Reading this article by The Verge would allow you to discover the fact that Apple has issued a security update that ensures your iPhone is no longer at risk for being controlled via Wi-Fi. If you are someone that has experienced anxiety due to worries that your iPhone could potentially be hacked via your Wi-Fi connection, you will now be able to get a better night of sleep. In the past, it was possible for hackers to take over your iPhone due to a bug in the software. However, Apple has quickly discovered this bug and issued a security update that is intended to give you the type of secure experience that you expect when using an Apple device. Apple is a company that is well known for placing a significant amount of value on the security of a user. If you are someone that thinks about the potential threats that exist when you use technology, Apple would be a company that you should place your faith in. In fact, they are well known for putting up a fight against the United States government in an effort to keep information out of the hands on governmental officials. Unlike many companies in the market, Apple ensures that your information remains safe and secure when you pick up an iPhone or iPad, this has very much become a part of their corporate culture over the last few years.

In fact, improved security is one of the leading reasons that people choose the iOS platform when compared to Android. Google makes money through advertising, this means exchanging the information that you are providing when making use of services for the purpose of bringing in money. If this is an aspect of technology that you worry about, you may want to keep this in the front of your mind when shopping for a new device in the future. Another one of the advantages attached to using an iOS device would be the frequent updates that you can expect. The iPhone and iPad are simply more secure due to frequent software updates and this bug fix is a prime example.