Ishiyama High is full of insanity and kids are just looking for a fight. Oga Tatsumi is the toughest kid in the school, fighting ferociously for what he believes me. It’s hilarious. One day, he pulls a man from the river, but the guy splits open and this baby crawls out. The baby attaches to Oga, and turns out to be the child of a Demon Lord Beelzebub. Oga is forced to train Baby Beel to be a Demon Lord. One of the best horror anime, but the surprising and amazing part is that this still belongs on any list of the best comedy anime.


Highlights include rivers (actual rivers) of urine and angry baby electric tears.


SKET Dance

Three weird kids meet at Kaimei High School and start the Living Assistance Club, or the SKET brigade. The club activities help other people with problems. They will take any case, but don’t get that many. Most of the time, the three main characters hang out in the clubhouse being bored and making fun of each other.


SKET Dance is great for silly anime comedy. There is no real plot, which is kind of the point. The goofy characters and stupidity make the show what it is. You never know who is going to fly off the handle and go berserk as only anime can.