Humble Roots In Austin

Jennifer Walden was born and raised in the city of Austin, Texas. There, she was able to obtain her post high school education at the University of Texas. After graduating she continued her education at the University of Texas’ medical school. After finishing her education she set her eyes on New York City. Specializing as an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist she would perform the high quality cosmetic surgery she is known for today.



A Rising Star In New York City

Working in Manhattan allowed Dr. Jennifer Walden to thrive. Her expertise as an ENT made her a perfect match for cosmetic surgeries. Specializing in everything from rhinoplasty to lip injections, Dr.Walden made a name for herself. Eventually she became so successful Walden was promoted to a management position. In management Walden proved she was force to reckon with. Manhattan had simply never seen someone as diligent or skilled as she was. However, this success was simply not enough for Dr.Walden. She wanted a family of her own and the ability to give those children a certain lifestyle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to do this in New York City.



The Prodigal Daughter Returns Home

Dr.Walden truly enjoyed her work in Manhattan, but the environment was not suitable for raising children. Furthermore, Walden was not able to find a male suitor who fit her standards. These factors influenced her decision to move back to her hometown of Austin. Once she was there Dr.Walden looked for the services of a fertility clinic to help her bear children by herself. After picking the right sperm donor Walden was pregnant with her twin boys.


Normally the lifestyle of a cosmetic surgeon is so busy childrearing many physicians are not able to spend time with their children. Dr.Walden’s private practice allows her to set her own schedule and spend time with her boys whenever she wants. Although you would expect this busy schedule to keep her from advancing her career it hasn’t. To this day Jennifer Walden is still active at the forefront of cosmetic surgery where she continues to produce innovations in her field.