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Dentistry and Its Approach to Sleep Apnea – Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Sleep has been seen by some as an essential in life. Others on their part think it is not very important although occasional rest they feel is alright. Workaholics do not give sleep a lot of time, they prefer to use the time more wisely as opposed to just sleeping. Coffee, tea and other stimulants are used by the many workaholics in an effort to quash the need for rest and or sleep.

One cannot do without sleep forever. Soon the lack of sleep begins to show in one’s decision making, their concentration and their general outlook. Wrinkling of the face is another sure sign of exhaustion and fatigue. Red eyes that appear to be swollen are also indicative of sleep deprivation.

Avi Weisfogel

Many contemporary working class folk suffer from sleep apnea. This condition not only affects the working folk, it is also experienced by others without really knowing what to do about the situation. Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a practicing dentist, is well versed with the treatment of this condition.

Weisfogel says that it is more likely for overweight people to suffer from sleep deprivation owing to the blockage of the airways by excessive fat. Many have wondered how sleep and dentistry are associated, but contemporary research shows dentists can make an intervention in cases of sleep depravity.

At Rutgers University, Dr. Weisfogel studied biology. He also majored in psychology. It was at ‘New York University where he graduated in dental surgery. After being properly certified by the dentistry board, he opened his practice which would later enjoy renown owing to his professionalism and service.

Other Pursuits

Dr. Avi Wisfogel, is a cheerful giver. He is a philanthropist who gives generously to charities that address humanitarian issues. Apart from philanthropy and charity, Avi is a family man who is happy to do his part in the house. He enjoys reading and particularly singles out ‘The Power of Now’ as being his favorite read. He is inspired by the late Steve Jobs. The work ethic, motivation and leadership of Steve Jobs are especially exciting to Dr. Avi who also admired Jobs for his passion.

Marc Sparks: The Businessman Aiding Other Businesses

Marc Sparks is no stranger to the business world. He has been an entrepreneur and businessman since the start of his career. He has had his downs but has mostly been ruled by his ups, which has made him the successful name that he is today. He has treated every venture that he has had as a learning experience to always be better at what he does in the subsequent plan that he brings to life. In addition to starting up his business ventures, he has also helped numerous other ventures grow and expand. He has had numerous success till date, which is also why so many people look up to him as a mentor and guide. Marc is a native to Dallas, which is also where he operates most of his business from. Learn more:


The main area that Marc Sparks specializes in is in the field of communications. He has given life to several companies in this sector like Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless. He has also dabbed into several others areas like real estate and the finance industry. He has also been an investor to several other corporate and brands that are currently in the market.


Being the incredible businessman that he is, through the years, several people have approached him, asking for his advice in business. Being the true businessman that he is, he realized that he could take this need of the people and transform it into a business idea that would be worth noting. He decided to start up a company that potential business owners can come to seek professional help, which would guide them through the process of setting up a business and operating it well.


Another way Marc Sparks helps business owners all over the world is through his book. He decided to note down the brilliant career that he has had and share it with other business owners so that they can be inspired to live out their dreams. The book is also distinguished from a learning perspective and helps businessmen get good tips and plans which they could implement in their ventures. Marc Sparks has made the book as informational and immersive as possible so that even those who don’t have a professional business degree can understand and grasp what it talks about. The book is also great for those who want to have a closer look at the life and business ventures of this brilliant entrepreneur.


Marc Sparks is not only about business, and also believes in giving back to the community through his business ventures. He is a regular doctor to several homeless shelters in the state and has even offered his help to Habitat for Humanity.

A Look at Daniel Mark Harrison’s Accomplishments

Daniel Mark Harrison is a renowned author, entrepreneur and a media expert. He presently serves as the CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison Company (DMH&CO) with operational working stations in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. It is a family enterprise that he owns and manages diligently. He is committed to increasing the family assets and personal financial growth.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also the managing partner at Monkey Capital, Fin-tech Blockchain funding firm. Money Capital is a hedge fund investing firm with various sites located differently. It focuses on SpaceX supply contracting services alongside the Blockchain systems. It made a historic turning point as one of the first company to sell pre-ICO options known as COEVAL.

Monkey Capital has the best operations, outstanding projects and spirited management team. All these aspects make the company unique and reputable for its excellent track record. It is dedicated to bringing a deep value in Blockchain networks. Money Capital recently received recognition with high ratings from the prominent US radio host Chris Waltzek who has interviewed notable billionaires.

Mr. Daniel has been a contributor to CoinSpeaker for an extended period, with many successes being noted during his tenure. Harrison has managed the team of editors and helped in launching the site. He was responsible for Bitcoin Brokerage and other investments plans.

Mark Harrison has been an editor and publisher in Chief of Marx Rand since May 2015. Marx Rand is a news publication firm that deals with matters of general interest. Daniel Mark Harrison has been termed by many as the jack of all trades. He was a columnist at the Motley Fool, manager at Minisuco Ltd in Shanghai where they manufactured leather and finished furniture, and worked at Stanley Court Ltd as a co-founder in an investment holding and brokerage company. He also used to work for Asian markets in New York and many other positions in different firms.

Daniel Mark Harrison has an excellent education. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Theology from the University of Oxford and MBA from BI Norwegian Business School. He also received another master`s degree in Journalism from New York University.

From a Drummer to a Financial Expert – Cassio Audi’s Journey

As a businessman that Cassio Audi is, not many people will associate him with the world of music. Nonetheless, prior to taking on a career in the finance world, Audi had a career that included a music band.

Back in 1985, Cassio Audi became a part of the rock band “Viper”, which was formed by joint action with his friends who were also the members of the band. He played drums for about 4 years, at which point he left the bend and joined the business world. Some sources have claimed that Audi would have had a fruitful career if he did not leave the band in 1989.

Cassio Audi was very talented with the drums, and this was amplified by the release of the band’s first demo album. The album was titled “The Killer Sword”, and it contained a few songs that later got included into their first official album, with a few changes. The fact that no members of the group spoke English on a first-language basis, helped them get a 4-star rating on their first album. To know more about him click here.

Soon after the success of the first album, Audi left the band and missed out on the second album they released, which was even more successful. In the meantime, Audi enrolled in a university where he studied business and later even got an MBA in Finance.

Interestingly, Audi’s business endeavors date back to his music career where he was one of the Viper band’s founding investors. His success in the world of finance today is undeniable, but one must wonder how far would he have make it in the world of music as a talented drummer that he was?