NASA and the Kennedy Space Center are rolling out their “Summer of Mars” with what can only be described as an eyecatching advertisement for the future of space travel. After being unveiled in Florida only a few days ago, the sci-fi looking Mars concept rover has earned the nickname ‘The Batmobile’ for its sleek design and skill in making the work of space exploration look cool.

The would-be rover concept, designed by Parker Brothers Concepts through a partnership with the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex, is an electric vehicle that might serve as a blueprint for a futuristic Mars rover.


The vehicle has several features which make it uniquely suited for the task of exploring the red planet. The most obvious are its six wheels, and the slightly more subtle split down the middle, which enables the “cockpit” area to disengage from the module and travel on its own, while the rear serves as an on-site lab like something out of Star Trek. The vehicle weighs in at almost 5,000 lbs. and measures 28ft long. It can, reportedly, reach speeds of up to 70mph.


The concept rover will tour the country over the summer with the “Summer of Mars” promotional event. The goal is to generate interest across the American public for missions towards the red planet in the near future, and the added benefit of serving in a “new astronaut training experience” at the Kennedy Space Center this fall. On top of this, the concept rover will be playing a starring role in a new reality TV series which will feature the design of the rover itself.


If NASA’s primary goal was to make space exploration look appealing, it’s probably safe to say they found a winner with this one.