Wikipedia is an incredibly powerful source of knowledge. Every day people turn to this online encyclopedia for the answers they need. The site is vital to the growth of knowledge around the world, but the site does have some vulnerabilities. Wikipedia allows anyone to edit a Wikipedia page. This allows Wikipedia to update information almost instantly, and to grow organically over time, but it also allows for misinformation to spread. Sometimes people do this as a prank, while other times people do this simply to spread information.
Ireland recently had their strongest performance in the European championship in years. They competed well through group play and they managed to advance to the round of 16. Achieving success was not easy for the Irish squad. They needed a last-minute goal from Robbie Brady to advance out of the group stage and into the round of 16. Ireland erupted in jubilation after Robbie Brady’s heroics. Many Ireland fans went straight to Wikipedia to celebrate the victory.

Irish fans had a great time editing Robbie Brady’s Wikipedia page. They gave him several nicknames, including Robert ‘The Messiah’ Brady. The editing celebration lasted for almost two hours between 10 pm and midnight. The page was edited around 100 times, and fans had a wonderful time throughout the night. The Wikipedia editors immediately went to work. After each edit, the Wiki editors cleared the page back to their original form.

The Wikipedia edits after Ireland’s win were hilarious, but they are a major issue for business people around the world. Wikipedia is extremely prone to joke edits, and even attack ads. You have little damage over your own Wikipedia page, so competitors can use it to attack you. Until recently, people had no choice but to just deal with whatever Wikipedia edits came their way, but now a new business has intervened.

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