Today, technology has advanced and as many would say, takes over most of the world’s market share. The entertainment industry is on the front line when it comes to celebrating what technology has brought. Podcasting is among the few players in the entertainment who make the audience occupied and with the likes of Norman Pattiz, podcasting has remained the only option for millions of listeners across the globe.

Since establishment, Norman Pattiz has been trying to introduce new shows to his podcast, PodcastOne. As a result, PodcastOne has managed to grab the attention of uncountable listeners who are always for new shows to download. Not long ago, PodcastOne’s CEO brought the voice of the legendary Norman Lear to his podcast. The news took many by surprise since we all understand Lear’s position in the America’s history and television industry to be precise. Learn more:

Norman Lear is one of the important individuals due to his history with America. The distinguished director and content creator was a World War II veteran. Norman Lear is now working in close collaboration with Norman Pattiz, and the duo makes a perfect combo owing to their success story. Lear hosts a weekly show that takes listeners through a wide range of intimate conversations that are derived from entertainment, current events, politics, as well as social issues among many other interesting ones.

The show is based on a comprehensive platform, and Pattiz takes pride in working with Lear, a legend he always admired. The newly introduced show is already picking up with the podcasts that began debuting on May 1st. Lear and his compere, Paul Hipp also feature the opinions of various celebrities such as Amy Poehler, Jerrod Carmichael, and Ferrara who have already been featured.

The shows’ episodes which are featured on, the podcasts’ app, and iTunes are usually posted every Monday and fans are already pre-subscribing to have a taste of the famous legend. Learn more:

About Norman Pattiz

As professionals would say, Pattiz is a go-getter, or in other words, an entrepreneur who knows what he wants and goes ahead for it by pulling all the resources he can acquire. The recent show featuring Norman Lear is an indication of his outward effort towards his venture.

Norman Pattiz is the seating CEO of Courtside Entertainment Group. Also, the successful CEO has made a remarkable contribution to the America’s radio network. He is the solo-founder of Westwood One, a global leading media company and a distinguished television network in America. Pattiz has served well on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America after his appointments by Presidents Clinton and Bush consecutively.