Betsy DeVos is among the most influential women in America. A few decades ago women were not active in sectors such as politics, business, science and much more. The world was dominated by men in all aspects of life. I believe that women are just as a great as men in the different industries and this is the reason Betsy is successful in life. Betsy DeVos is a talented woman; she is a prominent politician, a great businesswoman and the Secretary of Education in the United States. Betsy has held the Secretary of Education position as the 11th person in the U.S.


Betsy DeVos is an active member of the Republican Party, and she has been involved with the party for quite some time now. She has also been affiliated with other parties such as the Michigan Republican Party. Betsy and Dick DeVos, her husband, both have accomplished a lot in life including their philanthropic activities. DeVos has been associated with significant personalities in America such as the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. Elisabeth Prince was the name her parents gave her, and she was born in 1958. She had a well-off childhood and was raised in Holland in Michigan.


Betsy’s father was the famous Edgar Prince the owner of Prince Corporation. The firm is involved in supplying automobile parts and is located in Holland in Michigan. Betsy went to a private school based in Holland called the Holland Christian High School. She later joined the Calvin College situated in Grand Rapids in Michigan. DeVos completed school with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics. Betsy’s passion for politics began when she was on the campus. In 1982, Betsy started her political path as a local precinct delegate for the Michigan Republican Party. After that, she held other positions for the party.


Betsy was nominated by Donald Trump to become the Secretary of Education. Betsy is also a businesswoman, and she holds the chairwoman post of the Windquest Group. The company invests in clean energy, in different technologies and manufacturing. The couple, Betsy, and Dick started the business in 1989. The two are also involved with Neurocore, a company that deals with brain performance therapy. The same year, in 1989, Dick and Betsy opened the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation was inspired by Betsy’s faith, and it has donated more than $11.6 million to different organizations.


The organization has given massive amounts of money to hospitals, Christian schools, health research, and much more. The foundation has funded organizations such as Action Institute, Center for Individual Rights and much more. The couple has funded over $ 139 million to charitable actions. The two are on top of most lists as the America’s top givers. Betsy and Dick have managed to help a lot of people with the foundation.


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