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End Citizens United Endorses Doug Jones In The Alabama Senatorial Race

Recently, End Citizens United endorsed Doug Jones, the Democratic nominee, for U.S. Senate. The PAC made the announcement last Wednesday. Jones is running in a special election for the Alabama seat. He will be competing against Roy Moore of the Republican Party. The election will be held on December 12, 2017. Previously, Jones worked as a U.S. attorney.

During the announcement of End Citizens United’s endorsement, the organization said that their decision to support the campaigns of Doug Jones was motivated by its commitment of ensuring that American’s interests are always the first priority. The group accused Moore of being a racist and supporting bigoted agenda. The statement further posited that when elected, Moore would use his position to defend the rigged system in Washington. The politician has special interest that he wants to fight for in the Senate. He does not have the priorities of everyday Alabamians at heart.

Speaking during the release of the press statement, Tiffany Muller contended that Moore’s radical agenda has no place in the American Senate. The president of the End Citizens United further said that the politicians’ ideologies are not in line with Alabama and American values. Electing him to the senate would be a waste of time, as he would spend his time in Washington fighting for Big Money special interest and not that of the Americans.

Moore has a history of serving himself. Recently, he embarrassed the state by paying himself and his wife over $1 million in competition according to The money was sourced from a charity that he controls. Directing such huge amount of money to his pockets indicates that the politician is out to serve his personal interest and not those of the people.

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Tiffany Muller praised Doug Jones saying that he is as a man of character and integrity. He pointed at his outstanding career as an attorney. Muller posited that the lawyer is a tough person who has never been afraid to fight for what is right. In the courts, Doug fought hard for Alabamians. Tiffany went on to say that it was time for the Alabamians to elect him to the Senate. His commitment to the good course will see him work even harder to unrig the system. His services will benefit Americans across the country.

Speaking during the press conference, Doug Jones pointed out that families in the state were tired of being sidelined in Washington. He asserted that he was committed to fighting for reforms that would empower voters through mending the broken system. Jones promised that he would work for the interest of Americans and not the Big Money special interests. He also noted that he would work closely with End Citizens United to help the organization to achieve its mission.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a nonprofit organization. It was established in 2015 to fight against the 2010 decision by the Supreme Court in favor of Citizens United. The organization believes that the ruling allows for the influx of dirty money into the American politics. The organization focuses on funding pro-reform candidates, campaigning for pro-reform laws and fighting against entrance of dirty money into politics.

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Betsy Devos Explains Her Support of School Choice

Betsy Devos, the presently acting Secretary of Education for the United States Government, has always been a champion of school choice for students of all backgrounds. Since the beginning of her political career in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Devos has consistently supported legislation that allowed parents from all walks of life to have decisions regarding the education of their children. During her vetting and subsequent nomination the cabinet of the Donald Trump presidential administration, many liberal leaders and media associates questioned Secretary Devos’ ability to lead the Department of Education because of her strict stances on school choice for Americans. Recently, the education leader has discussed her reasons for supporting school choice for decades.


Proven Success of Charter School and Choice Vouchers

In the late 1990s, Betsy Devos helped to organize and open one of Grand Rapid’s first successful charter school and school choice voucher program. After fighting vociferously against legislation that would prevent the school from being opened, Devos and her team proved to Michigan residents that the charter school system could effectively eliminate the negative effects that traditional public schools have had on students. By implementing a system of vouchers that allowed low-income families to enroll in private and charter schools and successfully organizing a charter school referendum, Betsy Devos helped to change the face of public education in her state. The proven success of these measures have often been mentioned by supporters of school choice and by the Secretary’s team.


Need For Education Reform

Betsy Devos also mentioned the dire need for education reform in the United States as a reason that she has always supported legislation in favor of school choice. The Secretary of Education quoted, during her recent press conference, the staggering rates of failure in the American public school system as evidence of necessary reform. Devon stated that the United States Department of Education had failed many of the nation’s children, specifically the students from impoverished families. By supporting school choice legislation, Betsy Devos hopes to support a system of education where failing schools are eventually swept out of the American ecosystem and replaced with administrations that are stringently concerned with the well being of American students.


Setting Higher National Standards

Towards the end of her address, the Secretary of Education expressed her ultimate desire that the Trump Administration become a leader in national standards for the academic progress of public school students. Devos shared the fact that the United States had fallen behind in the list of nations that are leading through academic progress. She blames this decrease in American academic excellence on the desire of politicians to further their own political agendas. Betsy Devos ended her address by imploring the American people to seek the advancement of students over politics.


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George Soros’ Stand on how the Society Should Live

George Soros is a Hungary-American billionaire who is globally recognized due to his tremendous contributions to charity undertakings. He is the head of the Open Society Foundations, which is devoted to bettering societies across the globe. The liberal billionaire has given over $12 billion in his lifetime to facilitate the operations of activists and organization that advocate for justice, accountability, transparency, and freedom of speech. The Open Society Foundations offers financial aid to various bodies that fight for the rights of the Roma people who are based in Europe. It has also been protecting oppressed people such as sex workers, LGBTI individuals, and drug addicts. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

Soros owns a profitable hedge fund firm that is known as Soros Fund Management. The company has been in business since 1970 and has generated billions of dollars. George has invested a fortune in the Open Society Foundation, which is made up of a couple of partners, organizations, and projects that operate in about 100 countries globally. The foundation offered it first donations to black South Africans who were not able to attend higher learning institutions due to oppression by the apartheid rule. Since 1979, Soros has supported several activities that improve the society.

The liberal billionaire donated a lot of money to support the Ferguson protests. He worked in with various civil rights groups across the United States to make a positive impact. The billionaire hoped that the movement would stimulate civil action against the offender, Darren Wilson, who has shot Michael Brown. Many other movements arose after the protests.

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According to the tax information of the Open Society Foundations, the organization gave about $33 million to support the activities of the various groups that inspired people in the grassroots to take part in the Ferguson protests. The support that George Soros gave assisted in changing a criminal activity that occurred for a few minutes into a matter that needed national attention. Kenneth Zimmerman, who is a director of the Open Society Foundation, believes that people should be offered an opportunity to be part of the government to ensure that there is a democracy, justice, inclusiveness, and accountability in the society. The organization has been offering financial aid to civil and human rights groups since 1979, but they do not have to take its instructions. Zimmerman said the Open Society Foundations did not influence the action of the activists in any way.

Several organizations that were funded by George Soros’ charity worked together in mobilizing the Ferguson protests. They inspired people in the grassroots and also online platforms such as social media. Others monitored the case to see if they could find credible information, which they later offered to news media. The human and civil rights groups dominated the mainstream media during the protests. Learn more about his profile at

Betsy DeVos Wants Us To Have Choices

With most of the country fearing what Betsy DeVos’ ideas will do to the education system, many are not doing much research on the subject or trying to look at it from another point of view. While some people believe our education system is democratically controlled, it is not. It is run by unions whose goals many not be in sync with the best interests of our children.

There are many that fear private religious schools will end up running the country with Betsy DeVos at the helm, but religious schools should be available as a choice. Parents should be able to choose the schools their children will attend, as long as they meet basic state standards. Choice in schools could be in the best interest of children and their parents.

DeVos has been an advocate for school vouchers for many years. School vouchers though can allow people a greater choice. It opens the door for more personalized schooling systems, catering to certain religions or groups of people. In our country, taxes fund public schools. School vouchers are actual checks drawn on that money from those taxes given to an individual child, undemocratically.

The woman behind the Secretary of Education position, Betsy DeVos has supported the education field for decades. She is a member of the Republican Party and is recognized for her advocacy of choices in school, charter schools, and school voucher programs. Her political ties begin at college, where she was involved in campus politics at Calvin College.

As a member of one of the wealthiest families in Michigan, The DeVos family has been some of the largest donors to political campaigns, the Republican Party, and philanthropic endeavors. Betsy first served the Michigan Republican Party in 1982, working her way up to become the Party’s Committeewoman in 1992, until 1997. She then served the Michigan Republican Party by being its Chairwoman from 1996 to 2000. She personally raised more than $150,000 for President Bush’s re-election campaign in 2004 and even hosted a fundraiser that headlined Bush in her own house in 2008.

DeVos doesn’t just host fundraisers however. She is the chairwoman of the company Windquest Group. This privately held operating group invests in the fields of manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Betsy and her husband Dick founded the company in 1989. Betsy is also a chief investor of the company Neurocore. Neurocore is a brain performance centers group that offers different therapy for disorders like autism, anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorder.

Betsy DeVos is also co-founder of the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, an organization that is motivated by faith and funds programs that cultivate leadership through the arts, community, and education. The foundation made more than $11 million in contributions in 2015, leading the DeVos Family to the 24th spot on Forbes America’s Top Givers list.

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George Soros Political Power

George Soros, known for his financial donations in the political world, is still making headlines even with the election over. Soros was born in 1930 in Nazi dominated Hungary before escaping to London where he studied then finally heading to America where he made his massive fortune. George Soros created what is now known as the Open Society Foundation, a way to spread his open society message. One of its very first initiatives was to send copy machines to universities, civil society groups, and libraries in his homeland, then Soviet dominated Hungary, so banned publications could be reprinted and spread around. Once the Berlin Wall came down, Soros aided in advising on the transition to democracy and free markets, using his foundation to work with local dissidents and politicians as the country transformed.

Today, George Soros is a famous player in American politics where he has millions into the Democratic Party and their familiar causes like Black Lives Matter. Even though Trump is heading into the White House, Soros is prepared to stand strong and oppose him. He, through his foundation, have friends in his network that span across more than 100 countries making him a viable opponent. Even if his power is exaggerated, he represents a distinct type of Liberalism that is led by those on the left and despised by those on the right. He is certainly someone Trump should take seriously.

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Soros is embattled in a fierce opposition in Hungary where the ruling party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban has despised Soros interference and influence. George Soros vehemently opposes Orban’s hard line on migration and Orban has blasted Soros and his influence referring to him as a strong example of people who stand for things that only weaken nation states. Soros didn’t waiver in his stance and earmarked roughly $500 million for what he called investments that will address migrant, refugees, and host community needs.

Soros doesn’t just focus on big leaders of countries, he’s got his eyes and ears everywhere and he has spent millions in the last two years helping fund campaigns to defeat local prosecutors around the US and bring in new blood that will back his beliefs in criminal justice reform measures. Soros spent the most in three separate races, over $1 million in Houston’s Harris County, Gilpin and Jefferson counties in Colorado where he donated over $1 million to unseat and incumbent, and in the Maricopa County Race in Arizona where his PAC has spent well over $1 million against a Republican District Attorney.

The battles don’t stop there. George Soros is also heavily involved in defeating Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizon. The running total so far is roughly $2 million in campaign donations through a Soros funded PAC, Maricopa Strong. This battle is one of Soros biggest donations aside from the presidential campaign. He considers Arpaio a liberal boogeyman, one who doesn’t share Soros’ views on immigration reform or criminal justice reform.

Through all of this, one thing remains clear. Soros doesn’t give up, he doesn’t quit, and he will remain a political power player for years to come. He has the money to make things happen, and the drive to follow through.

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Charles Koch and the 2016 Election

According to Charles Koch, there is a chance he could support Hillary Clinton in November. He said that we could have to believe that her actions would be entirely different than her rhetoric. This was what Charles Koch told the reporter of ABC News just before Donald Trump locked up the nominations.

Charles Koch is one of what they call “the Koch brothers,” the other brother is David Koch who lives in Manhattan who Mr. Trump knows. Charles Koch who is now 80 has been around politics for a long time. This has enabled him to be named one of the wise heads of the conservative movement. Koch is an oil tycoon and conservative mega-donor. He is the co-owner, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the Koch Industries while his brother David H. Koch is the Executive Vice President of the industry.

Koch comment on Hillary Clinton is a disappointment and if he himself is disappointed you can multiply that across the national base of conservative contributors. For anyone whose job is to unify the Republican Party after the bomb, the problem affects both the election and the donor as well. There is a possibility of donors might withdraw their financial support, down or up ballot, when Mr. Trump needs more of it. Trump by now has heard of “the donor class” during his time with Republicans and competition against Ted Cruz.

The idea of “donor class” was brought up by the people who picked Ted Cruz as their candidate to take control of the Republican Party. Mr. Koch realized that these people weren’t differentiating between crony capitalists and conservative contributors. Mr. Trump stole the real anger, and they lost everything – the party, the presidency, and credibility.

Charles Koch’s history, just like other “donors” from his generation, most of them build their businesses. He runs parallel to the rise of the conservative movement as a political force since Ronald Reagan.

These “donors” wanted politics based on ideas. Ideas on taxes, education, commercial liability and public pensions led to unlikely electoral victories. The movement turned Democrats into losers since it produced Republican governors in Democratic.

A counterpart to all these is the big number of wealthy liberals who will pay for the Hillary Clinton’s war against Donald Trump. Mr. Trump will end up being an entertaining candidate unless he discovers what lifted Reagan and many.


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Why Kyle Bass Should Be Dismissed As An Economic Analyst

Since 2008, all of Kyle Baas economic predictions have gone wrong, many of which taking place on his blog. This includes his Argentina economic prediction, his Japan economic prediction and his sovereign debt prediction on the European economy. Kyle Bass has appeared in TV severally pushing for his so called predictions. In every economic forum that he was invited to, Kyle Bass did not miss to mention his predictions. In 2014, he was campaigning for his prediction on the Japanese economy. On this particular case, Kyle Bass had predicted the downfall of the Japanese economy by the end of 2015. This prediction faced numerous opposition and critics from the business community about its validity. The year 2015 came and passed and on the contrary, the Japanese economy was growing.

This hedge fund business person and owner of Hayman Capital Management has numerous failed economic predictions under his belt. His other rogue economic prediction was on the Argentinian economy. On this prediction, Kyle Bass stood against all the other famous economic analyst and supported these countries economic reforms. As other economic analysts criticized the economic changes in Argentina that were being undertaken by Cristina Kirchner, who was then the despot, Kyle Bass supported them. Kyle Bass never hesitated to praise Cristina Kirchner and her poor economic reformist policies. Then the poor economic policies started taking a toll on the Argentinian economy and the country’s economy crumbled.

But just how did Kyle Bass become an economic analyst? Before the 2008 global markets crisis, this Hayman Capital Management founder was just a mere business person in the hedge fund sector. During this time, he was struggling to get clients to his firm and make it grow. The 2008 global markets crisis luckily found him in a ready position. He was well prepared, and he was aiming at the subprime mortgage crisis. As this crisis unveiled, Kyle Bass approached investment banks offering to buy the subprime mortgages.

Later after the crisis, he started reselling the mortgages and made huge profits. At this time is when he proclaimed himself a financial and economic analyst. But then it seems that his well ran dry after the 2008 prediction of the subprime mortgage crisis or he just got lucky that one time. Kyle Bass has not only been making wrong predictions but also wrong investment moves. His Hayman Capital Management is currently one of the biggest loss makers in the market.

Charles Koch Gives For A Good Cause

George Mason University has built a conservative powerhouse when it comes to economics as well as law. This public school outside the capital has in turn earned tens of millions of dollars from a billionaire Republican donor known as Charles Koch.
Tax records of this school have shown that the Charles Koch Foundation has given up to $48 million to this learning institution. Koch has a tendency of donating up to 20 million of dollars to different schools every year. However, these schools would only get $1 million annually while the George Mason University got up to $48 million. Several billionaires commit some of their money to educational purposes, the large amounts sent to this university has raised eyebrows especially among the faculty and the students of other institutions alike.

The suspicion is based on why the billionaire is determined to put in so much money without a motive. A majority of other donators put in vast sums of money for a particular purpose such as a research program. However, earlier in the year other billionaires have joined in the trend of donating to schools without expecting something in return. For instance, Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike Inc. gave a $400million scholarship to Stanford University.

All the same, there are those who support the deeds and appreciate the thought behind it by commenting that there is no harm in giving and expecting nothing in return. The Koch industry has also been giving a lot of financial aid to the educational institution from a long time back. This giving habit has only strengthened the relationship between the law school and the Koch Foundation. Recently, he gave them a $10 million gift. At the same time, the university received an anonymous reward of $20 million to aid in renaming the school.

These individuals closing the tie include the vice president of Koch Industries, Richard Fink, the CEO of a grant-making foundation with close connections to Koch as well as Jon McCain. Also, Charles Koch is the chairman of the IHS Board and a member of the Mercatus board.

Charles Koch is a businessman in the U.S as well as a philanthropist. He is not only the chief executive officer of Koch Industries but also the co-owner of the company after inheriting it from his father alongside his brother, David Koch. The two brothers expanded the business such that it did not deal with just oil refining and chemicals but also fibers, polymers, fertilizers, and minerals.