The fact is that most girls spend a tremendous amount of time on their hair because they want it to look fabulous in any kind of weather or situation. Often, they are strapped for time or do not have the proper tools at hand. Well, Wengie is one clever girl that has a few tricks up her sleeve to share with her millions of YouTube fans. Included in this YouTube video are Wengie’s favorite hair hacks that every girl should know. Wengie is one of the most popular beauty channels on YouTube.


Ten Hair Hacks You Should Know

In this very revealing video, Ten Hair Hacks You Should Know, Wengie gets back to the basics. Of course, most of us already know that healthy hair begins with the type of food that you put inside your body. Well, proper nutrition is also important too. Wengie shares tips on the types of vitamins that provide super healthy hair. Other basic hacks include things like remembering to clean your hairbrush along with an easy way to clean your hairbrush very effectively. Most of the hacks like how to make a basic ponytail and condition your hair are very easy to follow. Watch the video for some very good tips and share them with your friends.



Wengie would like everyone to join her family and watch her very inspiring videos on health, beauty, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, lifestyle, DIY, fitness, fashion, and skin-care. Wengie is Chinese/Australian and would like everyone across the world to benefit from the information found in her wonderfully produced videos. Wengie is one of the most popular beauty channels on YouTube. The Wengie channels has well over 5 million subscribers and billions of views since launching several years ago. Check out the site for her latest videos.