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Impressive High Quality Durable Fashion With Fabletics

TechStyle brand Fabletics continues to make a huge impact in the fashion industry. One of the reasons that the industry has been greatly influenced by this brand is that they have a unique approach to almost everything they do. For one thing, they do not go by the methods of fast fashion. The problem with fast fashion is that a lot of times, the products that are produced are not that durable. They are only made to last a season or two. Fabletics, on the other hand, has moved forward with the realization that there is more to high fashion than how a product looks.


One thing that Kate Hudson and the other people behind the Fabletics brand is that they don’t want their customers to waste their money. They don’t want their customers to have to buy the same product over and over because each product tears apart in the washing machine. A lot of care goes into how the items are put together. This includes the environment that the products were made in. Fabletics makes sure that their designers work in a very friendly and comfortable environment. They don’t try to cut costs so that they can sell clothes for as cheap as possible.


One issue that people are faced with is a compound of frustration. It is not uncommon for people to buy clothes that do not last and then find out that they were made without any regard to ethics. This can not only cause people to feel frustrated because of the flimsy products but also cause them to feel guilty for supporting a company that has no regard for ethics. Fabletics has thought about their approach and wants everyone to feel like they won. This is one of the reasons that they make sure that the customers have the styles that they want that will last them.


Even with all of the innovations being brought forth to the customers from Fabletics, the most important thing to the company is ethics. They want people who are going to enjoy the process of making products and bringing them to the customers.

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Fabletics Listens to Their Customers

Fabletics has really caught on since it began. A big reason for its success is tat is has followed a VIP model that gives its members great active wear for a great price. Fabletics also listens to what their customers want and new members are encouraged to take a Lifestyle Quiz when they first sign up in order to give then a personalized shopping experience. This has proven to be very popular and has kept their customers quite satisfied.


Fabletics did not go the usual way of the pop up store method when they started out but instead chose to take their time and to grow more slowly. Fabletics got to know their customer market and this has resulted in 30-50% of their customers being members before they even walk through the doors of their retail stores and another 25% becoming members. Fabletics uses a subscription service to sell their clothing to their customers and it doesn’t matter whether their customers buy their items online or in their retail stores because everything counts toward their shopping basket.


Fabletics has their newest members take a Lifestyle Quiz when they join s that they can get the most personalized VIP service and so that Fabletics can get a better idea of what their customers are lookin for in their active wear.


Kate Hudson, founder of Fabletics, keeps a close eye on what is selling and what is not selling so that she can adjust her clothing collections. This helps to ensure that her collections will sell an her customers are always getting to choose form items that will make them happy.


Hudson has recently expanded her clothing sizes to include every size from XXS to 3X and she is not just about having a successful company but also really wants to encourage everyone to live a healthier lifestyle. This adjustment was a lot of extra work and will make it possible for more customers to join the Fabletics revolution.


Hudson reviews her sales every week and adjusts her collections so that only the popular items are in her stores and online. Fabletics is now worth $250 million and the company continues to grow by 35% every single year. This has not all happened by accident but it has taken a lot of hard work.


It is hard to know what will sell or become popular and that is why it is so important to listen to the customer. They let her know, mostly through the information gathers from the Lifestyle Quizzes, what they are wanting and she can adjust her collections accordingly. It’s important to listen and to pay attention to what the customers want and that’s why Fabletics is so successful. They listen to their customers.


Hudson gets her inspiration form her mom, Goldie Hawn, and she is on the Hawn Foundation board. Hudson believes that it is important to take risks and to live life to the fullest. Hudson takes this into perspective and believes that it makes you fearless.