The majority of financial specialists retire after many years of loyal service to play golf in a sunny environment, not so for Brazilian investment specialist Igor Cornelsen who is still looking for the best investment opportunities after retiring from a career in banking. Cornelsen may have now moved for at least half of each year to the sunshine state of Florida and enjoy the plentiful opportunities for golf, but he has also looked to remain active in the investment industry through his work with Bainbridge Investments.


For Igor Cornelsen the long history he accumulated in the Brazilian banking industry is a plus, including his career that brought success during the financial crisis that shook the world in the early 21st century. Igor Cornelsen believes the Brazilian financial industry can prove a success for investors from around the world who may not be given advice on exploring the opportunities available in the country by their U.S. and European based brokers; Cornelsen believes ignoring the fifth largest economy in the world is a mistake that is reducing the profits many investors could be making over the course of their financial career.


One of the many areas Igor Cornelsen points to, in a bid to explain, the success he maintained throughout his career in the Brazilian financial industry is his eye for a long term opportunity. Instead of focusing on the many short term options that may offer a high reward for just a few short months, Igor is always looking for investments that can provide success for a prolonged period of time for his global client list. The success Cornelsen achieved in the Brazilian banking industry prior to his partial retirement allowed him to work with some of the best known financial institutions in the world and learn much about how an international approach to investing can lead to success spread over many years.  Make sure to check out Igor’s official website for more on the man and his historic achievements.