To many, the 2017 Market America Inc. Convention was seen as being a convention that had been 25 years well in the making. 23,000 entrepreneurs were said to of attended the event this year as they came together to celebrate with celebrities from all over. Market America’s success really is shown through in this year’s event as they were able to show off just how far the company has come. As for the celebrities that were able to attend this year, there was La La, Jamie Fox Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz and much more

The event did not just attract celebrities however it also attracted tons of media coverage to it. When it comes to Unfranchised owners this kind of coverage can really help to spread the word of your business around to others who may not have heard of it already. This is for sure going to be one event that will go down in the books as being one of Market Americas biggest events to date. However, the company does hope that the event will help them to be able to grow and that next year they will be able to hold an even bigger event for all franchise owners.