This year, BMW celebrates its 100th anniversary by showcasing their Vision Next 100 series vehicles, which are designed for transportation in the next century. And their latest concept, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link electric scooter, shows just how far two-wheel driving has evolved.


First unveiled on June 10, at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este motor festival, the E-Drive Motorrad is hailed as BMW’s most unique vehicle ever. According to the BMW Motorrad chief of design, Alexander Buckan, this scooter is a completely new concept, designed from scratch and based only on drivers’ needs. In addition to its eye-catching design, the Motorrad boasts some major structural innovations as well as a number of truly futuristic features and accessories.


Design & Specs

Although BMW has yet to release the official specs, the E-Drive is said to be faster and more efficient than any of their previous electric scooters. Considering the fact that their latest C Evolution scooter goes from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds, the Next 100 scooter will be able to match any gas-powered vehicle in its class.


The E-Drive Motorrad’s electric motor is located on top of the rear wheel, with two energy packs kept along the stretched base. Perhaps the most notable design change – the flat, prolongated seat – may look stiff, but it was actually designed to improve comfort on urban roads. As for the metallic “stripes”, BMW has confirmed that they’re actually exposed wires, which are safe to touch and easy on the eyes.


Gadget on Wheels

As far as Internet-age technology goes, BWM has gone above and beyond with the E-drive. The scooter has two integrated touchscreens and an internal computer that syncs with any WiFi-enabled device. One screen displays non-essential information, such as music and weather. Meanwhile, the other screen shows everything from speed and battery levels to navigation and traffic alerts.


As if that wasn’t futuristic enough, BMW also built in a hidden storage compartment for luggage. The compartment works in conjunction with a special jacket. And the lock won’t open until the driver gestures with their hand while wearing it.


Aside from being a key, the jacket sleeves also help avoid accidents by vibrating when another vehicle is in close proximity. The vibrations work according to the other vehicle’s location, becoming more intense as it gets closer.