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Troy McQuagge CEO of HOPE program

Troy McQuagge Son is a well known household name in the country. He is the CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc, and also an advisor. He became the CEO of the company in the year 2010, he first took over the company with a goal of developing the USHealth Group advisors. This is a group in the company that includes all the advisors. He lead the company to a ten times growth than when he found it.

HOPE Program

What is the HOPE program? HOPE stands for helping other people everyday, and is a contracted agent of USHEALTH Advisors. For its first project, they took over the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, they helped rebuild homes, ensuring safe housing for the residents.

Their mission continued in 2011, when the leaders of the company donated thousands of dollars worth of shoes, clothing and baby formula for the children. In 2012 , once again the company leaders met and did a collective effort by presenting a $25000 check to Arizona HOPEkids. HOPEkids is a non-profit support for families of children with cancer and other life threatening conditions. This organization later on made a new smaller branch a year later in Texas.

The people of HOPE made it their Mission to help and serve people whenever and where-ever they can, this a both a corporate and personal responsibility mission. The idea behind all this was to do business in a noble way or how live your life. Read more on about Troy McQuagge Son

USHEALTH found a charitable cause in Brevard County Homes or Warriors Project. A project of the Space Coast Paratroopers association. They worked with them on repairs, demolitions and cleanups.

As a company this is who we are, and this is how we operate, says Bill Shelton, VP of Marketing. So far Troy McQuagge was honored Gold Winner in the Annual 2017 CEO World Awards. USHEALTH group, Inc. Honored as Gold winner in The 2017 CEO awards for corporate and social responsibility Initiative. Visit:


Greg Secker Gives Back.

Currency trader and trading coach Greg Secker upon reaching his wealth goals before he was 30 years old, left his profitable post as the vice president at Mellon Financial Corporation and turned to other projects.

While working full time as a foreign exchange trader, Greg Secker began coaching others in his successful trading methodology, establishing the company Learn to Trade, and becoming one of the leading trading gurus in the UK.

Mr. Secker’s greatest project however isn’t his currency trading company, it is his non-profit organization, the Greg Secker Foundation. Greg Secker created the foundation to improve the lives of children worldwide. Specifically focused upon education opportunities, life-skill training and leadership development, The Greg Secker Foundation has been one of Mr. Secker’s most active and far-reaching projects.

One of the latest projects, called Build a House, Build a Home focused on re-creating a sustainable community after the devastation left after Typhoon Hiayan. Gathering the funding for 100 houses, the Greg Secker Foundation worked with local architects, builders and designers to create a beautiful well-laid out community and community center. This village has been fully opened to residents this year, is an example of what can be accomplished through philanthropy.

The Greg Secker Foundation also provided medical treatment for the young Fatima, a girl who captured Mr. Secker’s heart, and now, after having the growth on her hip removed, has a chance at a normal childhood within the new village.

The Greg Secker Foundation also throws a great festival for our future leaders with the Youth Leadership Summit, a five day shindig that helps teenagers learn about leadership, health, relationships and entrepreneurship. Open to children ages 13 to 17, the summit is a powerful tool The Greg Secker Foundation provides for today’s youth.

WIth the creation of The Greg Secker Foundation, Mr. Secker has shown that philanthropy can be a worthwhile project, and he is excited about the new initiatives the foundation will be creating.