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Comparative Law – The Study of Law

When you think about comparative law you pretty much can tell what it is by the name. It is when you take the laws from one area of the world and compare the similarities as well as the differences from the laws of another area of the world. If you are planning on building a business in another area of the world or even doing business with another company that is located in another area you will want to know their laws as well as your own. Just like knowing what their customs are for example in the United States when you shake your head from side to side this means no, but in India this gesture means yes. Imagine shaking your head meaning no and it is interpreted as a yes in a business deal. The same goes for the laws you will want to know what they are so you know that your business will in fact be successful.

Sujit Choudhry an Authority on Comparative Law

When it comes to the knowledge of how laws are the same as well as how they differ from one area of the world to another Sujit Choudhry is recognized as an authority on Comparative constitutional law. Choudhry has a very extensive scope of understanding when it comes to the different laws in areas such as the United States, Jordan, South Africa, Tunisia, as well as many other areas around the world. He has accomplished extensive examination that pertains to constitutional design. He has made many major points that also pertain to using this as a tool for societies that are ethnically divided as well as other areas.

Within his time of studying as well as researching he has written about the Canadian constitutional laws at length as well as circulated more than 90 articles, reports, and chapters in books as well as working papers. He is a well accomplished author that has written many of books that have been based on the knowledge that he has acquired during his research such as The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution that was published in 2016.

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Making The World A Better Place One Verdict At A Time With An SEC Whistleblower Lawyer

All contemporary business practices depend on a certain set of basic principles. Such principles mean that all parties who are involved in the transaction can count on certain things. They know that the other party is acting ethically and offering them a free exchange of ideas where all information is clearly visible. Unfortunately, such is not always the case in life or in business. Some company officials have chosen in the past to act in ways that can directly threaten the passage of free information and the flow of free markets. Such behavior has come under scrutiny in recent years as government officials have worked hard to combat it. This kind of behavior has also been the target of lawyers fully prepared to fight it and help make sure those who speak out against corruption are compensated to the fullest extend of the law.

An Amazing Verdict

In what is being hailed as a victory for justice and openness in the markets, officials at the law firm of Labaton Sucharow, a firm with the first SEC whistleblower lawyer in the country, have been able to get their clients an award of more than seventeen million. The verdict is intended to send a clear signal that poor behavior in the financial world will not be tolerated. Those at Labaton Sucharow are delighted to learn of the verdict have worked so hard to bring about. They remain confident that such a verdict will help deter future wrongdoers and make sure that all those who wish to be part of any government contract will act in the most ethical matter possible at all times.

A Long History Of Help

Labaton Sucharow officials have helped establish the only SEC whistleblower attorney program in the nation. The program is now in the sixth year of operation, allowing people to come to the firm and help them point out where something has been done wrong. Under the new federal laws, those who are able to reveal such problems are eligible for huge fiscal rewards. Working with this firm means that participants are able to collect on such rewards to the fullest extend of the law possible. The new verdict makes it the second largest such verdict. This verdict clearly indicates just how much help any client can expect once they hire the firm to work on their behalf within the confines of the brand new law.


Legislation For The Little Guy

The U.S. has a long history of harboring “big business” that capitalizes on the exploitation of its employees. Sometimes, this advantage comes in the form of saving money by cutting corners on safety and sometimes low pay for long, grueling hours. These days, U.S. “big business” often refers to financial institutions and the principal means of exploitation, if there is any, is obviously, financial. This could be in the form of illegally imposed interest rates, excessive or hidden fees, stock manipulation, insider trading and the list goes on. One simplistic way of understanding the difficulty of regulating business practices like these is to recognize that one is either on the side of the winning team or not. Either you work for one of the offending institutions or you are just an average Joe who puts his or her hard earned money in the bank or stock market with a reasonable expectation that a fairly high level of responsibility will be applied to the care or growth of said money. So, in many cases, unsuspecting Joe would be relying on accountability from the other side of the isle which, one might assume, could present a serious problem for Joe’s counterpart who has to decide between blowing the whistle when necessary or losing his or her employment.

In 2010, Congress took a huge step towards alleviating this problem of moral juxtaposition on the part of employees within these violating companies by enacting the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which includes reform that not only shields whistleblowers from the scorn of their employers, but also provides substantial financial incentives to the tune of $100K to $300K in cases where SEC sanctions exceed $1 million, or more specifically, 10-30%. It is important to note that while the goal of this program is to uncover violations, previously, individuals who suspected the presence of violations may not have come forward simply because they feared reprisal for false allegations. This new law protects these potential whistleblowers as well by making it possible for employees to report violations anonymously via legal representation by a lawyer. In fact, there now exists a law firm, Labaton Sucharow , that works only cases on behalf of whistlesblowers and perhaps not surprisingly, the head of this law firm, Jordan A. Thomas, also worked for the SEC and contributed to the creation and implementation of the new program.