The popular app Pokemon Go has been working hard to improve the application by introducing as many new, futuristic, and tech friendly additions to the app as possible. Most users of the app are familiar with current and upcoming trends in augmented reality, and smart tech, so it only makes sense that this is where the company focuses to create a more interactive experience.

The features that are included in the app include a more realistic use of augmented reality functions and experiences that can be used with the phones capable of hosting the features. The new mode is being called AR+ and Niantic believes it will make for a more fulfilling and exciting experience for players to engage with the app solo while playing.

The app allows for the player to move around the characters that they are trying to capture, rather than just viewing them in the screen of their phones. The images that portray the popular Pokemon are given a more 3D effect, and are therefore more realistic in nature. As a player, this feature makes it easier to chase and capture the Pokemon that they are interacting with, the main goal of most players that engage with the game. The characters are also more intuitive of the players movements and status, able to react in response to your movements, which means that the game is overall more engaging to each player.

This development in augmented reality is a big step in putting this technology in the hands of the every day user, creating the experience to be compatible with already existing technology. The one limitation is that the new app features are only available to iPhone users, as android makers have not invested in adding the tech to their products, where Apple has.