Most consumers are quite aware of the annoying unsolicited calls that always happen around dinner time. The calls are consistent and never seem to stop. People sign up with the Do Not Call Registry List to opt out of receiving those annoying calls. Certainly, most of the people that sign up realize that the list rarely works. The robocalls continue. Well, the FTC determined that Dish Network had violated the Federal Do Not Call registry numerous times. In fact, they ignored consumers wish to opt out of the robocalls over 55 million times. This is a gross violation of the Do Not Call Registry.


Dish Ordered To Pay Up

The Dish Network did not start up the robocalls recently. They’ve been dishing out robocalls since back in 2009, when they were first fined millions of dollars for their violations. Still, the Dish Network still opted in to continue violating the laws by releasing a flood of robocalls across the country. Recently, a U.S. District Judge ordered the Dish Network to pay $280 million in legal fines. Insiders state that this is the largest robocall related fine ever. Part of the fine will go to the United States government. The other part of the fine will go to several states. The judge did not listen to the Dish Network attorney’s that stated the fine was too severe. Certainly, a large number of consumers would agree that the fine was not large enough for the endless robo calls that they were subjected to over the years.


Dish Pleads

Dish Network attorneys are pleading for the courts to reconsider the severe fines and penalties against them. They state that third party telemarketers are actually responsible for the robocalls and not the Dish Network.