Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian racer who has accomplished tremendous success despite some of the rugged terrains that pose as challenges in rallying. The visionary sports personality whose father Joe Terpins was the former president for a basketball team, prides himself on being an instrumental figure in shaping the future of rallying across the world. Rodrigo’s commitment to making it in the industry is outstanding as he has survived some of the live threatening sporting activities in his career.




Rodrigo Terpins is an active team player at the Bull Sertoes Rally. This is a leading rally event that attracts the world’s best sportsmen and investors. Each edition is graced by leading racers who feature talent and prowess in delivering the best. Being dedicated as well as determined to succeed, Rodrigo has progressively exuded confidence as well as charisma in the field. This is proven by the fact that he is a constructive participant of the Prototype 1 race. As a team player, Rodrigo has been helpful to his partner Fabricio. In their latest competition, the duo emerged position eight in a list of 38 competitors.


Winning Tricks


For people on Facebook who look up to Rodrigo for inspiration, he is a focused individual. During the last race, he concentrated on the adaptive features of the car including its condition. On the rugged terrains, Rodrigo and Fabricio overcame their challenges by exercising caution throughout the race. In what would have turned out as a loss because of the infrastructure, the duo emerged winners of the complicated competition. In fact, Rodrigo issued a statement indicating that the position may not be the best but they did their best to deliver. In his opinion, it is important to focus on fixing mechanical issues before hitting the road for competition. In a different scenario, Rodrigo has a brother called Michel. Also a racer in the same team, Michel has been an inspiration in multiple ways. Even in instances where his car overturned, he approached the situation with positive conclusions.




Rodrigo has participated in many races at the Sertoes Rally Events. Almost five times has he made it to the list of the leading sportsmen. He believes in team work and discipline as a pass through to success.