needs

All Market America Shop products are exclusively marketed and approved by Market America. There are hundreds of exclusive products that are found in the Market America Shop that include everything from under the sun. These products range from automotive care, household cleaning items, health and wellness, child and infant merchandise, beauty and cosmetics to personal care. The well organized shop domain has top of the line products you can’t find anywhere else. Some of the best selling brands include TLS weight loss solutions such as: TLS Nuitrition Shakes, Core Fat & Carb Inhibitor and TLS Tonalin Conjugated Linoleic Acid. These products are easy and safe to use and have been proven to be very effective. There was over $7.3 billion accumulated over the years at Market America from retail sales alone. The marketplace is supported worldwide through countries like Australia, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong,Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.

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Getting to Know Anthony Petrello and His Great Life Endeavors

Anthony Petrello is the current president of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is a renowned firm that simultaneously operates one of the world’s major on-shore drilling rig fleet and provides offshore drilling rigs to markets in the United States and internationally.

Anthony got elected to the company’s Board of directors over two decades ago and has since rendered his services to the organization. Prior to earning his Chief Executive Officer and president position, he served as the assistant chairman from the year 2003 and gained his promotion in the year 2011. The following year he was appointed the chairman of the Board of Chairman of the executive committee of the Board.

In addition to his executive role, Anthony Petrello provides astute original ideas mixed with great supervision enabling the organization to keep pace with the progressive environment. Anthony Petrello previously practiced corporate law and international adjudication at Baker and Mckenzielaw firm. He was also a managing partner in the business but he later resigned the same year he joined Nabors Industries. Tony Petrello is a Harvard Law School graduate, where he received a Juries doctor degree. He also earned a Bachelor of Science degree along with a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Yale University.

Anthony has taken advantage of his business shrewdness to raise millions of dollars in charitable donations, and his philanthropic efforts are still ongoing. He is a member of the Board of trustees at the Texas Children Hospital which happens to be one of his major charity projects. This initiation is an advocate for clinical programs and research that centers on the needs of children affected by neurological disorders. This establishment was also influenced by Anthony’s daughter, Carina, who suffers from PVL condition. Carina was born prematurely and later diagnosed with PVL- a very common neurological disorder in premature infants. This condition is derived from lack of adequate oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Carina later developed cerebral palsy in addition to her many health disorder which Anthony Petrello and his wife are determined to find answers for.

Additionally, Anthony is the director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC, Hilcorp Energy Company along with being a director at Tony Petrello considers himself lucky to have accomplished so much, however, everyone around him realizes that his accomplishments are due to his great work ethic and that luck is just a small aspect of this great story that is his life.

About Anthony Petrello: