Troy is an entrepreneur and a corporate executive who hails from Panama City in Florida. He resides in Texas, the base location of USHealth Group. McQuagge is a top rated manager and associated with nine companies. He is currently the president of USHealth group, a private insurance company recognized for its most innovative, flexible and affordable health policy.

His over 30 years’ experience in the sales industry enabled him to sharpen his skills turning every company he works for to be a success. It is under the leadership of Troy McQuagge Son that USHealth has registered outstanding achievements. The company has continued to excel despite stiff competition in health insurance sector. Due to its excellent healthcare insurance, USHealth remains the best firm in ensuring everyone gets an affordable cover that befits every clients’ finances.



Troy is the current President and Chairman of USHealth. His career started in 1983 after joining Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he advanced to joining the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance. In 1997, he got elected as the President of UICI’s Insurance Agency. When he joined USHealth Group in 2010, he restructured the company and recorded high sales. It is due to his managerial skills saw him get elected the President of the company in 2013. He has been on the move to ensure that the Insurance company deliver the best to the clients and expanding the customer base. He graduated in Business and Administration degree from the University of Central Florida.

It is due to his outstanding performance that led him to win the Gold Winner award from a prestigious company, Planet Awards. ‘One Planet Awards’ is an annual recognition program that honors companies and individual for exemplary performance. Troy showed gratitude to the USHealth staff for their tremendous contribution towards the success of the organization.

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