Battery technology stands among the most significant barriers to exploration and innovation. While most of our gadgets rely on power, most of them use batteries that takes too long to charge. Today, the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has found a breakthrough. They have developed a battery technology that stores a larger capacity and provides for high-speed charging. The technology is set to benefit mobile phone users and electric cars. Currently, we have the fast-charge technology. As compared to the new advanced tech, SAIT said that the new tech charges the battery five times faster than the old-tech.


The New Technology


The new extreme fast charging technology adopts the use of a single layer of carbon atoms. The atoms are drawn from a known graphite called graphene. The carbon conducts electricity 100 times more effective than copper. On the other hand, it beats silicon and lithium in the transfer of energy at the ratio of 140:1. It’s expected that the technology will also improve the battery life and store a larger capacity as compared to the regular batteries. The lifespan of the battery is still unclear, but the high-speed technology brings convenience when topping up devices. As a result, sparing five minutes once in a while will ensure your gadget remains operational. The breakthrough, will consequently, help us in pushing tech a little further as power storage and charging inhibits growth.




The concept of the tech is similar to today’s fast charging technology where 30 minutes of charging gives you 50 percent battery power. The extreme-fast charging tech reduces the overall charging time to almost 12 minutes. According to Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, they have also developed a means of mass productions. Consequently, the price comes at an affordable rate. However, the company made no indications of using the tech on smartphones or other electric devices. Additionally, there is no information on when the technology will be ready for the consumers to use.