One of the aims of most pet parents is to make sure we provide the best quality of life for our dog as they move from a puppy to an adult. Once a dog moves into adulthood they require a pet food with the highest level of nutritional value in order to make sure they remain happy and healthy as they pass into adulthood; Beneful has always been determined to place the welfare of each dog high on the list of reasons the brand has become so beloved among those who have already made the switch to a brand focused entirely on the health and welfare of pets.

The launch of the grain free recipe from Beneful has kept the nutritional value at 100 percent of that required by adult dogs and has also placed flavor at the heart of the corn and gluten free recipe. In the past Beneful has focused its marketing efforts on dogs by creating TV spots and billboards focused on attracting pets, but its grain free option brings a new level of good health to the pet industry’s growing healthy foods sector.Beneful believes it is important for all pets to be given the chance to enjoy a healthy and happy life that includes Beneful grain free foods that are created with real poultry raised on a farm as the main ingredient. Beneful has created a healthy recipe filled with flavor created from spinach, pumpkin, and blueberries that combine perfectly with the chicken to keep every dog as happy as possible.