Marc Sparks wasn’t always the wealthy and prosperous businessman he is today. It took years of hard work and perseverance to become an experienced venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

He never forgot his struggles and that has kept him humble on his journey from the bottom to the top, a journey that proved to be a roller-coaster of failure and success. His trials and tribulations helped form the core values that drive him to assist others in their own journeys.

In his book, “They Can’t Eat You”, Marc details how he accomplished his goals and pushed through adversity. He provides valuable insight into how anyone with enough courage and tenacity can follow in his footsteps. Marc outlines a system he calls “Fifty Sparks”, that serves as a guide to jump starting a profitable business.

Described as a “serial entrepreneur”, Marc Sparks has his hand in an extensive list of business ventures. Some of his endeavors include Unistar Financial Service Corp., for which he is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, and as President of Timber Creek Capital. Marc has also worked in investment banking, premium finance, and insurance.

His desire to help others extends far beyond the business world. Marc dedicates much of his time and energy to aiding in providing opportunities to the less fortunate and guiding them on a path to self-improvement.

The Samaritan Inn, a Texas homeless shelter, is one of the several programs Marc works closely with. The shelter seeks to not only provide a temporary bed but assistance in building a brighter future for its residents as well. They focus on helping people improve their lives by offering counseling, financial education, job placement, and health services.

Marc has also worked with Habitat For Humanity to help build houses for people in need. He has helped to build more than a dozen homes. It’s safe to say Marc never forgot where he came from. Despite his success, he remains humble. It is this constant attachment to his roots that keeps him focused on his goals.

He carries this philosophy over to his business practices, providing start-up capital for other young entrepreneurs looking to get their foot in the door and their ideas off the ground. Marc Sparks understands how crucial it is to have at hand someone with the know-how and capital to take a business venture to the next level.