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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Get Eccentric Lime Crime Colors Today

Lime Crime just happens to be a stand out cosmetic brand, designed to bring out your best features, and crafted by the unconventional color ideas of the youthful, Doe Deere. They were one of the first of their kind to offer the matte blend, and Lime Crime has now created a cool buttery palette. Curious teens, and creative adults have latched on to their color. Get rich colors, completely unmatched by other big name competitors. Plus, their products are easy on the most sensitive skin with complete cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic ingredients. Their collection identifies with the unique identity of millions of girls, and guys worldwide.

Huge colors have always been a part of their brand with must have blends like Beet It, and Radical Metallic. Each name gives you a hint of color that is packed in each brand. Their smooth texture gives your lips, and eye-lids the perfect choice of color options. Blend, and match all the colors that will accent your hairdo, outfit, or mood. Experience a preferred brand of lipsticks, and eyeshadow products designed with the best ingredients. Trust your best features to a proven brand with guaranteed essential colors to give you an unapologetic identity.

Trust your lips to the professionals with a cool blend from LC with creative tutorials to help with your beauty rituals on YouTube. You won’t find their products in stores, but select department store Bloomingdale’s offers Lime Crime cosmetics. You’re also invited to visit the unique Lime Crime website to learn more about their unique line of cosmetics, and take part in great promotional offers.

Why you Should trade in the Foreign exchange market by Greg Secker

Foreign exchange market offers an entirely unique strategy of making a reliable profit, particularly with the current economic state. With inflation always escalating, wages growing stagnant and increased interest rates, there are more compelling reasons to venture into forex trading. Unlike in the stock market, all transactions are done through computer networks. There is no need for centralized exchange in forex market. However, you don’t have to be a computer expert to invest since you only need know whether a certain currency will fall or rise in value in comparison with another currency.

Currently, the global economy is unpredictable and unstable. This makes the traditional market system unreliable. However, forex trading makes it a viable option to invest in due to the rise and fall of currencies. For you to successfully make returns in forex trading, you need good knowledge about the market along with some mathematical prowess. In an effort to make trading more efficient and faster, many forex trading companies provide a wide range of software programs that you can choose from. For a beginner, you can start trading with a demo account in order to learn the processes involved without using real money. The best thing about the foreign exchange market is that it can be accessed at anytime and from any part of the globe since trading is done through internet, thus making it flexible. Its learning curve is also short. However, to succeed in the market, you need the right information and resources.

Greg Secker is a successful forex trader and publishes articles to help others also succeed in the forex market. After graduating from university of Nottingham with a degree in Agriculture and Food Science, Greg Secker started working at Thomas Cook Financial Services. Later, he started an online forex trading company called Virtual Trading Desk. Through his company, Greg is able to provide seminars and training for more than 300,000 aspiring traders. For over a decade, the company provides real-time data about trades along with efficiency with the help of intuitive software programs.

Sujit Choudhry on why Catalans should have a Secession Referendum

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized instrument of comparative constitutional law and politics backed with intensive research. He is a professor at the Barkley school of law. Sujit has an extensive knowledge of for the legal building from his initiatives in Egypt, Jordan, South Africa Sri Lanka, Tunisia Ukraine and Yemen. He is in charge of the center of constitution transition which is responsible for constitutional building. The center has a broad network of scholars who are deployed to oversee research projects on a country’s policy. Professor Choudhry research encompasses legal laws for conflict resolution, constitutional design for segregated communities, constitutional courts, and transition of power. Professor Choudhry has over ninety published works and has written broadly on the Canadian constitutional law.  Check this link on for a related topic.

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There has been a recent call for secession of Catalonia from Spain which was followed by a referendum for splitting. Sujit Choudhry, a constitutional law specialist, has given his two cents on the subject. Sujit and other professional wrote an open letter which urged both sides to take part in the dialogue to come up with a better solution for their differences. According to the letter, they pushed the Catalan president to illustrate his commitment to the cause by spearheading a secession referendum. They also wrote to the prime minister of Spain, to accept the will of the Catalonians in their liberal cause rather than employing violent means.  For more of his views on politically related issues, hop over to

Check on for an update of his recent timeline activities.

He experts argue out that a referendum will bring an understanding to the Spanish people on Catalonia cause of secession. If both sides agree to dialogue, it’s also essential for them to come with a constitutional amendment that will adapt to the differences. If Spain resulted in violent measures, it would undermine the agreements of the European Union. However, the decision by the prime minister to derail the referendum to facilitate more discussion is also an excellent way to settle the problem. Although it seems like a kind gesture, it’s also essential for the prime minister to honor the decision of the Catalans. For secession to occur, it is necessary for the Catalans to show up in large numbers. The scholars have condemned the acts of the prime minister of suppressing turnout as it goes against democracy. According to the scholars, the way forward will be through a constitutional referendum and the Catalonian decision should be respected.

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Investment Counsel from Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair offers services to grow, manage, and protect the assets of his clients through at Wealth Solutions. The company is an investment advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. The Registered Investment Firm (RIA) provides wealth management and retirement planning.



Wealth Solutions integrates three pillars in its approach to understand the prevailing financial situation and retirement needs of their clients. These help it come with customized plans appropriate for each person seeking their services.



The first pillar aids the client in coming up with a financial roadmap. For this to happen, they identify strengths, risks, tolerance, goals and growth opportunities at the client’s disposal. They then create a financial plan for the client to follow.



Once done with the initial stage, they use the second pillar, which is developing long-term strategies that meet the client’s investment needs. It is tailored to suit the investments and liquidity goals of specific clients. For maximum performance, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions reallocates and manages assets. This change ensures maximum performance of a portfolio when the market is suitable and reduces negative impact when the market is not favorable.



The last pillar after setting goals and establishing actionable strategies is incorporating insurance. Richard provides a comprehensive insurance package, which includes life insurance, long-term care, and annuities. By integrating the three pillars, Blair, a Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS) and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), offers clients practical solutions for their investments.



About Richard Blair


Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions to offer personalized and comprehensive financial guidance to individuals, families and small enterprises. Blair is a registered financial advisor with over 20 years of experience. He has a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Financial Management Services. After graduating, he joined the financial services industry in 1993 and founded Wealth Solutions in 1994. He also has various professional certifications.



Growing up, he was drawn into the world of education as his mother and grandmother were teachers. Having witnessed how teaching instilled knowledge and confidence which facilitated growth, he realized he could empower people by offering financial planning and investments. At Wealth Solutions, Richard gives clients advice aimed at bringing significant change and a positive difference in the life of the client. Learn more:



Blair not only concentrates on investments but also helps clients to transition smoothly by bridging the gap between investing, planning, and living in retirement. He offers strategies for retirement income and helps them avoid common pitfalls associated with it, which gives clients an opportunity to pursue a successful retirement. Learn more:


Susan Galla and Success

Diversity provides a unique opportunity for corporations, it has been proven to aid in the success of a company. Companies that make diversity a priority tend to be more open to ideas, and have more ideas to draw from. So it’s staggering that more companies don’t make diversity a priority, if for no other reason than the potential gains. One person who has seen the benefits and championed diversity is Susan Galla. Susan Galla has led through example, challenging the lack of women in leadership roles by working up to them herself. Growing up, Galla spent a lot of time with her brothers and her father and has utilized this experience to work well with both men and women. Her father being a coach, and having two brothers, Galla learned the value of hard work, a lesson she attributes to her success.

Galla spent the early years of her career working her way up at American Eagle Outfitters.At the time, the company had exclusively male executives. Before leaving American Eagle Outfitters, however, Galla achieved the rank of president. She is also the founder of P3 Executive consulting and currently acts as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburg Steelers.

Galla never misses an opportunity to share her success story with an interested audience. She has even given speeches for the women and girl’s foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University speaker series for CEOs. Galla feels like her speeches provide a unique and genuine message, a relief from common pitfalls such as cliché buzzwords or impractical advice. Recently she has noticed a pleasant shift in her audiences. Galla notes that increasingly those attending these speeches want to be noticed less as women and more for their ideas. A trend that she finds encouraging and she hopes continues. Ultimately, Susan Galla believes that women in the workplace will strengthen any company they are a part of, not for their genders, but for the ideas they can bring to the table.

Sujit Choudhry Helps Countries Acquire Good Governance

Having studied law at the University of Toronto and Oxford University, Sujit Choudhry has been able to exercise his knowledge at many law firms. He works at the University of California as a professor of law. He is also a board member at the International Journal of Constitutional Law and many other firms.

Sujit Choudhry has exercised his leadership at many firms. Matters concerning democracy and constitution have been his common interest. Constitutional law is something he is been chasing for long. These cravings for having a better democratic country have kept him working tooth and nail to ensure that his country is in a good state. He has partnered with many other firms operating exclusively on the democratic and constitutional law. The Center for Constitutional Transitions and International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance have enabled Sujit Choudhry to exercise his skills through their partnerships. Research on how to improve democracy is the main aim for these partnerships. He has exploited these opportunities for the benefit of his country and career.  More to read on

In addition to practicing law, he also writes books and articles about law. In his writing, he majorly focuses the attention of his readers on constitutional law. The press has therefore helped in publishing his books. These books have gained so many readers and some of the books include Constitutional Making and The Migration of Constitutional Idea.  Check

Read his blogs, visit his page here.

Helping his country, Canada in exercising maximum democracy has helped the country’s economy to grow exponentially. The building of the country’s constitution and upholding the laws that are stated in it has improved the political environments. Being the chief executive officer of The Center of Constitutional Transitions, he has contributed to scaling the company’s operations to greater heights. He has also held seminars and workshops where he inspires young lawyers to follow in his footsteps.  Additional article on

Constant commitments and focus have driven him to set big goals for the company. He has therefore organized his fellow lawyers at the firm to ensure maximum productivity. Many governments have consulted with his firm in search for legal advice on how to govern their countries.   For updates on his recent timeline activities, check

Canada and other countries beyond have been able to uphold good governance due to his excellence in providing advice concerning constitutional law and democracy.

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Solar Power Adoption Spreads as New Panels Take Appearance Into Consideration

With increasing concern about the environment, growth in renewable energy production has been a priority for many governments and organizations around the world. As of the end of 2016, solar power production in the United States had almost doubled from the previous year. Solar is one of the most promising renewable energy technologies available. This is due to the fact that the technology and, therefore, efficiency of solar panels has been continually improving while costs have been coming down.

Solar power can take the form of large power plants that power a city or town, or they can be on the roof of buildings or houses. This form of power generation used to only be put on the roof of very environmentally conscious people who also had quite a bit of money since the technology has not been affordable for most of its existence. With lowering costs, it has spread throughout the country fairly quickly. That said, one thing that may concern some homeowners who are thinking of installing solar panels is what they do to the home’s appearance.

While it may sound superficial to put the look of a home above the environment, this is a concern for some people. You may not want your home’s delicate architectural features capped off with what may be seen as “ugly” solar panels. Such homeowners may be happy to know about newer solar panels that take appearance into consideration.

There is a company known as Emirates Insolaire, and they produce solar panels in a wide array of custom coloring, so you can have your green home even if you don’t want it to look like a green home. The coloring can reduce the efficiency of the panels, but it only does so by a small amount. Otherwise, these are modern panels that blend seamlessly with the construction of a home or building, and they are affordable and meet modern energy standards. Breakthroughs such as this are enabling people who love both architecture unencumbered with solar panels and living in an environmentally friendly manner to “have their cake and eat it too.”

SpaceX Reaching New Milestone in Private Space Launch Industry

The entrepreneurial efforts of Elon Musk have already thrust our society into the future in transformational ways. He helped to invent the concept of sending money between people over the internet by founding a company that eventually became PayPal. His car company, Tesla, has done more to popularize the concept of electric cars than all of the models released by the major automakers. His most exciting enterprise to date, as far as its effect on our future, is SpaceX.

SpaceX has been sending satellites and other cargo to Earth orbit for years now. This company has brought down the costs of space travel by successfully recovering rockets that have already been launched into space on multiple occasions. It has been reported that this space launch company has doubled its record for the number of annual space launches this year. It is, in fact, only a little shy of matching the total number of launches they did over the past three years combined.

The very concept of a private space launch company is one that many doubted would succeed when SpaceX first opened its doors. The fact that it is continuing to pick up contracts for launches of satellites shows that this latest effort is poised for success and that it has a leg up on any new competitors that may enter the field.

In a day and age of ever-tightening government budgets, it is heartening for those of us who believe in the value of space travel that private industry is beginning to take up the mantle of this important endeavor. Granted, private companies have not done pioneering exploratory missions such as the Apollo trips to the moon of a few decades ago, but that may soon change. Elon Musk has made no secret of the fact that he wants to see humanity get to Mars and that this is what is truly motivating these first steps into Earth orbit. He hopes that these missions will lay the groundwork for learning and technological breakthroughs that will make these tentative first steps into space by private industry be the beginning of a great step forward for humanity.

Onelogin Invents Agile Management Systems

Digitalization as rendered some operational system outdated and ineffective thanks to the sprout of a new generation of super-efficient cloud-based technologies. They can make the management work much easier making corporate and organization increase their productivity, reduce overheads and experience business growth. These systems have chiefly brought flexibility in supply chain and logistics, organizational identity and affirming security of confidential data.

Jack Shepherd of Onelogin, the Content Marketing Specialist, expressed disappointment as some entities are still in use on the premises management while the solution came over two decades ago. He explains the shortcomings of such process in this highly competitive economic environment. Supply chain management is obviously faulty since conventional systems are cumbersome, may lead to omission and are less productive. This may make a business to lose significance and competitive advantage too.

Similarly, it is inefficient to operate at such high cost. The labor-force is much, productivity is not optimized while at the end of the day payout has to be made. Additionally, organizations stand a risking sensitive data to competitors or malicious intruders. Information relating to M&A, Partnerships deals, finances and business plan should be in full discretion, yet the systems cannot do that. Finally, it is has a complex laid out structure which may be confusing to vendors, partners and other stakeholders who have business transactions with this particular organization.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is a cloud computing company founded by Christian Pedersen and Thomas Pedersen in 2009. It offers cloud-based Identity and Access Management solutions – IAM which is compatible with various software and apps including Oracle, SAP, and Office 365 among others. OneLogin centralizes operations to a particular location which allow swift access through a shared password to be on the portal.

It offers automation of processes, and the Human Resources Department have been keenly looked into with information technology to facilitate issues of payrolls, recruitment, training and welfare relations. OneLogin services are blended with an Adaptive Authentication feature. It requires a learning curve but can tell an anomaly within the business workflow. Other line products include mobile identity management, web access management, cloud directory, virtual LDAP and single sign-on execution.

End Citizens United Endorses Doug Jones In The Alabama Senatorial Race

Recently, End Citizens United endorsed Doug Jones, the Democratic nominee, for U.S. Senate. The PAC made the announcement last Wednesday. Jones is running in a special election for the Alabama seat. He will be competing against Roy Moore of the Republican Party. The election will be held on December 12, 2017. Previously, Jones worked as a U.S. attorney.

During the announcement of End Citizens United’s endorsement, the organization said that their decision to support the campaigns of Doug Jones was motivated by its commitment of ensuring that American’s interests are always the first priority. The group accused Moore of being a racist and supporting bigoted agenda. The statement further posited that when elected, Moore would use his position to defend the rigged system in Washington. The politician has special interest that he wants to fight for in the Senate. He does not have the priorities of everyday Alabamians at heart.

Speaking during the release of the press statement, Tiffany Muller contended that Moore’s radical agenda has no place in the American Senate. The president of the End Citizens United further said that the politicians’ ideologies are not in line with Alabama and American values. Electing him to the senate would be a waste of time, as he would spend his time in Washington fighting for Big Money special interest and not that of the Americans.

Moore has a history of serving himself. Recently, he embarrassed the state by paying himself and his wife over $1 million in competition according to The money was sourced from a charity that he controls. Directing such huge amount of money to his pockets indicates that the politician is out to serve his personal interest and not those of the people.

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Tiffany Muller praised Doug Jones saying that he is as a man of character and integrity. He pointed at his outstanding career as an attorney. Muller posited that the lawyer is a tough person who has never been afraid to fight for what is right. In the courts, Doug fought hard for Alabamians. Tiffany went on to say that it was time for the Alabamians to elect him to the Senate. His commitment to the good course will see him work even harder to unrig the system. His services will benefit Americans across the country.

Speaking during the press conference, Doug Jones pointed out that families in the state were tired of being sidelined in Washington. He asserted that he was committed to fighting for reforms that would empower voters through mending the broken system. Jones promised that he would work for the interest of Americans and not the Big Money special interests. He also noted that he would work closely with End Citizens United to help the organization to achieve its mission.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a nonprofit organization. It was established in 2015 to fight against the 2010 decision by the Supreme Court in favor of Citizens United. The organization believes that the ruling allows for the influx of dirty money into the American politics. The organization focuses on funding pro-reform candidates, campaigning for pro-reform laws and fighting against entrance of dirty money into politics.

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