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Company Profile; What it Has Taken for Highlands Capital Management to Achieve their Level of Success

There was a time when people did not really understand the importance of having a few different investment vehicles. However, the ups and downs in the economy have helped people become more open to other options when it comes to investing and one of these alternatives happens to be investment banking. When business leaders such as James Dondero started their business models, they could hardly get enough people to convince about the products they were selling. Yet now, they have a number of people following their investment advice and getting all the ideas they can about investment from them.

When the company was started in the early nineties, they could hardly afford a few staff members to keep their operations running. However, less than three decades later the company has grown to such a capacity that they have an asset base of 15 billion dollars and are still growing. Some of the investment types that the company specializes in include long-only funds, hedge funds, pension plans, corporations, people with high net worth and an assortment of other investments. The company also deals with CLOs.

One of the ideas that have been employed in the company and helped with the success was when they decided to go beyond just analyzing the financial markets that they operate in. They decided that in addition to this, they wanted to community to be more engaged in the things they were doing. As a result, they have been part of a number of volunteerism activities and they have really streamlined the operations of the company and even included community outreach initiatives. Other initiatives they have undertaken include the 2000 decision to get a bank loan fund for customers that did not qualify for the conventional bank loan. Columbia Asset Management is the company that helped them make a reality out of this dream.

About James Dondero

James Dondero is a co-founder of the Highlands Capital Management. He has been working in the investment sector for many decades now and deeply understands how it works. He worked for the American Express before joining this company.

Our Leadership

The Life of Jim Hunt Up Till Now



Being the Chief Executive Officer and the financial advisor of VTA publications, Jim Hunt has clearly made his name in the stock market industry. Jim is well experienced in making intelligent and safe trades in the market. He is well known for his YouTube channel where he shares information to the public about his recent investments. His act of reading and predicting future trades to regular investors is what makes his videos popular.


From the recent interview, Jim stated that the idea of VTA publications came after he was exposed to how big banks operate. He then decided to venture himself so that he would prosper and control his own destiny. His typical day starts with a quick workout to stimulate his body. Since he is a morning person, he is at his best in the morning hence focuses on upcoming marketing ideas. He prefers a light lunch to avoid being sleepy in the afternoon then ends the day by taking dinner with his family.


The current biotech innovations is a trend that excites Jim the most. He predicts that in two decades, the breakthroughs that will be witnessed in that industry will be mind-blowing. Discipline and a strict set of goals are the main principles adhered to him. These are the habits that have made him a productive entrepreneur.


Working at the bank acts as the worst job he has ever had since customers were being treated badly. He learned from what he observed and vowed to ensure customers are treated to the level they deserve. If Jim was to start over his life again, he would do everything the same since he has accomplished a lot of success so far. His mistakes are what shaped him.


As an entrepreneur, Jim recommends his fellows to listen to people’s complaints and learn human psychology. An entrepreneur sells items to individuals and they will be on demand if it solves their problems. The strategy that has helped him the most is the use of direct mail. This helps him know his target audience exactly while avoiding losses due to traditional advertising.  PRNewswire has written more about what Jim’s system will accomplish, and he offers up some free YouTube clips about his method.