Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur who has spent his entire career building and developing various companies. He graduated high school in 1975 in Austin, Texas and has been involved in starting up businesses ever since. Rather than go to college and learn a particular field, Marc looked to pursue his passion of putting together businesses and watching them thrive.

During his career, he has put together some very successful companies along with businesses that failed. Over the course of his thirty four year career in entrepreneurship, Sparks believes that in life you are given challenges and devastating circumstances in order to understand responsibilities and remain humble.

Marc Sparks attributes his success to religion as he believes that a C high school student with no formal training would not succeed any other way.

Sparks has a passion for building companies that many believe cannot be built. This gives him the motivation to excel and prove to others that he has the ability to put together companies that thrive.

With his track record of successful companies, Marc has put them in a private equity firm as a portfolio. His portfolio company is Timber Creek Capital LP which contains all of the successful businesses Marc has created.

His approach to building businesses is to establish a business idea, a business model and also a company culture. Along with these three things, Marc looks to ensure that companies always have a number of both short term goals and long term growth plans.

His management style is to lead by example in which he looks to have his team follow the very example he sets up. When conducting business, Marc always looks to resolve challenges by setting up meetings on a regular basis.

When not participating in business, Marc spends a lot of his time doing charitable activities. He is involved in Habitat for Humanity which helps build homes for the homeless. Marc also supports the American Can Academy which is a network of numerous high schools.

Sparks has also given thousands of computers to kids through his Sparky’s Kids foundation to help those who are at risk. During his spare time, Marc does a number of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, hunting, fishing and traveling.

During his lifetime, Marc has traveled to a number of different countries which include, Peru, China, Morocco and India. Marc believes that traveling is a mecca for all entrepreneurs.