Maintain a clean, healthy environment and one that is free of safety hazards, takes a lot of cleaning effort from a professional. However, not just any cleaning professional can deliver. Some will simply take your money while not matching up the value. But, unlike most of these companies, Handy gives you the satisfaction guarantee. They are the cleaning experts servicing New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Toronto, just to mention a few of the areas serviced throughout the US. If you have been considering working with Handy, here is a review to help you make an informed decision.


It is always advised to keep off cleaning companies who have not insured their employees. Cleaning, being a very risky business, means that an accident could happen at any time. If this happens and the cleaner is not insured, then you better be sure that you will be charged and ordered to compensate them. To avoid this, it is always important to ascertain that the contracted cleaner is insured. Handy ensures that you have peace of mind as they work, by ensuring that every cleaner is insured.

No Obligations

One thing that can really turnoff customers is working with a company that obliges them to give them work. Handy, being different, allows you to make appointments as you like. They also allow you the flexibility of rescheduling or cancelling your cleaning appointment, at any time.


One of the best things about working with Handy, is the convenience allowed. With you can book your appointment from the convenience of your home, in an easy process of about 60 seconds. What’s more, if you contract Handy, you need not be looking for your own cleaning equipment, for Handy Cleaners come with their equipment, ready to start the job.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed with Handy. Besides, they do have a rule of refunding money if clients are dissatisfied with their services. This means that apart from being confident that they will deliver quality, they also will do everything possible to ensure that you are happy.


If you are letting strangers in your premises, they must come with a high level of trustworthiness. To ensure that you are comfortable letting Handy Cleaners in, the company ensures that a thorough background check is conduct for each employee.

Bottom Line

Handy is a great cleaning company to work with. With assured customer satisfaction, you will be sure to get value for your money.