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Privacy Concerns Online

Darius Fisher is the CEO of the online reputation management company Status Labs. Status Labs has become sort of the flagship company in terms of online reputation management thanks to their expertise, activism, and social awareness that has put them in the news for all of the right reasons of late. Darius Fisher, as the head of the company, has taken to becoming the public face of what they are trying to do. One big aspect of reputation management is in how you deal with a crisis of your brand as a result of getting doxxed. Fisher decided to put together some simple tips to help you deal with a doxxing attack.

In order to deal with getting doxxed you kinda, sorta need to know what it means. Getting doxxed is when your personal information gets leaked to the public and used against you to cause problems in your personal life. When you get doxxed it is important that you act quick and calmly. Fisher advocates first making sure to lock down all of your accounts by changing their passwords and re-checking your privacy settings. Don’t reuse the same password on multiple websites and always make your password hard to guess.

Next up, Fisher advocates that you take proactive steps in getting your information off of the internet. Take some time to websearch your name in order to see what data is getting bandied about. Contact these websites and request that your personal data be removed. Many websites will comply but some might cause issues. In the case of websites who don’t comply, you may have to get a lawyer involved. Having an attorney involved will typically get these websites to interact in a positive way. Finally, you will want to get into the habit of changing your passwords and personal information on a semi regular basis. This is the easiest way to prevent password hacks and doxxing attacks.

You can follow all of these steps and still end up getting doxxed. The next best thing you can do is to have a company like Status Labs on your side to help get passed the potential information crisis that you run into.

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Bob Reina Inspires His Talk Fusion Team

Talk Fusion opened its doors in 2007. The company is committed to helping people reach their goals and build better futures for themselves. Talk Fusion is focused on giving back to the community and focusing on their mission. Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion and believes that great success requires and even greater sense of responsibility. The culture of Talk Fusion is all about striving to do what is best for people and helping as many people as possible.

Bob Reina has influenced the company in a very positive way by teaching people the importance of helping others and changing the world. They have donated over a million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa and have helped fund an orphanage in Indonesia. His focus on giving back has motivated him to take a giant step toward launching the Talk Fusion program. The program has been designed to make it easier for people to give to charity and offers video email, live meetings, video chat and so much more.

The Talk Fusion company offers many different services to its clients. They offer a phenomenal video and email platform. The platform is considered state of the art in comparison to its competitors. The company allows people to build business at home by providing everything needed to do so. Talk Fusion believes that it is important to follow your dreams and never give up. They want to help their customers during their dreams into reality. The company continues to grow at an amazing rate because of Bob Reina and his amazing team.


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Wen By Chaz Does A Good Job In Bustle Test

Bustle has done a test of the Wen by Chaz [] shampoo, and they have made it so that everyone who wants to use the shampoo can see that it is going to work. The shampoo is designed to keep people’s hair growing thicker, and it is easy for the people who use it to see their hair improve. They just have to make sure that they have used it the way it was used in the review. The review shows that everyone who wants to have a thicker head of hair can go to Bustle and see how Wen by Chaz works.

The idea behind it is that everyone needs to have some undergrowth in their hair that is going to make it thicker. They want to know for sure that they can get their hair to stop shedding, and they also need to make sure that they are going to get the results that are most helpful for them. That means that they will be able to stop seeing their shed hair everywhere, and they will be able to start styling their hair the way they would have in the past. It becomes a very simple thing for anyone who is following the steps in the review.

The best part of the way this works is that anyone can purchase it via Amazon. Men and women are going to see really nice results, and they are going to feel good because they will have results that actually make sense for them. These people will be able to start using the Wen by Chaz shampoo to make their hair thicker, and they will feel very comfortable because they have finally come up with something that makes the most sense to them. The styling will go well, and they will be just as happy as the reviewer at the end. Visit the Wen YouTube Channel for more info.


Get Your Wiki Offers a Unique Service


Wikipedia is an incredibly powerful source of knowledge. Every day people turn to this online encyclopedia for the answers they need. The site is vital to the growth of knowledge around the world, but the site does have some vulnerabilities. Wikipedia allows anyone to edit a Wikipedia page. This allows Wikipedia to update information almost instantly, and to grow organically over time, but it also allows for misinformation to spread. Sometimes people do this as a prank, while other times people do this simply to spread information.
Ireland recently had their strongest performance in the European championship in years. They competed well through group play and they managed to advance to the round of 16. Achieving success was not easy for the Irish squad. They needed a last-minute goal from Robbie Brady to advance out of the group stage and into the round of 16. Ireland erupted in jubilation after Robbie Brady’s heroics. Many Ireland fans went straight to Wikipedia to celebrate the victory.

Irish fans had a great time editing Robbie Brady’s Wikipedia page. They gave him several nicknames, including Robert ‘The Messiah’ Brady. The editing celebration lasted for almost two hours between 10 pm and midnight. The page was edited around 100 times, and fans had a wonderful time throughout the night. The Wikipedia editors immediately went to work. After each edit, the Wiki editors cleared the page back to their original form.

The Wikipedia edits after Ireland’s win were hilarious, but they are a major issue for business people around the world. Wikipedia is extremely prone to joke edits, and even attack ads. You have little damage over your own Wikipedia page, so competitors can use it to attack you. Until recently, people had no choice but to just deal with whatever Wikipedia edits came their way, but now a new business has intervened.

Get Your Wiki is a new and exciting business that is committed to helping people with their Wikipedia page. The Wikipedia editing company specializes in crafting top quality Wikipedia pages for professionals around the world. These pages are expertly crafted and the company hires top-quality researchers to ensure they not only make a Wikipedia page that will be approved, but that will stay updated and accurate. They have noticed just how important Wikipedia is to a person’s reputation, and they have developed an enormous client list already.

Wikipedia is a vital research tool, but it can quickly turn against a business. Smart business leaders will hire a Wikipedia writer or editor from a service like Get Your Wiki.

Talk Fusion-A Global Leader In Video Marketing

It’s called Talk Fusion- WebRTC (browser based real time communication). The very latest way to reach your customers with communication technology. As a company, you will record quality videos to use as video email and newsletters in the Chrome or Firefox browsers.

With Talk Fusion, your team can record instantly with seamless synchronization and with expectations that their message can be played back faster than ever. The developer Jeff Younger explains that this is advanced cutting edge technologies and will build amazing communications for members. They are provided the tools needed in keeping the world connected in real time.

As one of the very first companies, Talk Fusion offers their members a way to incorporate WebRTC technology into their product selections. Everyone wants clear communications and we have a way to help them succeed. Established in 2007 by Founder & CEO Bob Reina and with the WebRTC recorder, members use this new avenue to innovate and improve around the world communications. It’s truly a proven example of how technology can improve your bottom line.

The WebRTC recorder has already been available for members using Chrome or Firefox. Talk Fusion can be used by selecting this feature and selecting Video Email or Video Newsletters from the Talk Fusion Product Dashboard and clicking the “webcam” recording option which will activate the service.

It’s now up to you to choose this new communication tool. It is readily available members who want to take their online presence up another notch with the first of its kind Video Marketing Solution.

Talk Fusion offers a person to person way to improve marketing and engaging consumers into a memorable experience. When the consumer values the information, they will take time to listen.

There are Independent Associates that are in more than 140 countries to offer 30 day free trials of this complete video marketing tool. You can try this product before making the purchase and there is no credit card needed. With the strong commitment of giving back to family, friends and communities, Talk Fusion also helps animal charities around the world.

Company Repairs Reputations, Even Their Own

Irony is part of the stock in trade for Status Labs, as they deal with their clients’ reputation crises and reputation management. But it is doubly ironic that Status Labs got challenged through their own internal reputation crisis. Because of a former executive’s illicit actions outside of his Status Labs’ role, the company became the target of negative press. It became a national news story that actually did threaten the reputation of Status Labs.


The solution for Status Labs, as its own most-important client, started with a behavior change to make a steadfast reputation change. The slow process of rebuilding the company’s reputation progressed another step when all the employees asked that the disrupting executive please resign. An open letter from the Status Labs employees was then supplied to the media by the company’s Public Relations department. They included an erstwhile employees team photograph.


The last part was an important item. A photo of the whole team adds a human face to the name of the company, especially in a time when so much vitriolic hate had been spewed at the company. The campaign worked! The public was able to redirect their anger properly. Status Labs has proved their worth with help to more than a thousand client companies and individuals, improving reputations and helping resolve crises since 2012.


The company had to apply the same rules they establish for their clients. They drew closer to the local community, reducing their level of vilification. They also become very involved in local Austin, Texas charity organizations. These included: Caritas, The Blood & Tissue Center of Central Texas, Urban Roots, Dress for Success, and Capital Food Bank of Texas. And all the volunteering worked wonders for their employee’s morale, which had been suffering. There were many more tools they implemented to bring back Status Labs’ well deserved great, solid, reliable, and steadfast reputation. In fact, it may well prove to improve business in the long run.

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