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Planning the Perfect Party With None of the Stress

Planning an important party or event can be very stressful or intimidating for many of us, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. The first of course is to organize. Plan out what you want, how you want it and who you want to be there and build from there. This is something that needs to be written down or on a computer. Brainstorm your ideas and build everything from there.


Create your tasks and subtasks and check them off as your complete them. The list can be edited as you go along and adapt but you will still have your foundation of ideas. Be sure to include your items for shopping such as food, photography, dietary restrictions from your guests, etc. Don’t forget to also create the invitations and have the guests RSVP.


Be creative with your event and create a theme whether it be for a birthday, wedding, business event. It will make the event more fun and your ideas will almost flow to come together. It is also a great hit with guests. Set up a self-serve bar for your guests. Throw in 2 – 3 types of liquor and some festive decorations. One thing often overlooked is the appetizers. You don’t have to go overboard on this. Simple is better and the guests will enjoy them just as much. Buy ready made ingredients and whip them together with ease.


Most all have kids. If kids will be at the event it is often nice to set up a kids area as well. The kids and adults will both enjoy the experience more because of it and allow the kids to mingle with people their own age. Decorations with cupcakes and other fun themed images will be a huge hit with them too. Just like the appetizers, a simple table setting will go a long way and still appear elegant. Most importantly stay relaxed. Imperfections and unexpected things always happen. You will be critiquing them with a magnifying glass, but your invites probably won’t even notice.


Of course, there are event planning companies that can do all the heavy lifting and allow you to completely emergence yourself in the party for the ultimate experience. In the event of corporate events, we often have enough stress in our daily job so a great way to prepare for an event is to use Twenty Three Layers.


Twenty Three Layers is one of the best corporate event planners in New York City that can take care of even the smallest details to make your party perfect. Whether your event is big or small, elegant or plain, private or business related they go all out to make your event perfect and follow your every detail to the letter to make your event an outstanding experience for you and your guests. Check out Twenty Three Layers today and see what they can do for you to help your next Event be a complete success and have your guests bragging for months to come.

What Will NASA’s EM Drive Mean for Space Travel?

Over the last year, a number of researchers around the world have suggested that NASA’s controversial EM Drive might work after all. Tests done over the last two years at NASA’s Eagleworks Lab seem to indicate that thrust is being produced by this device without any propellant of any kind. Even the military is taking an interest.

The problem with the EM Drive is that it seems to contradict the known laws of physics – a point that has made most scientists reject the possibility that the EM Drive could actually work. According to Newtonian theory, all reactions require an equal and opposite reaction. But that doesn’t seem to be happening with the EM Drive.

But despite the skepticism of much of the scientific world, researchers from Europe to the United States and China have found small but consistent thrust being produced by this device – dare we say engine. But if the EM Drive functions as advertised, it could mean a revolution in space propulsion.

Today, space propulsion is dominated by chemical rockets that have to carry tons of fuel with them as they travel. This places a limitation on their speed and how much cargo they can carry. Without the necessity of carrying fuel along, a spacecraft equipped with an EM Drive and powered by solar panels or a nuclear reactor could travel ridiculously far and fast.

Currently, it takes anywhere from six months to two years to reach Mars from Earth. Calculations show an EM Drive equipped spacecraft – manned or unmanned – could reach Mars in 70 days or less. This is roughly equivalent to how long it took colonists on sailing ships to travel across the Atlantic to the New World. So this is literally a game changing technology – if it works.

Disney Leads in Highly Advanced Robotics

Disney has been ahead of the curve when it comes to robotics since the 1960s when they first placed animatronic attractions in their theme parks. While those older attractions might seem a bit outdated in the modern world, they were once centerpieces of the technological prowess of the family-focused Disney experience. Disney has once again proven that they are an industry leader in the field of robotics with their newest animatronic addition, which is a rendition of a Na’vi shaman from the popular Avatar franchise.

Disney opened Pandora: World of Avatar at the end of May, and it is located in the Animal Kingdom park as part of the main attractions of the location. The entire area is themed after Avatar, and while it has only been accessible by the public for a few weeks, it has already attracted a lot of attention. In particular, the Na’vi River Journey ride offers an experience unlike any other in the world of animatronics. As the ride comes to an end, riders will be greeted with an incredibly lifelike robotic Na’vi shaman that dances and chants with the realism of a living creature. There is no doubt this piece of technology represents one of the most, if not the most, advanced animatronic creations ever conceived.

A look under the artificial blue skin of the robotic figure reveals an exceptionally intricate animatronic skeleton with many, many points of motion and control. To look at the robotic skull in action is to see technology that would have seemed to be nothing more than science fiction even just ten years ago. Disney plans to incorporate more of these animatronic figures into their attractions, and there are even rumors that they are considering fully autonomous figures that could move and act independently of any robotic foundation or direct human control.

Elon Musk Develops Hyperloop Concept

Elon Musk has been one of the most innovative people in modern history. He is best known for developing Paypal, Tesla, and SpaceX. While he has had a major impact on a range of industries and transportation, another one of his current ventures could prove to be the most impactful overall. Musk is currently in the development stage of the Hyperloop, which he is now referring to as the “fifth mode of transportation” (

The Hyperloop is a futuristic mode of transportation that could prove to be the safest and most efficient transportation option ever. The Hyperloop will essentially be a high-speed train that will have the ability to transport people at speeds of up to 700 miles per hour. In an ideal situation, this could allow someone to get from Los Angeles to San Francisco is less than one hour.

While the Hyperloop has been in the concept stages for a long time, it appears to be gaining some traction and could soon be a more realistic goal. The train system has already been built on a much smaller scale and has shown that it will have the ability to move at the speeds quoted. While there is a lot of potential for the idea, and Musk has the ability to capitalize the project, there are a lot of challenges ahead that will need to be addressed.

One of the biggest concerns will be about the safety and comfort for the passengers. Taking off at 700 miles per hour could end up being a bit too much for some people and the seating arrangement need to be figured out to ensure customer comfort. There are also security concerns that need to be considered, which could end up adding to the overall commuting time from one city to the next.

The Tsunami of Artificial Intelligence

How smart is too smart? According to Elon Musk, artificial intelligence will become too smart too soon. He is calling for government regulations, but he isn’t exactly a Cassandra.

Musk provided an audience at the International Space Station R&D Conference with an example of technology that is too smart: DeepMind’s AlphaGo. The machine’s intelligence isn’t the concern so much as the speed at which the machine was able to learn and apply its knowledge. AlphaGo is years ahead of schedule and this lack of predictability is disturbing. It indicates that AI is unpredictable and if it goes on “learning” at rates that are faster than developers anticipate it can cause a “tidal wave” of problems.

Musk’s claims aren’t dramatic. He put his concerns in context by comparing AI to other technologies that had been revolutionary at the time – including air travel and telecommunications. Both of those technologies evolved alongside government agencies, like the FAA and the FCC, that monitored and controlled their development. Musk suggests that a similar agency needs to be developed now so that AI developers have limits to what their bots can accomplish.

The idea of tighter regulations seems to go against entrepreneurial innovation and Musk is aware of his own contradictions. As an entrepreneur and inventor he often rails against government regulations but he does see how they are necessary. He is calling for regulations now because he knows that artificial intelligence is growing more sophisticated and powerful each day. By the time the government catches up, Musk warns that artificial intelligence is, “…going to come on like a tidal wave.”

Omar Yunes and his Japanese Empire in Mexico

Who would have thought that the award for the best restaurant franchise in Mexico could be given to a Japanese chain? Mexican cuisine is so diverse and interesting nobody knew that the winning franchise would be something completely different.


But that is exactly what happened to Omar Yunes franchise of Sushi Itto Japanese restaurant chain. They won the national competition and then went on to compete on the international stage. This is where they won again, bringing the recognition back to Mexico. Franchises from different parts of the world compete in the race while their owners meet each other and gather new ideas.


Good Relationships with People


Sushi Itto doesn’t have many restaurants in the world. Omar Yunes wasn’t afraid to risk and go for it, opening the chain and then expanding it as time went on. He now owns 13 restaurants that offer jobs for more than 400 people.


He is an innovator and value the relationship he has with the CEO of Sushi Itto. His attitude and leadership skills were recently noted and praised as well as his business skills. Hospitality and catering are some of the toughest industries for competition, so seeing people succeed is always a positive sign.


His employees also praise him for the constant communication he has with all the restaurants. They have clear guidelines and standards to follow so it is easier to train new members of staff.


Their performance is measured and all restaurants know how they performed over a period of time. It allows the chain to grow and be more flexible with new menus. It also allows new initiatives to take place and technology to become an assed rather than the enemy.


Open and Innovative


Omar Yunes was born in still lives in Mexico. His leadership style is described as open and fair. However, when the first restaurant opened Yunes wanted to succeed. His marketing and advertising can go from mild to aggressive depending on what is best for the company.


There now 13 restaurants in Mexico and it is 10 percent of all franchises Sushi Itto has. He is showing no signs of stopping at that as long as Mexico will crave Japanese food.

Apple Issues Important Security Update

Reading this article by The Verge would allow you to discover the fact that Apple has issued a security update that ensures your iPhone is no longer at risk for being controlled via Wi-Fi. If you are someone that has experienced anxiety due to worries that your iPhone could potentially be hacked via your Wi-Fi connection, you will now be able to get a better night of sleep. In the past, it was possible for hackers to take over your iPhone due to a bug in the software. However, Apple has quickly discovered this bug and issued a security update that is intended to give you the type of secure experience that you expect when using an Apple device. Apple is a company that is well known for placing a significant amount of value on the security of a user. If you are someone that thinks about the potential threats that exist when you use technology, Apple would be a company that you should place your faith in. In fact, they are well known for putting up a fight against the United States government in an effort to keep information out of the hands on governmental officials. Unlike many companies in the market, Apple ensures that your information remains safe and secure when you pick up an iPhone or iPad, this has very much become a part of their corporate culture over the last few years.

In fact, improved security is one of the leading reasons that people choose the iOS platform when compared to Android. Google makes money through advertising, this means exchanging the information that you are providing when making use of services for the purpose of bringing in money. If this is an aspect of technology that you worry about, you may want to keep this in the front of your mind when shopping for a new device in the future. Another one of the advantages attached to using an iOS device would be the frequent updates that you can expect. The iPhone and iPad are simply more secure due to frequent software updates and this bug fix is a prime example.

Economics the Only Obstacle to Mars Colonization

Elon Musk is making the rounds, speaking at the International Space Station R&D Conference which was on the heels of his talk at the National Governors Association. Though quite a bit of attention has been spent on Musk’s concerns regarding artificial intelligence, SpaceX’s progress on the Mars colonization front is still a high priority for many investors and other people. Though familiar obstacles, from physics and weather and technology and experimentation, have conspired to create a typical recursive process in the development of spacecraft, ultimately money might be the singular factor that prevents people from living on Mars.

First the tech. SpaceX is backing away from propulsion rockets because developers have determined the craft no longer needs a controlled descent to land on Mars. Replacement rockets are being designed and developed. Those will likely not be unveiled this year, but the highly anticipated Falcon Heavy inaugural flight is slated to occur later this year. The Falcon Heavy will likely not get far from the launch pad, despite the nine rockets strapped to the spacecraft. According to Musk, the design proved to be “way, way more difficult” than anticipated. The lift-off will provide some real world data that cannot be created in simulation. The slow-down on the design translates to a slow-down on capital.

TechCrunch reports that part of the SpaceX plan to colonize Mars is dependent on money generated from a smaller spacecraft capable of orbiting the Earth. Whether used for space tourism or government-backed missions, the earnings from the smaller spacecraft will fund the development of the larger craft and the Mars mission. It seems that even one of the world’s richest men needs to pay for his dreams.

The Possibilities Of Artificial Intelligence In The Future

The digital revolution includes a lot of changes for artificial intelligence. It is shaping business, fashions and products for the future. The web is always full of predictions for the future especially regarding new technologies. Artificial intelligence is playing a role in driving recommendations, customer service and search responses. The idea is to go back in time to when business owners knew their customers. Modern technology is improving the value received by today’s shoppers in the real world and on the internet.

Artificial Intelligence is being used for chatbots. This is a customer service tool being used by many of the popular brands for beauty and fashion. It is primarily used in the messaging space and has been successful in converting new customers. Emphasis is being placed on a style of shopping without the friction. Todays customers expect to get exactly what they want easily and quickly including when they pay for their purchases. The Internet of Things is connecting stores, fitting rooms, checkouts and more. This is the level of convenience consumers want and are beginning to expect. For even more information on the future of technology please visit

The Internet of Things will require a voice interface. This is becoming a huge platform and Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon have already become major players. This is about so much more than having an impact of consumer goods. Fashion brands will be able to experiment and find a potentially new future for their brands. A prediction has been made by Mary Meeker of KPBC that by the year 2010 at least half of all web searches will be using either image or voice searches as opposed to text. This will be more convenient and efficient than typing and the reason why voice interfaces are creating a new world for humans interactions with computers.

Discover The Yoga Book In Red

Lenovo has decided to expand their line of Yoga Book devices according to an article on The Verge website. The expansion includes the release of color options red and white, this is amazing news for customers that intend to add a splash of color to all of their technology. A large portion of people that invest money into the latest technology are concerned about having each device they buy be color matched to the ones they already own. If you are one of these people, you no longer have to buy everything in the simple black color. Another route that you previously had to explore would be covering up the device in a case, but this would take away from the natural beauty that likely attracted you to the device in the first place. The announcement of a color such as red would ensure that you are now able to have a vivid design that is going to attract the attention of almost any person that you interact with. The Yoga Book is a great example of companies attempting to offer a wider range of products to the consumer. Apple has experienced a significant amount of stress due to the fact that many iPad owners are simply not buying new devices. Instead, they are opting to keep old and outdated iPad for a much longer period of time than Apple would have preferred. Lenovo believes that offering devices that allow the user to do more would be a solution that would inspire the consumer to make a purchase.

The Yoga Book handles this by packing a significant amount of function into one device. The Yoga Book is a high resolution tablet that is great for watching Netflix or watching recipe videos when placed on a table. However, it also comes with a stylus pen that offers the ability to take digital notes when needed. In addition to these things, you would even be able to write notes on paper in regular pen and see them digitally transferred without any extra work involved. The Yoga Book offers a lot of function and the new colors make this product well worth looking into.