Reaching for a lip balm product should be fun and exciting. Long gone are the days of the boring old plastic cherry flavored tube of chap balm. There are healthier and better balm options available on Ulta like products by Evolution of Smooth. Both the inside and outside of EOS products are cheerful. These little spheres of goodness put a happy smile on the face because they soothe the lips and brighten up the day.
These little globes of lip balm are a glossy mix of botanical oils and healthy ingredients. Shea butter is nourishing for dry lips, vitamin E protects from free radical damage, and jojoba oil locks in moisture and hydrates. The softening ingredients are natural and so are the flavors.

When putting something on the mouth and close to the nose, there is no question, it should taste and smell good. Anyone experiencing a product with the smell and taste should not be relegated to boring old fake cherry, especially when using the product multiple times a day. There are many fun flavor options available for every taste ranging from sweet mint, to vanilla bean, to summer fruit. No matter if your taste in perfume is minty, warm, floral, or sweet, there is a flavor and scent to delight every palette.

These balms are as good on the outside as they are on the inside. Encasing the lip balm are brightly colored spheres of plastic, corresponding to the flavor they represent on the inside. Lip balm is typically used several times a day so using it should be as fun to see as it is to taste and smell. The brightly colored spheres twist open with a gentle turn of the hands, and look as good being used as they do inside the purse. EOS lip balms are available on local Target stores and online on

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