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James Dondero’s Million Dollar Challenge

The co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., James Dondero, made an announcement in October, 2017. He pledged to match 50 percent of donations up to a million dollars made to The Family Place, a charity organization that is dedicated to helping those affected by domestic violence. The money will be donated through the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. Visit his website at The Family Place intends to use the money to create a counseling center that will provide emergency shelter for families, education for the prevention of bullying and teen dating violence, a child development center, an animal shelter, group and individual therapy facilities, and multipurpose rooms for job training and other services. The fundraising goal to build the facility is 16.5 million dollars. James Dondero’s challenge was intended to help The Family Place make the last 2.8 million dollars needed to meet their goal. An additional 200 thousand was raised in response to Dondero’s challenge, which will be matched with a 100 thousand dollar donation from the Highland Dallas Foundation. Read more about James Dondero on

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is based in Dallas, with offices in New York, Sau Paolo, Seoul, and Singapore. The investment advisor was founded in 1993 by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada. They make it a point to support local and national nonprofit organizations through the Highland Dallas Foundation. Highland Dallas Foundation is also a supporter of the Dallas Foundation. They do this in addition to their successful work of handling about 16 billion dollars for a diversified list of clients, which includes governments and high-net-worth individuals.


Market America Convention 2017 was a Huge Hit

To many, the 2017 Market America Inc. Convention was seen as being a convention that had been 25 years well in the making. 23,000 entrepreneurs were said to of attended the event this year as they came together to celebrate with celebrities from all over. Market America’s success really is shown through in this year’s event as they were able to show off just how far the company has come. As for the celebrities that were able to attend this year, there was La La, Jamie Fox Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz and much more

The event did not just attract celebrities however it also attracted tons of media coverage to it. When it comes to Unfranchised owners this kind of coverage can really help to spread the word of your business around to others who may not have heard of it already. This is for sure going to be one event that will go down in the books as being one of Market Americas biggest events to date. However, the company does hope that the event will help them to be able to grow and that next year they will be able to hold an even bigger event for all franchise owners.

Marc Sparks: The Businessman Aiding Other Businesses

Marc Sparks is no stranger to the business world. He has been an entrepreneur and businessman since the start of his career. He has had his downs but has mostly been ruled by his ups, which has made him the successful name that he is today. He has treated every venture that he has had as a learning experience to always be better at what he does in the subsequent plan that he brings to life. In addition to starting up his business ventures, he has also helped numerous other ventures grow and expand. He has had numerous success till date, which is also why so many people look up to him as a mentor and guide. Marc is a native to Dallas, which is also where he operates most of his business from. Learn more:


The main area that Marc Sparks specializes in is in the field of communications. He has given life to several companies in this sector like Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless. He has also dabbed into several others areas like real estate and the finance industry. He has also been an investor to several other corporate and brands that are currently in the market.


Being the incredible businessman that he is, through the years, several people have approached him, asking for his advice in business. Being the true businessman that he is, he realized that he could take this need of the people and transform it into a business idea that would be worth noting. He decided to start up a company that potential business owners can come to seek professional help, which would guide them through the process of setting up a business and operating it well.


Another way Marc Sparks helps business owners all over the world is through his book. He decided to note down the brilliant career that he has had and share it with other business owners so that they can be inspired to live out their dreams. The book is also distinguished from a learning perspective and helps businessmen get good tips and plans which they could implement in their ventures. Marc Sparks has made the book as informational and immersive as possible so that even those who don’t have a professional business degree can understand and grasp what it talks about. The book is also great for those who want to have a closer look at the life and business ventures of this brilliant entrepreneur.


Marc Sparks is not only about business, and also believes in giving back to the community through his business ventures. He is a regular doctor to several homeless shelters in the state and has even offered his help to Habitat for Humanity.

Getting to Know Anthony Petrello and His Great Life Endeavors

Anthony Petrello is the current president of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is a renowned firm that simultaneously operates one of the world’s major on-shore drilling rig fleet and provides offshore drilling rigs to markets in the United States and internationally.

Anthony got elected to the company’s Board of directors over two decades ago and has since rendered his services to the organization. Prior to earning his Chief Executive Officer and president position, he served as the assistant chairman from the year 2003 and gained his promotion in the year 2011. The following year he was appointed the chairman of the Board of Chairman of the executive committee of the Board.

In addition to his executive role, Anthony Petrello provides astute original ideas mixed with great supervision enabling the organization to keep pace with the progressive environment. Anthony Petrello previously practiced corporate law and international adjudication at Baker and Mckenzielaw firm. He was also a managing partner in the business but he later resigned the same year he joined Nabors Industries. Tony Petrello is a Harvard Law School graduate, where he received a Juries doctor degree. He also earned a Bachelor of Science degree along with a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Yale University.

Anthony has taken advantage of his business shrewdness to raise millions of dollars in charitable donations, and his philanthropic efforts are still ongoing. He is a member of the Board of trustees at the Texas Children Hospital which happens to be one of his major charity projects. This initiation is an advocate for clinical programs and research that centers on the needs of children affected by neurological disorders. This establishment was also influenced by Anthony’s daughter, Carina, who suffers from PVL condition. Carina was born prematurely and later diagnosed with PVL- a very common neurological disorder in premature infants. This condition is derived from lack of adequate oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Carina later developed cerebral palsy in addition to her many health disorder which Anthony Petrello and his wife are determined to find answers for.

Additionally, Anthony is the director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC, Hilcorp Energy Company along with being a director at Tony Petrello considers himself lucky to have accomplished so much, however, everyone around him realizes that his accomplishments are due to his great work ethic and that luck is just a small aspect of this great story that is his life.

About Anthony Petrello:

Louis Chenevert is the Man to Watch

United Technologies, UTC is a firm in the tech space that is keen on providing communication solutions to businesses across the US. During a time when most businesses are failing because of competition and other issues, UTC has managed to remain profitable by investing resources in innovation. The company has managed to remain solvent without having to oppress its workers or circumventing the laid down policies on environmental conservation. UTC has also invested in the communities where it was born and operates.

One of the most remarkable solutions of UTC is the V Pratt & Whitney Turbofan engine. This masterpiece of engineering powers over 72 air crafts that belong to various airlines. The engine was created at the cost of over $10 billion, and it comes with features such as emission and noise reduction and increased fuel efficiency.

United Technologies is not only committed to investing innovation, but the company is also working to ensure that it empowers communities through the creation of manufacturing jobs. The firm is also interested in developing the skills of its employees by providing opportunities that enable its staff to advance their studies through sponsored courses.

Among the people who are credited for the success of UTC is the former CEO of the enterprise, Louis Chenevert. Louis had a remarkable tenure at UTC. During his time, he was able to come up with strategies that helped raise the company’s revenue. As a result of the growth, the firm’s shareholder value went up by 200% during his time.

During Chenevert’s tenure, focus and innovation became the core tools driving the growth of the enterprise. UTC increased the efficiency of its internal processes and marketing by proportions never seen before.

Louis Chenevert has been in the game of leading successful enterprises for eons. He has gathered enough experience and skills that make him an outstanding manager in every management role he gets. Louis held an important position at General Motors for one and half decades. For seven years, Louis steered Pratt & Whitney as the President. Later, Louis reached a defining moment in his career when he became the Chairman and CEO of UTC.

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A Look at Daniel Mark Harrison’s Accomplishments

Daniel Mark Harrison is a renowned author, entrepreneur and a media expert. He presently serves as the CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison Company (DMH&CO) with operational working stations in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. It is a family enterprise that he owns and manages diligently. He is committed to increasing the family assets and personal financial growth.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also the managing partner at Monkey Capital, Fin-tech Blockchain funding firm. Money Capital is a hedge fund investing firm with various sites located differently. It focuses on SpaceX supply contracting services alongside the Blockchain systems. It made a historic turning point as one of the first company to sell pre-ICO options known as COEVAL.

Monkey Capital has the best operations, outstanding projects and spirited management team. All these aspects make the company unique and reputable for its excellent track record. It is dedicated to bringing a deep value in Blockchain networks. Money Capital recently received recognition with high ratings from the prominent US radio host Chris Waltzek who has interviewed notable billionaires.

Mr. Daniel has been a contributor to CoinSpeaker for an extended period, with many successes being noted during his tenure. Harrison has managed the team of editors and helped in launching the site. He was responsible for Bitcoin Brokerage and other investments plans.

Mark Harrison has been an editor and publisher in Chief of Marx Rand since May 2015. Marx Rand is a news publication firm that deals with matters of general interest. Daniel Mark Harrison has been termed by many as the jack of all trades. He was a columnist at the Motley Fool, manager at Minisuco Ltd in Shanghai where they manufactured leather and finished furniture, and worked at Stanley Court Ltd as a co-founder in an investment holding and brokerage company. He also used to work for Asian markets in New York and many other positions in different firms.

Daniel Mark Harrison has an excellent education. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Theology from the University of Oxford and MBA from BI Norwegian Business School. He also received another master`s degree in Journalism from New York University.

George Soros, Wall Street Mogul

Soros is a man of many caps. Most notably is his involvement with politics of the United States of America. He is by far the most consistent public donor to campaign kitties. Soros alone is said to have contributed to more than $25 million to boost the election bid of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. This generous contribution is not only seen as a means to promote his vision for a democratic and socially just America, but also as a gesture of goodwill to a long time friend. The Clintons are said to have a relationship spanning almost 25 years with Soros. This contribution was also an aim to promote a candidate who was friendly to democratic policies and social inclusion given his public stance against the volatile rhetoric spread by Hillary Clinton’s competitor.

Soros fight against undemocratic leaders is not confined within the borders of the United states but also beyond. He has on several occasions used his vast amount of wealth to fund campaigns to oust authoritarian regimes in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Most of these movements were conducted through street protests for instance, the Velvet revolutions. From the streets to corridors of power, Soros influence ensured that his message was clear to Incumbent leaders who refused to give up power. There are some specific examples of Soros acts of valor. Soros funded a legislation in 1976 that sought to compel the Czech government to recognize basic human rights. This is just but a few of his massive involvement in the fight for basic human rights.

In an attempt to reach more avenues for funding, Soros came up with the Democratic Alliance. This organization was created in order to consolidate funds from like minded individuals who had a knack for fighting for democracy and social injustice. It was some sort of fund whose proceeds were used to support non-profit groups, human rights organizations and political entities that reflected the agenda of the Alliance. This organization has been able to collect large amounts of money to fund noble causes. This can be attributed to its operational strategy where members are anonymous and are not subjected to public scrutiny. The group has been known to fund liberal groups, watchdog groups, ethic groups and so on.


Susan McGalla – Proficient Consultant and Leader

Mrs. Susan P. McGalla is an executive consultant and a businesswoman. She is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is working at a high position at a local company of Pittsburgh Steelers. Mrs. Susan McGalla is at the post of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. She is also on the board of HFF Inc., as well as the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Mrs. Susan McGalla used to be a part of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. as well as the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, among else.

Mrs. Susan McGalla received her higher education from the Mount Union College from which she majored in business and marketing with a bachelor’s degree. After she had graduated college, Mrs. Susan McGalla moved on to put a start to her business career. She joined the company of Joseph Home Company. There Mrs. Susan McGalla occupied a few positions in management and marketing. She worked at Joseph home company from 1986 up until 1994. After that, Mrs. Susan McGalla became a part of the fashion brand of American eagle outfitters, Inc. Her first position at the fashion company was as a divisional merchandise buyer. A couple of years later, Mrs. Susan McGalla received a promotion, and so she became the president and chief merchandising officer (CMO) of the business.

The next stage of her career started at the beginning of 2009. Mrs. Susan McGalla took up a job as a private consultant in the industries of retail as well as in financial investment. She was recognized by the institution of HFF Inc. and so Mrs. Susan McGalla was hired to be on the Board of Directors. Next, she worked at another company as chief executive officer.

After she had moved on from her previous position, Mrs. Susan McGalla decided to establish a business of her own, and so she started up P3 Executive Consulting. It is a company that provides private consultations for executives of all industries. Mrs. Susan McGalla is at the top of the enterprise.

Mrs. Susan McGalla has achieved a lot during her extensive career. Having worked at a wide variety of companies, Mrs. Susan McGalla has amassed a wealth of experience. She has extensive consulting skills as well as leadership competencies. She has contributed greatly to the industry and has been helping a vast number of clients to achieve their goals in their respective businesses as well as to handle their companies for higher success.


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