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Paul Mampilly: The Finance Expert Who Grew Tired of Helping the Rich get Richer

Because of the amount of get rich quick scams out there people are very skeptical of individuals claiming to be investment gurus. It’s hard to distinguish between the scam artists and those who are the real deal. This simple fact can be discouraging for average investors looking to subscribe to a reputable finance newsletter like Profits Unlimited. the reason Profits Unlimited is so reputable is because of the efforts of its founder, Paul Mampilly. Paul Mampilly is in fact the real deal.

In the 1990’s he carved out quite a career on Wall Street, holding prominent positions at multiple financial organizations like ING. Over the years he has managed several multi-million dollar accounts. Despite his many successes on Wall Street he grew tired hustle and bustle of the financial district. In addition, he realized he was only helping to make the rich richer. He had developed a desire to help the average citizen gain financial freedom through investing. Though he had retired from Wall Street he still had years of experience in the finance world to draw from.

He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. Both Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes, two newsletters founded by Mampilly, have become very popular. People are drawn in by his sound investment advice and easy to comprehend tips.

Mampilly is so good at his craft that corporations recruit him like a five star high school athlete. For instance, after seeing what he was capable of in regard to business Kinetics Asset Management sought him out and offered him a job as the company’s hedge fund manager. In a relatively short time he managed to quadruple the firm’s assets. When he left the company it was worth $25 billion. Accomplishments like this is what makes Mampilly a financial expert.

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Ronald Fowlkes: The Professional Face of Law Enforcement Industry

Law enforcement industries need frequent updating and have to make regular progress with respect to the technology advancements. The criminals are become smarter in the recent years, especially due to the advancements in technology, better organization channels, and more. The technology advancements, new generation criminals, sophisticated criminal gangs, changing strategies of terrorists, and more are making significant challenges to the people who are serving in the law enforcement industry. The industry looks for professionals who have an extra eye to catch details and understand the requirements and complexities of current-day law enforcement. Ronald Fowlkes is an ideal example of how an executive in law enforcement industry should be.



Fowlkes is currently working as a BDM at the renowned defense sector firm, Eagle Industries Unlimited. He takes care of the commercial as well as the law enforcement products of the company. He calls up customers nationwide, choosing products for development and sale, and ensuring product education to more than 150 sales personals. Fowlkes has decades of experience in working in law enforcement and defense areas. A large percentage of those responsibilities was tasked by the United States government. While working with JIEDDO as a defense service contractor, he served in Iraq by being part of the United States Army.



During those days, Fowlkes took care of mounting and discharging army operations in the battlefields. Apart from that, he was held responsible for training the army personals of the United States in tactical operations, hostage rescue as well as CBQ, evidence collection, post-blast analysis, and tactical way of questioning the detained people. Fowlkes also has at least 13 years of law enforcement exposure in the mainland United States as he worked being part of St. Louis Metropolitan Department of Police for 10 years and of St. Louis County Department for three years. While working with Metropolitans Police, he was part of the HRT unit during the last seven years.



After getting promotion as a team leader of the operations in the year 2003, Fowlkes became a certified instructor in various operations including defense tactics, urban warfare tactics, shoot-house training, SWAT tactics, tactical rifle, and more. The team executed over 250 high-risk entries per year including hostage handling, barricaded subjects, and many other critical operations. When the unit was not deployed for operations, it also conducted self-initiated investigations and actions targeting trading of narcotics, unlawful gun possession, gang activity, and more.



Interestingly, Fowlkes was part of Marine Corps of the United States during 1989 to 1993 and took part in the First Gulf War. During the period, he got promoted two times considering his contributions. Fowlkes completed Marine Combat Training, ANGLICO basic course, and Basic Engineer course during those years. He also conducted many small unit parachute operations as part of 1st ANGLICO and completed many naval and air gunfire missions.



David Giertz Has a Key Piece of Retirement Advice

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal David Giertz advises people to go running for the hills if their financial advisors do not speak to them about one really important things, social security. Giertz is the President of Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company, and has over thirty years of experience in the finance industry. He has worked as a financial advisor for several companies, has passed several exams and currently maintains active registration to do business in over fifteen states. If anyone gives sound financial advice, it is David Giertz.

Though he does not really tell people to go running from advisors who do not mention social security to their clients ,he does think that both financial advisors and clients should know a thing or two about social security.In fact, he talked about how clients are likely to switch when advisors do not bring up social security. Maximizing the amount of social security you get requires careful consideration. Giertz also discusses how studies conducted by his firm have found that most people cannot accurately identify the factors that might effect how much social security one is able to collect. This is not good, considering the fact that social security has become a big part of retirement planning over the years.

Retirement planning has become more difficult over the years, which is why people have become dependent on their social security benefits. Withdrawing from social security too early into retirement, however, can cause people to lose out on money. Giertz says that people who withdraw too early could miss out on $300,000 over 25 years. A person can greatly benefit from choosing to wait until after reaching their “full retirement age” to withdraw from social security. Full retirement age is typically between 65-67, but with life expectancies being longer nowadays even the assistance of social security might fall short of allowing people to live the retired lives they dream of. Though there are a few other factors that might effect how helpful social security is to someone’s retirement, it is wise to maximize it as Giertz says.

Rick Smith’s Career and Contributions to the World Via Securus Technologies

Mr. Richard A. Smith who is popularly referred to as Rick Smith is a person who deserves the role he plays at Securus Technologies, Inc. To begin with, he is quite educated in the field of technology. This can be justified by the fact that he holds a degree in engineering which he acquired from the State University of New York. Moreover, he has an Associate’s Degree which he obtained from Rochester Institute of Technology. To sum up his education history, Rick Smith has a Master’s in Engineering.

Today, the engineering expert, Rick Smith, serves as the President and CEO of Securus Technology. He assumed this role in 2008 and has admirably done an incredible job. Before this, he served as the President of Eschelon Telecom Inc. for a period of 3 years after which he was promoted to be the CEO from 2003 to 2007. It is clear that he is experienced and have served different positions that suit his career. Although he is the CEO of Securus Technology, he worked his way up the ladder from a junior staff. He joined Securus Technology in 2000 but was named the President and CEO in May 2014.

Under his management as the CEO, Eschelon Telecom Inc. increased its revenue by a significant percentage. To be precise, it raised from $30 million to $350. Other achievements that can be attributed to Rick Smith include leading the same company to a successful IPO. That said, Securus Technology is a company that is recognized for serving over 3450 public safety, law enforcement, and numerous corrections agencies. It has been in the business for quite some time since it was founded in 1986. Today, it has several offices that are located in Texas, Atlanta, Allen Carrollton, and Georgia. Under the leadership of Rick Smith, Securus Technologies has invested over $600 million in technologies, patents, and acquisitions.

Through Securus Technologies, Rick Smith commits to providing contemporary technology that advances and simplifies the performance of prison activities. Moreover, the technology used enables inmates to stay in touch with the outside world. All the same, there are chances that this technology can be misused. But this is not possible with the safety measures that Securus puts in place. Different from the traditional systems, one provided by Securus Technologies ensures that inmates make voice and video calls to their loved ones. Accordingly, inmates are able to transition quite easily whenever they are freed from prison. The work done by Securus Technologies under the governance of Rick Smith in regards to the prisons is much appreciated. Rick Smith says the company receives numerous emails and letters from the public commending them for satisfactory services that help in keeping a good society.

Boraie Development Vision For Brunswick

During the year 2016 summer State Theatre was very proud to bring back free summer movies. These movies were sponsored by Boraie Development and The Provident Bank Foundation. Some of the films that featured were Froze And many others. Each video was shown from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm. Through those films, young people and the community at large had an opportunity to enjoy their favorite movies together with their loved ones. Hiram Boraie who is Boraie Development’s vice president acknowledged that they were honored to support the event. His counter-part Jane Kurek, the Provident Bank Foundation Executive Director said that it was an honor to assist in ensuring that the community would have access to State Theatre experiences free of charge. State Theatre Vice President, Anna Marie acknowledged that they were also happy to return the summer movie. She went ahead and said that through the philanthropy of Boraie Development and The Bank Foundation they would reach to more than 7500 people. Some the experiences that the audience would enjoy are digital cinema projection, Barco projection, and digital surround sound. The attendants would sit downstairs in the theater or watch from the balcony of the show. The above information published by New Jersey Stage.

Boraie Development is a construction company that located in New Brunswick. The company has annual revenue of about 9279614 and approximately 35 staff members. The company has excellent experience in Real Estate. They offer services such as reselling of residential house, townhomes, and condos. The company also has Residential and commercial specialists, National referral systems and full-service office. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Currently, the Sam Boraie is almost through with his newest project in Brunswick. This project is a very luxurious high rise building containing residential houses on the Somerset Streets at the city. Though this project, his vision of seeing New Brunswick take shape will almost be realized. He says that in past years Brunswick looked terrible such that nobody would walk on the streets after 4:00 pm because everybody would have left the place. But he saw that as an area of improvement.

He started by purchasing the 21 vacant, dilapidated houses in the area. When he was done with the purchase, he had the plan for the area. He acknowledges that the construction of Albany Street Plaza Tower made the city to have world-class office space but accepted the fact that for continued growth the town needed residential houses. That is why Omar Boraie built 121 residential units. So far the city has developed with more than 40000 residential units and 10000square feet of the local house. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

Marc Sparks: The Businessman Aiding Other Businesses

Marc Sparks is no stranger to the business world. He has been an entrepreneur and businessman since the start of his career. He has had his downs but has mostly been ruled by his ups, which has made him the successful name that he is today. He has treated every venture that he has had as a learning experience to always be better at what he does in the subsequent plan that he brings to life. In addition to starting up his business ventures, he has also helped numerous other ventures grow and expand. He has had numerous success till date, which is also why so many people look up to him as a mentor and guide. Marc is a native to Dallas, which is also where he operates most of his business from. Learn more:


The main area that Marc Sparks specializes in is in the field of communications. He has given life to several companies in this sector like Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless. He has also dabbed into several others areas like real estate and the finance industry. He has also been an investor to several other corporate and brands that are currently in the market.


Being the incredible businessman that he is, through the years, several people have approached him, asking for his advice in business. Being the true businessman that he is, he realized that he could take this need of the people and transform it into a business idea that would be worth noting. He decided to start up a company that potential business owners can come to seek professional help, which would guide them through the process of setting up a business and operating it well.


Another way Marc Sparks helps business owners all over the world is through his book. He decided to note down the brilliant career that he has had and share it with other business owners so that they can be inspired to live out their dreams. The book is also distinguished from a learning perspective and helps businessmen get good tips and plans which they could implement in their ventures. Marc Sparks has made the book as informational and immersive as possible so that even those who don’t have a professional business degree can understand and grasp what it talks about. The book is also great for those who want to have a closer look at the life and business ventures of this brilliant entrepreneur.


Marc Sparks is not only about business, and also believes in giving back to the community through his business ventures. He is a regular doctor to several homeless shelters in the state and has even offered his help to Habitat for Humanity.

Susan McGalla Inspires Other Business Women

The business world is filled with men and women that are interested in a lot of different areas of expertise. There are people that are going to be good in management. There are others that are going to be financial gurus. With Susan McGalla marketing was the thing that she mastered.

There are a lot of different opportunities for people to build a career when it comes to marketing, but I do not believe that anyone has had the level of success that Susan McGalla has had when it comes to women in corporate positions. She works as a CEO for Wet Seal and American Eagle. She has also worked as a creative development director for the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is the position that she currently holds, and I think that this is the perfect company because it allows her to flex her skills in revamping the Pittsburgh Steelers clothing line.

Some people will agree that marketing is something that influences the product line and the growth of a company. At one time Susan McGalla had her own company. She was someone that took on brand building, and this gave her a great amount of customers that were interested in improving brand awareness. In all the years that Susan McGalla has worked in the business world she has always had a keen eye for creating strategies that would help companies become more visible to customers.

I believe that all of her work experience down through the years in different areas where branding was relevant would prove to be vital for her resume. Her current career moves involved a total revamping of a clothing line for fans that were looking for something new and exciting. Susan McGalla came to the table with the changes in the clothing line that actually let people become familiar with her skills. She is being praised for changing so many things that would ultimately make improvements in this clothing line.

I believe that many women that aspire to be in the business world can benefit from what Susan Magalla is offering. She speaks at different events, and she motivates women to see a better course of action for their growth in the corporate world. She believes education is certainly the key for helping all of those that want to maximize their potential. She knows how to influence many different people to bring out their best attributes.