Sussex Healthcare is a care facility that offers different types of services with a homely touch. The center pays attention to making patients feel at home by creating a peaceful environment. Sussex operates residential and nursing homes for elderly patients. It provides special care to those with dire health conditions, like neurological complications, learning difficulties, and autism. Sussex has trained personnel that ensure patients receive quality service. Sussex also caters for elderly citizens with dementia, and Alzheimer.


The mission of Sussex Healthcare is to provide quality service by creating serene and peaceful environment. The company has perfected its services over the years and it is one of the best healthcare providers in the UK. Patients stream into the facility regularly for checkup or treatment. Due to good service, Sussex receives patients who are referred to their clinics by pleased outpatients.

Background Look

Sussex Healthcare was founded in 1985, and has been caring for patients ever since. Sussex has several care homes in the UK like Nutley, Purley, and Sharpthorne. Ms. Corinne is the head of operations, while Mr. Shiraz Boghani is a member of the care facility. Ms. Carol dilley is in charge of education and training. The healthcare facility’s purpose is to provide quality service through patients’ interaction. Health practitioners always interact with patients to learn ways of improving their services. They offer a wide range of therapies to help patients recover quickly. Moreover, it has a team that is committed to research work and finding ways of improving customer relations. Sussex is unique because it provides both nursing homes, and residential care. Employees undergo training to equip them with skills to handle duties effectively. Only those who experience are allowed serve patients. The management of Sussex consists of experts in the medical field and uses their experience to advance the company. Sussex has a dedicated team, which comes up with strategies for enhancing service delivery. Good management skills and leadership has enabled Sussex Healthcare to reach where it is and the future looks bright for the company.


Sussex Healthcare is credited for creating benchmarks for the care industry and its audiology network offers personalized care with the help of advanced treatment options. Audiology services have resulted in improved services by the facility. The reputation of the company was built by services it offers.

What Patients Say

Former patients are pleased with services offered by Sussex, and hope the facility with continues offering quality care. Others are willing to refer loved ones to the healthcare in future. Sussex has established good relations with patients and this enable them to check on new patients. Patients value the fact that Sussex takes time to check on them after using their services.

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