Dr. Jennifer Walden is one born and bred Austin girl that went to the big city and definitely made good on her promise to become one of the leading plastic surgeons in the country. Dr. Walden is one successful plastic surgeon that is changing the way that people view plastic surgery. She is adding her own feminine touch with a special focus on providing services to women. Dr. Walden managed a successful practice in New York City for several years. However, the Austin girl has returned to her roots to start a practice in her own hometown.

The Total Package
Dr. Jennifer Walden is the total package. She can definitely handle a successful career and family at the same time. She returned to Austin with her twin sons. Now, her sons have a chance to get to know their immediate family. Dr. Walden has a chance to enjoy raising her sons with close family members, while managing a very successful practice in Austin, Texas. She has achieved many goals and received many awards in her career. She is also a published author and spokesperson for a medical organization. Dr. Walden brings her own kind, caring, and warm personality to the practice. She is a very authentic person that really does care about her patients.

About Dr. Jennifer Walden
Certainly, it is true that Dr. Walden was voted one of the top plastic surgeons in this country. This should come as no surprise to her patients and colleagues in the plastic surgery field. She is a very dedicated medical professional that brings great knowledge, skill, and experience to the field. Fortunately, she has decided to return to her hometown and open a plastic surgery practice and ambulatory practice for locals.

Dr. Walden had the distinct privilege of training with some of the top medical professionals in Manhattan. Dr. Walden has also appeared on several media outlets over the years as a commentator on medical subjects. The plastic surgeon is also a published author. She has written books on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In addition, Dr Walden is one of the few women elected to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors.


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