You’ve probably never heard of SkyCool Systems, but that may be about to change. The company is focusing on a way to reduce heat by transporting is elsewhere. Let us explain.

Current refrigeration and air conditioning systems rely on a condenser to low the temperature of the incoming air and turn it into a liquid with the use of electric fans. SkyCool Systems think that condensers can say “Goodbye” to fans and instead use advanced materials, including mirrors, to move heat from where it’s unwanted to a location such as the upper atmosphere or even into outer space, hence the company’s name.

SkyCool Systems, which was founded by Eli Goldstein and Aaswath Raman, uses a panel of mirrors and water pumps to displace the heat. Without the need for electric fans, these units provide cooling at lower costs to consumers and businesses. Lowering the need for electricity also reduces strain on the electrical grid. The cost to the environment is better, too, since the electrical grid is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

The setup also relies on a thin film that repels heat in the infrared range. This heat typically becomes absorbed by the air, which results in air that is warmer than the objects around it. Combined with reflection, the radiation film system turns away nearly all of the heat from sunlight for effective cooling even on a hot summer day.

Thus far, the team has been able to show how the mirror condenser system could be used to help keep an office building cool while also cutting reliance on the electrical grid by 21 percent.

This solution may not be ready for deployment in houses yet, but it poses one solution that can benefit both humans and the Earth that they live on.