A cardiologist is described simply as a doctor who has special training when it comes to issues of the human cardiovascular system. However simple the description of a cardiologist is their job and importance in the health department as a whole is everything but. A cardiologist’s job is to assess each of their patient’s individual medical history while also evaluating their physical health in order to determine each person’s unique diagnoses. It is in your best interest to meet with a cardiologist every so often in order to rule out any cardiovascular diseases that may or may not be affecting your overall health. One of the leading cardiologists in New York is Dr. Edward Honig.


On the north shore of Long Island lies the beautiful city of Glen Cove, New York in which the esteemed cardiologist Dr. Edward Honig. Edward Honig is a medical doctor who has plenty of experience as he has been in practice for over sixty-five years. He received his strict and extensive training at the acclaimed Duke University School of Medicine and has a certified New York state medical license. Because of his intense training in the cardiology field, Dr. Honig has extensive knowledge in diagnosing his new cardiology patients, treating his patients with existing conditions, and preventing people under his care from ever getting a cardiovascular disease or needing cardiology work in the first place.


According to RateMDs, you can visit Dr. Honig in order to receive specialized care if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: chest pain, dizziness, or even shortness of breath. Once in his care, Edward can perform a wide range of tests to locate the unique issue you may be having with your heart. Some of the machines that he can utilize in order to specify your problem include an ECG or an X-ray. In some cases, even blood tests are needed in order for him to provide a secure and thorough evaluation of your overall physical health.