Women have been fighting for their spots in the workplace for years. While there have been great strides, and well intentioned initiatives, along the way it still hasn’t been enough. Susan McGalla is the VP of Business Strategy as well as Creative Development for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla is also a tireless worker for the rights of women finding their place among the top positions in the workplace, so long as they are qualified and earn their spot. McGalla’s approach is a little different than what most people are used to and definitely deserves exploring.

If you sat down and talked with Susan McGalla for a moment or two she would be quick to bring out some important details. Did you know that companies who embrace gender diversity tend to outperform their contemporary and more homogeneous counterparts by nearly 15%. Ethnically diverse companies also dominate their competition, doing nearly 35% better. Susan McGalla looks at these numbers and sees more than an outlier of statistics, she sees a way that everybody can win and everybody can improve.

Susan McGalla doesn’t believe in the kind of tired workplace initiatives that have been used so often across the various industries. McGalla doesn’t think that these initiatives attack the root of the problem of discrimination. So instead of leaning on the same old, tired and lackluster initiatives we have seen Susan McGalla embrace an alternative: executive sponsorships. McGalla points out the fact that nearly 75% of executives within the business world are positions filled by men. If these initiatives had been effective things would be different by now. A sponsorship allows for McGalla and the rest of women trying to break into the business a chance to actually stick.

McGalla, through her work with P3 Executive Consulting, has been reaching out to companies that are willing to reach back. Executive sponsors would work with these companies to find qualified women to fill positions. There would be incentives for sponsors to work closely with their male counterparts in order to bring the best of the best executives into the room in order to help the company.

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