Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized instrument of comparative constitutional law and politics backed with intensive research. He is a professor at the Barkley school of law. Sujit has an extensive knowledge of for the legal building from his initiatives in Egypt, Jordan, South Africa Sri Lanka, Tunisia Ukraine and Yemen. He is in charge of the center of constitution transition which is responsible for constitutional building. The center has a broad network of scholars who are deployed to oversee research projects on a country’s policy. Professor Choudhry research encompasses legal laws for conflict resolution, constitutional design for segregated communities, constitutional courts, and transition of power. Professor Choudhry has over ninety published works and has written broadly on the Canadian constitutional law.  Check this link on for a related topic.

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There has been a recent call for secession of Catalonia from Spain which was followed by a referendum for splitting. Sujit Choudhry, a constitutional law specialist, has given his two cents on the subject. Sujit and other professional wrote an open letter which urged both sides to take part in the dialogue to come up with a better solution for their differences. According to the letter, they pushed the Catalan president to illustrate his commitment to the cause by spearheading a secession referendum. They also wrote to the prime minister of Spain, to accept the will of the Catalonians in their liberal cause rather than employing violent means.  For more of his views on politically related issues, hop over to

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He experts argue out that a referendum will bring an understanding to the Spanish people on Catalonia cause of secession. If both sides agree to dialogue, it’s also essential for them to come with a constitutional amendment that will adapt to the differences. If Spain resulted in violent measures, it would undermine the agreements of the European Union. However, the decision by the prime minister to derail the referendum to facilitate more discussion is also an excellent way to settle the problem. Although it seems like a kind gesture, it’s also essential for the prime minister to honor the decision of the Catalans. For secession to occur, it is necessary for the Catalans to show up in large numbers. The scholars have condemned the acts of the prime minister of suppressing turnout as it goes against democracy. According to the scholars, the way forward will be through a constitutional referendum and the Catalonian decision should be respected.

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