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Osteo Relief Institute Offers Humane Solutions to Arthritis Patients

Arthritis is an utterly common, but the least understood medical condition. The term is used about the joint disease in general which includes even the joint pains. Arthritis exists in more than 100 different forms, and nearly 50 million adults live with these various forms in the United States. Women are more susceptible to this complication and the chances that one would suffer from it increase with aging. It is today ranked as the number one cause of disability in the country.


Osteoarthritis, which is at times referred to as degenerative joint disease is the most common type of arthritis. It culminates into the degeneration of the cartilage. As this soft tissue degenerates, the bones rub against each other resulting in swelling, stiffness, and pain. The joints then lose strength with time, and the pain slowly becomes chronic. Many treatment options are in place to manage joint pains and protect the quality of life even if osteoarthritis has no cure.

Excess weight, previous injury, age and family history are the common osteoarthritis risk factors. The patient’s commitment to its management is crucial to minimizing the speed and impact of the condition because it is incurable. The arthritis self-management can be done through exercise, medical treatment, and daily routines.


About Osteo Relief Institute

Finding a good and trusted doctor is everybody’s dream in the current healthcare environment. Osteo Relief Institute, which was founded in 2012 and headquartered in Wall Township, New Jersey, has in place multidisciplinary clinics that operate on the principle that a patient is nothing less than a family. The interdisciplinary nature means that the Osteo Relief Institute clinics constitute a group of certified physical therapists and certified physicians. The aim of Osteo Relief Institute is to offer arthritis patients receive safe and effective treatments.


Osteo Relief Institute has a wide range of cleared and FDA approved technologies that they employ to handle the various complications in their patients. The health facility maintains a competitive edge by applying state-of-the-art advanced technologies to provide a lasting pain relief. The staff at Osteo Relief Institute is expertly trained to handle the patients with different complications.


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Keith Mann Launches a Scholarship Program to Help Needy Students Attain University Education

Keith Mann goals of bettering the community became evident to the public after he announced the launch of Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. The scholarship is a Professional Achievement Award that targets innovative young entrepreneurs. Keith and Keely Mann will collaborate with Uncommon Schools to implement the scholarship program that will sponsor one graduating senior of high schools supported by Uncommon Schools and headquartered in Brooklyn annually. Uncommon Schools is a non-profit organization that specializes in charter management.

Joe Frick, who serves as the college counselor at the Uncommon Charter High School, expressed his gratitude to Keith and Keely Mann for developing and implementing the scholarship program. The program will enable one student to complete a four-year college course.

The candidates are supposed to write an essay of 1,000 words on how a college degree will help them to achieve their professional goals. Keith Mann meets and pairs them with established firms to propel their success. The Uncommon Schools mission is sponsor needy students to attend college, graduate, and use their degrees to launch a successful career. The successful candidate will receive $5,000 to cater for the tuition fees.

Keith is an experienced investor, an active philanthropist, a Co-founder, and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. The company focuses on hedge funds and other alternative investment. Primarily the company offers executive search services and hires employees on behalf of established equity firms. Before co-founding Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann was the Vice President of Dynamic Associates. Before being promoted to the vice president position, Mann managed the Alternative Investment Division of the company.

Keith Mann has managed to cement a top position in the world of hedge fund investment. As the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, Mann oversees the overall investment strategies and offers both managerial and advisory services. Despite experiencing a constant growth and opening offices in different states, the company has managed to maintain the quality of its services. Mann has been active in the world of philanthropy. He has helped needy students to graduate from college and establish a successful professional career.

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No Senior Living Options For Parents? Try The Manse On Marsh Retirement Utopian Community For The Elderly!

A revolutionary innovator of modern assisted living and independent eldercare solutions, The Manse On Marsh, a Chris Skiff brand, is taking retirement communities for seniors to new heights. Conveniently situated in the downtown core of San Luis Obispo, California, it boasts contemporary amenities to enhance senior living transport services. The founder and chief executive director, Chris Skiff isn’t new to senior community management services. With a career spanning over 20 years, 15 of which he committed to his model, The Manse On Marsh, Skiff expertise in organizing senior living solutions is unmatched.

The facility commands an elite group senior living service professionals. Additionally, the it organizes outings and activities for seniors. Set in an affluent environment, that affords residents abundant opportunities to enjoy authentic entertainment, recreation, restaurant and social life; The Manse On Marsh promises diverse experiences. An award-winning brand, it’s received numerous titles. A sampling includes Builder of the year (2000); Best Commercial Remodel and Award of Commendation (2001); Best Retirement community (2003-2004); Certificate of Recognition (2006); Historical Renovation and Outstanding Contributions to society (2007); First compliance audit in California (2010), etc.

With healthy socialization, personal care, dining and prices solutions, the community promises quality life for residents. Its rare offering includes comfortable senior living arrangement. This senior living utopia offers modern entertainment, technology, dining, medical services and accommodations. With a rich selection of senior living packages, residents receive the best-customized care solutions. tells us the Manse On Marsh provides tailored hospice services, medication management, in-room cable TV, wifi (shared/room), etc. Additionally, the community routinely schedules elder-appropriate activities such as yoga classes, bible studies, group discussions/lectures, supervised off-site expeditions, arts/craft, woodworking, games, fitness programs and music therapy.

Time-managed transportation (shuttle), shared party venue, barber/beauty salon services, hiking trails, private parking and a general TV room for spirited seniors are also available. California’s online media conglomerate, San Luis Obispo or SLO Tribune named The Manse On Marsh the region’s #1 assisted/independent living community for seniors. It’s a nationally acclaimed SLO Tribune RCA (Readers’ Choice Awards) recipient. With multiple living arrangement options such as studios, shared housing, companion suites, self-catering cottages, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom solutions, The Manse On Marsh has something for everyone. It values those it serves and promises to deliver expertly thought-out senior/assisted living recommendations that align with resident needs.

While The Manse On Marsh affords an extraordinary lifestyle for elderly residents, paying for accommodation and customized services isn’t a financial burden. Chris Skiff focuses chiefly on developing a community that resonates with comfort and serenity. Certainly, senior living services don’t come cheap, but this community presents a packaged solution and budget options to meet everyone’s financial needs. The community developers understand the intricacies of personalized assisted/independent living. That said, it’s designed a program that addresses these unique needs.  See more of what they’ve accomplished on

Charles Koch Gives For A Good Cause

George Mason University has built a conservative powerhouse when it comes to economics as well as law. This public school outside the capital has in turn earned tens of millions of dollars from a billionaire Republican donor known as Charles Koch.
Tax records of this school have shown that the Charles Koch Foundation has given up to $48 million to this learning institution. Koch has a tendency of donating up to 20 million of dollars to different schools every year. However, these schools would only get $1 million annually while the George Mason University got up to $48 million. Several billionaires commit some of their money to educational purposes, the large amounts sent to this university has raised eyebrows especially among the faculty and the students of other institutions alike.

The suspicion is based on why the billionaire is determined to put in so much money without a motive. A majority of other donators put in vast sums of money for a particular purpose such as a research program. However, earlier in the year other billionaires have joined in the trend of donating to schools without expecting something in return. For instance, Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike Inc. gave a $400million scholarship to Stanford University.

All the same, there are those who support the deeds and appreciate the thought behind it by commenting that there is no harm in giving and expecting nothing in return. The Koch industry has also been giving a lot of financial aid to the educational institution from a long time back. This giving habit has only strengthened the relationship between the law school and the Koch Foundation. Recently, he gave them a $10 million gift. At the same time, the university received an anonymous reward of $20 million to aid in renaming the school.

These individuals closing the tie include the vice president of Koch Industries, Richard Fink, the CEO of a grant-making foundation with close connections to Koch as well as Jon McCain. Also, Charles Koch is the chairman of the IHS Board and a member of the Mercatus board.

Charles Koch is a businessman in the U.S as well as a philanthropist. He is not only the chief executive officer of Koch Industries but also the co-owner of the company after inheriting it from his father alongside his brother, David Koch. The two brothers expanded the business such that it did not deal with just oil refining and chemicals but also fibers, polymers, fertilizers, and minerals.