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Talk Fusion Opens A New Office In India

Talk Fusion is a company in the direct selling industry. They provide video marketing solutions to their clients around the world. This includes India and in support of that very important market Talk Fusion recently opened a new office in New Delhi. The new office will provide support to their customers throughout the country.

When talking about this new office the founder and CEO of the company, Bob Reina, said that his company has been rapidly expanding in India in recent years. There’s been a lot of interest from clients wanting to use their apps as well as people who want to sell them. The people who want to sell Talk Fusion products are showing a great deal of interest in the company’s compensation platform, he says. Due to this the new offices will be used to train local participants in what the company offers. The manager of the office was chosen to be Guru Lal Singh who has years of experience operating companies in that country.

When talking about his new position, Guru said that he wanted to make India one of Talk Fusion’s key markets. There are many business owners who have expressed interest in advertising their products through online video, he said, and he looked forward to working with them. He said that the Indian market is an ideal place for the types of apps that Talk Fusion offers. Learn more:

Talk Fusion was established in 2007. The first app to be released by the company was Video Email and that has been followed up by four more apps. Video Email is used to market products to customers. Other apps are useful in business as well, such as Live Meetings which uses video and audio to hold a meeting over the internet.

The products offered by Talk Fusion work on PC’s as well as tablets and smartphones. All of the different operating systems are compatible with their apps. They offer a 30-day free trial to customers so that they can use the apps and see if they’re right for their business. The free trial does not require a credit card to participate.

How Daniel Taub Achieved Success As Israel’s Ambassador To The UK

Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom. When he was a teenager he went to Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School which is a secondary school located in Elstree, Hertfordshire. For his college education he attended Harvard University, University College, London, and Oxford. As an Orthodox Jew, he then moved to Israel. He came back to the United Kingdom in 2011 when he was named as Israeli’s ambassador to the UK.

Over the course of his four years serving as Israel’s ambassador to the UK Daniel Taub found a great deal of success. The amount of trade between the two countries doubled in large part due to his efforts. He also worked hard to deepen the relationship the two countries have in other ways such as culturally and academically. He was also a strong advocate for other Jewish people living in the UK, especially on college campuses. He once said in an interview that people who supported Israel were met with intimidation, at colleges in particular. He thinks that everyone should be able to peacefully express their views.

When Daniel Taub first became Israel’s ambassador he met the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace. He was often interviewed by British media such as Today and Newsnight. He worked closely with those in business and academics in order to achieve success for both countries. He said that cooperation between the two nations was beneficial to both nations. When he left this position his farewell party was well attended and many of those in attendance said that they were sad to see him leave as he had done such great work. Learn more:

Upon completion of his four-year tenure as Israel’s ambassador, Daniel Taub moved back to Israel. His job now is serving as a director at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation. He plans this organization’s overall strategy in order that they best support their mission. Yad Handiv Foundation is a nonprofit focused on the environment, civil society, education, and those in the Arab community.

Daniel Taub is also an author whose articles have appeared in many publications. Among the publications he was written for are The Guardian, The Times, and The Daily Telegraph among others. Additionally, he wrote a book called Parasha Diplmatit. His book provided his outlook on

Investment Counsel from Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair offers services to grow, manage, and protect the assets of his clients through at Wealth Solutions. The company is an investment advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. The Registered Investment Firm (RIA) provides wealth management and retirement planning.



Wealth Solutions integrates three pillars in its approach to understand the prevailing financial situation and retirement needs of their clients. These help it come with customized plans appropriate for each person seeking their services.



The first pillar aids the client in coming up with a financial roadmap. For this to happen, they identify strengths, risks, tolerance, goals and growth opportunities at the client’s disposal. They then create a financial plan for the client to follow.



Once done with the initial stage, they use the second pillar, which is developing long-term strategies that meet the client’s investment needs. It is tailored to suit the investments and liquidity goals of specific clients. For maximum performance, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions reallocates and manages assets. This change ensures maximum performance of a portfolio when the market is suitable and reduces negative impact when the market is not favorable.



The last pillar after setting goals and establishing actionable strategies is incorporating insurance. Richard provides a comprehensive insurance package, which includes life insurance, long-term care, and annuities. By integrating the three pillars, Blair, a Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS) and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), offers clients practical solutions for their investments.



About Richard Blair


Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions to offer personalized and comprehensive financial guidance to individuals, families and small enterprises. Blair is a registered financial advisor with over 20 years of experience. He has a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Financial Management Services. After graduating, he joined the financial services industry in 1993 and founded Wealth Solutions in 1994. He also has various professional certifications.



Growing up, he was drawn into the world of education as his mother and grandmother were teachers. Having witnessed how teaching instilled knowledge and confidence which facilitated growth, he realized he could empower people by offering financial planning and investments. At Wealth Solutions, Richard gives clients advice aimed at bringing significant change and a positive difference in the life of the client. Learn more:



Blair not only concentrates on investments but also helps clients to transition smoothly by bridging the gap between investing, planning, and living in retirement. He offers strategies for retirement income and helps them avoid common pitfalls associated with it, which gives clients an opportunity to pursue a successful retirement. Learn more:


Success Marks Richard Blair’s Career as a Financial Advisor

Richard Blair is a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) as well as an independent financial advisor. He has spent the past 20 years working in the financial services industry. He founded Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions with a primary mission of providing unbiased and tailored investment, retirement, and wealth management strategies. Throughout his career, Mr. Blair strives to help others reach their financial goals. His firm, Wealth Solutions, is based in Austin, Texas and targets investors, affluent individuals, and families in the local areas. Richard Blair’s relentless efforts at the University of Houston earned him a bachelor’s degree in Finance. When he is not in the office, Richard Blair spends time with his family riding bike and exercising.


Richard Blair has interest in the education world. He is married to a professional teacher, and it is from her that he witnessed how knowledge could help people grow their confidence level. Richard Blair could combine his firsthand experience in teaching with his acumen in finance to assist his clients in financial management. He started working as a financial consultant shortly after graduating from the University of Houston in 1993. Having acquired the necessary certifications and skills, he founded a sovereign financial advisory firm, Wealth Solutions, to provide professional financial advice to his clients.


With time, Richard Blair has become an expert in the wealth management industry specializing in helping his clients to plan for their retirement. His mission is to create opportunities for clients to reach their retirement goals by assisting them to avoid conventional financial drawbacks. Richard Blair offers incredible wealth management tips that allow you to grow and preserve your assets. Clients partner with Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions in drafting their retirement plans and managing their resources. In short, Richard Blair takes the guesswork out of the retirement planning process. Retirement planning and wealth management can seem daunting especially for professionals with busy schedule.


Wealth Solutions understands the importance of keeping current with market trends, and adapts changes as markets fluctuate. Richard Blair strives to develop dynamic investment strategies to allow his clients to keep up with market trends. Wealth Solutions understands his clients’ main goals as they approach retirement. Most of them want to preserve their wealth, maintain a steady flow of income, and leave a legacy to their heirs. As such, Wealth Solutions seeks to assist its clients to come up with an inclusive financial plan that will allow them to reach their retirement goals. Learn more:


Encouraging Messages from the Founder of Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion, the innovative video e-mailing company, has released many positive messages to its community of users. This is no small community – Talk Fusion is active to users in over 140 countries and has been around for a decade. The video email company is excellent for individuals interacting with loved ones, or for companies looking to build brand loyalty and engage with customers. They strive to be easy-to-use and, of course, affordable, while allowing any user to create video messages that stand out and are easily shared.

On top of being a company with all of these positive attributes, Talk Fusion also relays encouraging words to its users and great advice on how to best use the email features. Founder Bob Reina recently began publishing articles in Huffington Post. One of the first articles written by Reina, aptly titled “Promoting with Purpose” discussed the relatability of commercials and how these techniques can be applied when using Talk Fusion’s video e-mails. Reina delivers information on the importance of targeting the user’s audience and discovering the personality of potential buyers. He gives advice on staying a step ahead of competitors, using social media and analytics as research tools, and what angle a company can use to help customers find them.

Even more inspirational, Reina adds another article to his Huffington Post portfolio describing how to maintain optimism among a negative society prone to quitting. Outlining the slippery slope that can be taken in many aspects of life where an individual decides he or she deserves a break, Reina uses lowering cholesterol and going through initial leads for a business as examples of our society’s likelihood to start strong, dwindle, and give up. The end of a marriage or the quitting of a newly started business are two more cited examples where excuses are easy to make, because the commitment is so heavy. Reina’s advice is to remember that the things one really wants in life are worth working for, and to continuously committing to one’s goals.

The positive messages of this company’s founder may come secondary in importance to the business model, but it is clear that Talk Vision is developing a constructive community for its users. Learn more:


Dentistry and Its Approach to Sleep Apnea – Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Sleep has been seen by some as an essential in life. Others on their part think it is not very important although occasional rest they feel is alright. Workaholics do not give sleep a lot of time, they prefer to use the time more wisely as opposed to just sleeping. Coffee, tea and other stimulants are used by the many workaholics in an effort to quash the need for rest and or sleep.

One cannot do without sleep forever. Soon the lack of sleep begins to show in one’s decision making, their concentration and their general outlook. Wrinkling of the face is another sure sign of exhaustion and fatigue. Red eyes that appear to be swollen are also indicative of sleep deprivation.

Avi Weisfogel

Many contemporary working class folk suffer from sleep apnea. This condition not only affects the working folk, it is also experienced by others without really knowing what to do about the situation. Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a practicing dentist, is well versed with the treatment of this condition.

Weisfogel says that it is more likely for overweight people to suffer from sleep deprivation owing to the blockage of the airways by excessive fat. Many have wondered how sleep and dentistry are associated, but contemporary research shows dentists can make an intervention in cases of sleep depravity.

At Rutgers University, Dr. Weisfogel studied biology. He also majored in psychology. It was at ‘New York University where he graduated in dental surgery. After being properly certified by the dentistry board, he opened his practice which would later enjoy renown owing to his professionalism and service.

Other Pursuits

Dr. Avi Wisfogel, is a cheerful giver. He is a philanthropist who gives generously to charities that address humanitarian issues. Apart from philanthropy and charity, Avi is a family man who is happy to do his part in the house. He enjoys reading and particularly singles out ‘The Power of Now’ as being his favorite read. He is inspired by the late Steve Jobs. The work ethic, motivation and leadership of Steve Jobs are especially exciting to Dr. Avi who also admired Jobs for his passion.

Marc Sparks: The Businessman Aiding Other Businesses

Marc Sparks is no stranger to the business world. He has been an entrepreneur and businessman since the start of his career. He has had his downs but has mostly been ruled by his ups, which has made him the successful name that he is today. He has treated every venture that he has had as a learning experience to always be better at what he does in the subsequent plan that he brings to life. In addition to starting up his business ventures, he has also helped numerous other ventures grow and expand. He has had numerous success till date, which is also why so many people look up to him as a mentor and guide. Marc is a native to Dallas, which is also where he operates most of his business from. Learn more:


The main area that Marc Sparks specializes in is in the field of communications. He has given life to several companies in this sector like Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless. He has also dabbed into several others areas like real estate and the finance industry. He has also been an investor to several other corporate and brands that are currently in the market.


Being the incredible businessman that he is, through the years, several people have approached him, asking for his advice in business. Being the true businessman that he is, he realized that he could take this need of the people and transform it into a business idea that would be worth noting. He decided to start up a company that potential business owners can come to seek professional help, which would guide them through the process of setting up a business and operating it well.


Another way Marc Sparks helps business owners all over the world is through his book. He decided to note down the brilliant career that he has had and share it with other business owners so that they can be inspired to live out their dreams. The book is also distinguished from a learning perspective and helps businessmen get good tips and plans which they could implement in their ventures. Marc Sparks has made the book as informational and immersive as possible so that even those who don’t have a professional business degree can understand and grasp what it talks about. The book is also great for those who want to have a closer look at the life and business ventures of this brilliant entrepreneur.


Marc Sparks is not only about business, and also believes in giving back to the community through his business ventures. He is a regular doctor to several homeless shelters in the state and has even offered his help to Habitat for Humanity.

Bob Reina: He Can Do It All

When it comes to a CEO and founder, they don’t make them any better than Bob Reina. He is top of the line and he is the cream of the crop. He is one of those once in a generation type individuals. There is nothing the man cannot do because he is fully committed to this. Talk Fusion is his baby because he founded it and created it back in 2007. Ten years later, they are an award winning company making people’s dreams come true in every possible way. Talk Fusion is the company that understands the plight of the workingman and the workingwoman. They are working a job that has literally sucked the life out of them. When they come home from work, it takes every ounce of strength not to pass out.


It is because their boss has treated them very poorly and they have been shown zero respect. It is a sad state of affairs to say the least. Every person is valuable and has something to offer. However, with a lot of jobs, there are bosses out there that don’t see it that way. They are in control, and they have the power. It goes to their head. When people are on power trips, it can be pretty scary to say the least. They can lash out at people and they can really show a nasty side of them. Learn more:


It is why Bob Reina decided it was time for people to start their own companies and be their own bosses with Talk Fusion, the video communications provider. They are a company that offers video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. Right now, the company is offering 30-day free trials to new customers. If anyone was shy about using it or not sure if it was for him or her, they will fall in love rather quickly with the product. It is that good.


They can also know they are supporting a company that is run by a philanthropist in Bob Reina. His employees can give out Talk Fusion to any charity they would like.

A Market America Shop For Your Everyday Needs

All Market America Shop products are exclusively marketed and approved by Market America. There are hundreds of exclusive products that are found in the Market America Shop that include everything from under the sun. These products range from automotive care, household cleaning items, health and wellness, child and infant merchandise, beauty and cosmetics to personal care. The well organized shop domain has top of the line products you can’t find anywhere else. Some of the best selling brands include TLS weight loss solutions such as: TLS Nuitrition Shakes, Core Fat & Carb Inhibitor and TLS Tonalin Conjugated Linoleic Acid. These products are easy and safe to use and have been proven to be very effective. There was over $7.3 billion accumulated over the years at Market America from retail sales alone. The marketplace is supported worldwide through countries like Australia, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong,Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.

To know more click here

Getting to Know Anthony Petrello and His Great Life Endeavors

Anthony Petrello is the current president of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is a renowned firm that simultaneously operates one of the world’s major on-shore drilling rig fleet and provides offshore drilling rigs to markets in the United States and internationally.

Anthony got elected to the company’s Board of directors over two decades ago and has since rendered his services to the organization. Prior to earning his Chief Executive Officer and president position, he served as the assistant chairman from the year 2003 and gained his promotion in the year 2011. The following year he was appointed the chairman of the Board of Chairman of the executive committee of the Board.

In addition to his executive role, Anthony Petrello provides astute original ideas mixed with great supervision enabling the organization to keep pace with the progressive environment. Anthony Petrello previously practiced corporate law and international adjudication at Baker and Mckenzielaw firm. He was also a managing partner in the business but he later resigned the same year he joined Nabors Industries. Tony Petrello is a Harvard Law School graduate, where he received a Juries doctor degree. He also earned a Bachelor of Science degree along with a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Yale University.

Anthony has taken advantage of his business shrewdness to raise millions of dollars in charitable donations, and his philanthropic efforts are still ongoing. He is a member of the Board of trustees at the Texas Children Hospital which happens to be one of his major charity projects. This initiation is an advocate for clinical programs and research that centers on the needs of children affected by neurological disorders. This establishment was also influenced by Anthony’s daughter, Carina, who suffers from PVL condition. Carina was born prematurely and later diagnosed with PVL- a very common neurological disorder in premature infants. This condition is derived from lack of adequate oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Carina later developed cerebral palsy in addition to her many health disorder which Anthony Petrello and his wife are determined to find answers for.

Additionally, Anthony is the director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC, Hilcorp Energy Company along with being a director at Tony Petrello considers himself lucky to have accomplished so much, however, everyone around him realizes that his accomplishments are due to his great work ethic and that luck is just a small aspect of this great story that is his life.

About Anthony Petrello: