Fox News’ Trish Regan recently interviewed Thor Halvorssen about socialist governments and Bernie Sanders. She stated that socialism is a violation of basic human rights. Bernie wants America to be a socialist country and his critics are blasting him for this. She then introduced Venezuelan civil rights activist, Halvorssen.

He said that while he agrees that socialist governments can be a violation of basic human rights, this is not always the case. He said that countries can have socialism and that can be okay. He cited the examples of Denmark and Sweden who both have good socialist governments. He said that such examples prove that socialism can sometimes be a good thing. Socialist government is bad when a leader uses socialism as a mask to take away from people. Venezuela is an example of a country with a bad socialist government. The corrupted socialist system in Venezuela is resulting in a humanitarian crisis. The socialist Venezuelan government set prices and therefore this has resulted in tons of shortages.

Halvorssen said that he would much rather Sanders be president than one of the people in the bad versions of socialism who take money away from people.
Regan pointed out that corrupt socialism has drastically touched Thor Halvorssen in a very personal way.

Halvorssen said his father had been a political prisoner and that his mother shot by the regime of Hugo Chavez. In addition, his first cousin is currently a political prisoner. Halvorssen finalized by stating that in his view the redistribution of wealth is not the way to eliminate poverty and that democratic socialism can exist if there is rule of law.

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