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Company Profile; What it Has Taken for Highlands Capital Management to Achieve their Level of Success

There was a time when people did not really understand the importance of having a few different investment vehicles. However, the ups and downs in the economy have helped people become more open to other options when it comes to investing and one of these alternatives happens to be investment banking. When business leaders such as James Dondero started their business models, they could hardly get enough people to convince about the products they were selling. Yet now, they have a number of people following their investment advice and getting all the ideas they can about investment from them.

When the company was started in the early nineties, they could hardly afford a few staff members to keep their operations running. However, less than three decades later the company has grown to such a capacity that they have an asset base of 15 billion dollars and are still growing. Some of the investment types that the company specializes in include long-only funds, hedge funds, pension plans, corporations, people with high net worth and an assortment of other investments. The company also deals with CLOs.

One of the ideas that have been employed in the company and helped with the success was when they decided to go beyond just analyzing the financial markets that they operate in. They decided that in addition to this, they wanted to community to be more engaged in the things they were doing. As a result, they have been part of a number of volunteerism activities and they have really streamlined the operations of the company and even included community outreach initiatives. Other initiatives they have undertaken include the 2000 decision to get a bank loan fund for customers that did not qualify for the conventional bank loan. Columbia Asset Management is the company that helped them make a reality out of this dream.

About James Dondero

James Dondero is a co-founder of the Highlands Capital Management. He has been working in the investment sector for many decades now and deeply understands how it works. He worked for the American Express before joining this company.

Our Leadership

NACVA Honors Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala in its 40 Under Forty Recognition Program

Consistent with its tradition of honoring individuals in its 40 Under Forty program, the NACVA honored Anthony Marsala in last year’s recognition program. The Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, Marsala, was privileged to be among the 125 nominees selected by NACVA due to their groundbreaking accomplishments. Some of the fields where the candidates were drawn from include mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, litigation consulting expert witness testimony, financial forensics and other associated professions.

The executive staff from Consultants’ Training Institute and NACVA were responsible for selecting the ideal candidates who undoubtedly deserved the recognition. This assisted in narrowing down the list of nominees to that of honorees. The 40 Under Forty recognition program was developed to recognize the upcoming generation of industry experts due to their contributions to their communities, profession and those yet to be attained.

Apart from his executive role as the co-founder and COO of Madison, Anthony Marsala continues to play a crucial role at Madison when it comes to expanding and managing the company’s global presence in numerous parts of the world including Asia, Europe and Africa. His fields of specialization include Mergers and Acquisition, corporate finance as well as business valuations. Apart from being a holder of a degree in Finance and Information Systems from the Loyola University of Chicago, he has a Master’s Diploma in Strategy, which he obtained from Said Business School located at the University of Oxford.

Madison Street Capital LLC

Madison Street Capital is a globally renowned investment banking institution that is significantly dedicated to excellence, integrity service as well as leadership in the provision of its services. Financial opinion, corporate financial advisory services, merger and acquisition expertise and valuation services to both privately and publicly owned businesses are some of the primary services offered by Madison. By owning up customer goals, it strives to ensure that clients succeeded on a global spectrum.

In full awareness of the potential that emerging markets have when it comes to succeeding in the global markets, Madison has continuously targeted its assets or resources to these markets. The firm has earned a significant amount of trust of its clients who are based in various parts of the world. It has attained this level through its commitment to maintain top-notch as well as professional standards in all its operations. This level of standards is exercised in all its offices starting from its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and other parts of the world such as Asia, Africa and North America.

Check out Madison on Facebook and Twitter – @MadStCap

Martin Lustgarten Helps A Lot Investors

Martin Lustgarten helps a lot of investors to spend their money in a way that works for them. He is running his business out of his home in Florida, and he is trying to help as many people as he can find a good way to save their money around the world. Saving money on the stock markets and commodities around the world is a simple process, and Martin Lustgarten is going to help people keep as much money in their pockets as possible.

His plans usually start with very simple things that people need to learn about international investment, and he shows everyone how they are going to learn about the markets around the world. He is showing people the best information on all the countries where they want to invest, and he is teaching people that they can choose countries that are going to be very profitable for them.

He is also the kind of person that is going to help people learn what they are going to do when they want to start investing. He wants to teach all his clients what they need to know to make their own decisions, and he is a great resource for people to use to make sure that they are going to make better investments. It is something that is going to show people that they can invest in places that are going to work best for them. What works best for people is going from client to client, and it is very important that all these people keep asking Martin Lustgarten what they need to know.

His best asset is that he is going to help people do the things that they need to do to make the most money. Everyone who is looking for things to do with their money can ask Martin Lustgarten what to do, and he is going to be able to take people to higher heights with their cash. Every investor who needs a better resource is going to be able to go to Martin Lustgarten for that information. He helps everyone make more money easily.

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